Adventures from January till August 2013

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Summary of the activities and adventures

January till March – London

aablogwingskyI stayed in London to check out new possibilities for my new base in the world. I made several courses for the locals and participated in some of the bigger ones done by others. London as a city was fascinating, almost overwhelming, but living there on that particular moment did not really work. Maybe I lived with people who I was not supposed to? Maybe the timing was wrong, but all the sings where showing on this direction. I got very sick and had to travel to Mexico to get my health back on track. It was interesting that from London the ticket to Cancun was cheaper than the ticket to Estonia. The choice was not hard to make.

March – April Mexico, Cancun

picasa crystalnewmexicoI healed myself through the sun and the ocean and got my body back in shape in 2 months time. At the same time we started with a new online course for 6 months called Ettevõtlusjooga (business yoga) with my new cooperation partner. I joined with several of other projects, to get the foundation for my new life in order. One of these was to visit an event of 5000 people in Chicago, which gave me a lot of inspiration for the future. I worked mostly on the online project and prepared for the courses in Estonia.

May, June Estonia and Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

mirror  theoryI did many Access Consciousness® courses and worked on one to one clients and made bigger conclusions and sum ups of my life in Estonia. In the end of June I adventured back to Mexico, this time to the west coast. I participated in Organic StretchingTM Teachers Training, which was wonderful. After the course I decided to stay longer, to get my body and being more into balance.

July – August Mexico – Mexico, La Cruz, Bucerias

* In the middle of July I got the idea to make a documentary about Pat Henry and Organic StretchingTM.picasapatmemovdinner Magical events started to happen and I got offered 3 houses to take care of and in addition two volunteer proposal editors. It has been a hectic and powerful work we have done all together. Now the local filmmaker joined forces in addition to another one coming from New York. How lucky am I?

mermaid pond* In addition I started StretchDance in the Sea lessons, which have had really powerful results for all the participants, including myself. I did not only lose weight, but also everything and everyone else, which was not supporting me.

* I stepped out of 2 bigger systems, which I felt did not support me any more.

* In cooperation with others from all over the world two amazing new websites were developed:

and the Estonian version:

crystalralaksmiandwritersgroup* I met up with many new people and foreigners, who shared with me their trust, generosity, kindness from their whole heart. They did not only share their hearts with me, but also their homes! This is very unique!

* I got invited into some new global clubs, which may influence the world big time!

* I got back to my divine path and back in my zone!

I am really grateful for everyone who has crossed their paths with mine and contributed to me to get closer to my inner path so I can contribute more to the world and myself as well. Thank you, mahalo!