4 simple steps how to move out of pain


In today’s video I talk about a very relevant topic. Inspired by the conversation between Tom Bilyeu and Russel Brunson, where Russel mentioned that right now in marketing we should focus on how to move away from pain instead of how to move towards pleasure. Check it out!

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In a way I agree, even though moving towards pleasure has always been my preference, but massive collective consciousness has pulled people into the pain, fear, chaos and may this video give some tips and tools how to crawl out from it and do it for good!

– Pain as an indicator

Usually when you have physical pain happening in your body or life it is already an indicator that things have gone too far. Usually your body, mind and spirit will give warning signs. Your responsibility is to listen and act after the first time it happens. So many people have no idea how to communicate with your body, mind and spirit. As we are moving to the New Time – these things become crucial not only in survival but also in order to thrive fully in life!

– Check out your self-care

If your self-care is not in good order or as one of your priority – pain can move in on every level – emotionally, physically, mentally etc. Your responsibility is to give enough time and attention to your body, mind and spirit daily – not only when there is a crisis.

– Think of the future

Everything you do or be today – will influence your future. You do not want any pain in the future? Look what needs to change right now? Then change it! Stick to it!

– Check out how your inner reflects the outer and contrary

You do not like what you have outside? Ok, then change what is inside! Do not know how to do it? Find a coach, mentor or a group to support you on that journey!


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