Weekly keys – 13th till 20th of April – Dolphin Download

EThis week’s keys talk about my dolphin experience and how every reader could use this for your own benefit. New time is a time of Aquarius which brings higher frequencies with it and dolphins are the mammals, who can help us on this road. Warning: Reading this article will rise your frequency!

Last week I got a present – a royal dolphin swim. I have been dreaming about it for years. I have been swimming with the wild dolphins in Hawaii and it was always a very powerful experience. You are not supposed to touch the wild dolphins, only if they search for contact themselves. These few times when that happened, were very special. I felt like I was drunk for days and smiled all the time. My eyes were shining like the stars. My skin turned more silky and softer than before. When we swim with the wild dolphins in the ocean, we are visiting them in the ocean and that is why we should behave with them respectfully.

picasadiveplainalohaMany times while swimming in the ocean I saw how the tourists tried to pull the dolphins from their tales to swim with them as they have seen in the dolphinariums. Every beach has a bit of information on the information plates, but you can not find direct instructions how to behave with the dolphins in the wild.  If that info would exist, hopefully people who would come to the water would not be that wild and aggressive. The locals think that if the information would be available that would encourage the people to swim with the dolphins and that is one of the reasons why you can not find it.

Right now I know they have some discussions going in Hawaii where they would like to close the public beaches, to protect the life of the dolphins. In reality, I think they should forbid the dolphin boat activities in the bay, as these basically chase the dolphins till they are close enough in order to offer tourist a close up, hands on experience, what they promise in their ads. The boats are too fast for the dolphins to get away from, but the human can not catch the dolphin if decides to leave while swimming. The whole politics is turned upside down. I know some people in Hawaii who are actually making a documentary and documenting how the dolphins are initiating contacts with humans. It is a different kind of point of view and this is what I would like to bring to every reader as well.

The dolphins do not know anything about these signs on the shore, which forbid to swim with them and often times they come to communicate with humans and reprogram them – one person at the time.

During these adventures I experienced how they helped me to heal my fears (fear of depth got healed by dolphins and my free diving training) as many other people’s fears as well some traumatic experiences. Who lost the fear of depth, who lost the fear of water, who learned how to swim only within 2 weeks, who managed to dissolve the sadness! But not everyone has a possibility to travel to Hawaii. You need to check what else is possible. One possibility would be to find a closest dolphinarium, where they also organize educational programs about the dolphins and whales and about their environment.

Once we went to see the whale show in San Diego and me and my adventure mates we all cried. We were compassionate about their small pools where they have to live. I thought I would never even go to see the show. I changed my point of view and would love to share it with you. This particular place we went is a small water park, where they also have a small dolphin section.  Check it  out here: www.dolphindiscovery.com

The ticket I got was a gift from a friend, which he bought from a benefit event, organized to better the life of the local animals.

In this dolphinarium most of the dolphins were born in there – the ones which were brought from the wild, where injured and saved. Dolphins get enough food, they are trained regularly and they learn new tricks to develop themselves further. Their task is to heal, bring joy and fun to everyone, who visits them. We happened to have a royal swim – meaning we could touch them, as well flow with them while we had our feet on their noses or held their fins. Read more about it from their blog here.

The trainer explained all the details of the dolphin’s life. They also used to have a special program for the handicapped people, which the government supported, but they stopped it right now.

crystal dolphinsmileAfter I posted my dolphin picture on Facebook I was a bit unsure. I knew that for many this would create reactions. But this picture got around 100 likes and it says something. On this picture my energy is sky high, my frequency is higher, I am in a total unconditional love energy. I am one with the dolphin and she with me. We shared this moment to heal the world. I asked the dolphins to help me with my new beginnings, for my son. I also asked healing for Wayland, who we work on healing sessions here. Dolphins appeared to be happy and satisfied. Active and present and grateful.

But of course there are also those who were not happy about the picture. The accused me to support the captivation of the dolphins and exploiting them. Here is another point of view.

If we take a group of people who work in a factory and do certain moves or activities and get a certain amount of money for that and are happy with that, they have a roof over their head, and have all their main needs covered, do we judge them and say that they are in prison and we should set them free to the wild nature? What would happen to these people if you would throw them out to the wild nature? Most probably they would not survive.

crystal dolphin rideThe same would be with the dolphins, especially the ones who have been raised and born in the dolphinariums. This is their life, their home and if we believe that the dolphins also choose according their karma what to do with their life, maybe those dolphins who are in the dolphinarium have decided to help the humanity with their presence, love and joy in order to rise their frequency. Can we then be mad with our judgment towards them?

Dolphinarium where we went organizes many educational programs to introduce how the dolphins and other water mammals are living and support also different environmental programs. Read more from their blog here.

crystal dolphin kissOften they also invited youth or children who would never be able to see dolphins like that otherwise. They also organize many free conferences about dolphins. Their business has high ethical standards as well works for women’s rights and equality at the work place.

Maybe before we judge someone or anyone, it would be wise to do a bit of homework and then point our finger towards them, still remembering that 4 fingers will still point at ourselves…

This hour with the dolphins healed my emotional pain, helped me to let go of the past, get back my inner core connection with my own center and my joy and dolphin like playfulness. It helped me to become better as a human as well as a healer. Both me and everyone in the group had a huge smile on our faces throughout the whole time, did not even matter that I had a fish taste in my mouth long after the dolphin kiss. The dolphin skin felt so soft and silky.

I gave my participation, my support and presence and this article in order to rise people’s consciousness about the dolphins and their life. Couple of days have passed since the dolphin swim and I am still glowing, smiling without a reason. After the dolphin swim I could slide down the water tubes and my inner child came out to play, splash in the water and enjoy the life. The message from the dolphins to me was – ‘Do not forget to play!’

I did a body healing session with a new friend almost right after the swim. He told me that he has not experienced body work with someone so light, flowing and flexible as me. After his Wantra session I did for him, he was swimming and splashing in the water like a playful dolphin. I felt that I managed to download. Dolphin download…

Home assignment

If you do not have a dolphinarium closeby your home, watch dolphin videos or read stories about them. Build yourself a bathroom with dolphin pictures…. Imagine that you swim with them in the ocean. Listen what messages they have and act accordingly. If you ever manage to get to the ocean together with the dolphins, never chase them and try to touch them there. Communicate with them through pictures and see what messages do you get from them. When dolphins come to touch you, thank them and receive it. Know that this touch is very important to reprogram you. When they do not touch you physically, do not get disappointed. Their message will get to you through your aura and emotions and sometimes even dreams. Dolphin’s main message is often time – to be faithful to yourself and live your truth no matter what and make a splash in between!

crystal dolphin paiI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I feel like I am a human dolphin or a mermaid. I sometimes feel like I have a tale instead of my legs. In my water work and Wantra I invite always the dolphins and the whales to help me and if my dream with Wantra manifests, then every person can experience dolphins and whales without their presence and heal this way very many people, on every level – through spirit, body and mind. Joy and playfulness are these keys for our times to transform quickly. This is very easy to find – birdsongs, breeze, sunshine, smile, poem or a hug.

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