Weekly keys – 22 – 29 of June – Taking care of you in your ‘Thrive Location’ can be the key to your happiness

7Santa monica mountainsroad

This week I focus on two keys – location can be your key to thrive in life as well how to take care of you on every level. Most of these observations are done while still enjoying my time in California. Please read it and share it with your circles. Location is everything

Now I have been enjoying more of what California has to offer and what has been my main observation during the last week is how many people here actually thrive with their lives.

7santamonicachicasDoes not matter whether it is a hipster by the roadside, a homeless sleeping on the Santa Monica grass line or an aerial silks teacher, who has had 4 children and does amazing acrobatic tricks like her body is made of feather, or a friend who just moved here from Estonia (Diana on the picture) and loves everything about here – space, nature, people, friendliness and possibilities and having friends from all over the world, having an exciting life. Location is everything if you want to make your life working.

So why don’t you pick a location, or locations which would work for you to thrive?

6universalentrancemeIf you have fear, start small. Pick one place, go there for a short vacation. One week is usually not enough to really see the place. I would recommend 2 weeks or more. If possible a month. You will see how things work or would not work. What are the problems, how is the community.

Like within 1 week here, I have found Alanon meetings here, became a member of the silks studio and swim in the local pool, meet my previous contacts from the area and connect with the new ones. I love this. Jumping into a new location and making a new life happening. Everyone can do it. Even with very little money. You just have to be smart and find your ways.

5HIKEtreeThis has been one of my big questions marks since 2000. Starting with Denmark, then Norway, South Africa and Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand etc. I have felt most home in Hawaii, but at the same time I know that to be there all the time would be a bit limiting to me. I understood that I am not that kind of type, who would feel well only in one place. It took me 15 years to understand that, but better late than never.

The most ideal for me would be to have several locations to pass through or have bases in like Mexico, Hawaii, western California, New York and some summer time in Europe.

The old cultural implant is saying again – you should have one home and live in one place. Sounds familiar? Have you ever thought why is that so and does that actually work for you?

But what if your spirit’s life mission is to spread consciousness throughout the world?

1LAhighway northWhat if your life mission is to enjoy life and go wherever you feel the pull is directing you?

What if your life mission is supposed to flourish and blossom picking seeds and fruits from many different locations and then sharing it with the world?

There is no right or wrong here, only what works for you and what does not.

What I feel is really needed all over the world, throughout my traveling is that people should be more courageous to explore new places, things, possibilities and even careers. Once we start to do more of that, life in the box will be complete past and at some point we will not even remember it.

7santamonicasainthousestreesTaking care of you

This morning driving out to Santa Monica, there were two birds fighting over something in the middle of the road. I thought what does that mean? That meant that I had that energy in the air and had to get the bubbles up to the surface from down below.

How often do you really say what you mean to take care of you?

How often do you feel that you have to compromise to make someone happy and then make yourself miserable as you want to please them or make them feel good, forgetting all about you?

How often do you actually feel safe to share what works for you, what would make you to feel like it is a win win for everyone and make you shine like a star?

7santamonicaaloebushThis week I had an interesting situation. I wanted something and I expressed my wish to someone. I did not share all the information and solutions which I was thinking in my head. That other person now did not get the whole picture and started to make up the situation according to the old information I had given. All the possibilities which were given in response were all about what can go wrong, what would not work and what is not possible and why it should not be chosen.

What happens when you do that?

Once you think it, you create it. Everything goes wrong. If you get into a conflict like that, always look into the person’s values, viewpoints as well needs and shadows (something I call a 4V system). They will all get triggered in a situation like that. As we took it all apart step by step according to all these things, it got solved within a very short time, without any drama at all.

I also understood that if one of the participants in the situation is doing something against their will, it will turn all the energies into the conflict, and there is a bigger possibility that things will not work out the way you expect them to.

To get to that point I had to read the energies and situations for the next 24 hours after the incident.

Just peaceful communication – both talking what is necessary from these focus points. How easy is that? All of that started because I started to ask – what else is possible here? If we would approach things and situations with fresh mindset and more from a question instead of conclusion, our lives would be so much more easier.

But our responsibility in these cases is to take responsibility of our own needs and verbally express it and take that responsibility on ourselves. If we do not do it, it will create more problems, if not right away, then later. This is a very important golden energy rule. 

3venturasilksbirdsnestWhat is also important is that we find ways to make ourselves feel safe to share the information and at the same time feel that we take care of ourselves, our needs and values and would not go against it, if possible.

Home assignment 

If everyone could do that for at least 30 days in a row all over the world, the whole world would change. We are all so ruined by the cultural implant which is saying – you need to put everyone else first and then take care of yourself. But even in the plane in the case of emergency situation – you take care of you first and then the kid or help others. So it is in life as well.

The new energy is the messenger of that point and if we do not learn this ourselves, we will be kicked to do it. To make it smoother as a change, I suggest everyone to practice this today and this will give you a totally different life quality as well a different future. Most people have no idea who they truly are, as they have put all their energy and time to please others or to find out how to make them feel good. Now turn it around and take care of you.

I have now been in Alanon for the last 6 months and one of the core focus points coming out from every single story is how to take care of ourselves. Once we start to do it, everything will change. If you still need to take care of other people’s business first, get yourself a new hobby!

7santamonicakissI am Crystal Ra Laksmi and sometimes people tell me that I should stop talking as I am too far ahead or they do not understand my language. I will tell them, that they need to get then a translator or someone who could get some subtitles up, as I will not stop to share what my spirit asks to share.

Just 30 minutes ago I got a call from a woman here in LA area, who said that she found my blog one year ago and started to read it and when she found out that I am in the area, took contact with me and tries to figure out what I can help her with.

Just this morning I got my energy booster shot into my left hip. This is the activating kick to my feminine side and that is what happened. There were some other ideas coming as well some fell away.

What I understood was that every loss which comes to you, is not a loss. It is a victory, as it creates time and space for something better to get to you, so you can fully blossom and be you.

7santamonicabirdofparadiseI hope my stories inspire you to be more of you and take more care of you. Some people envy my life, but they should not. All what I live is consciously created by my thoughts, words and actions and choices. And yes, you do not need a million dollars to have a life you thrive with. All you need is a dream and find out what you love to do and be, and to be loved and love. That is so simple!


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