Connection between the Inner Child and Abundance


Check out today’s topic – Inner Child and Abundance. 

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I share some personal stories how I have worked with my Inner Child and how that has changed my inner relation with myself which has of  course also influenced my abundance.

Inner Child can often times also stop us moving forward because she or he is hurt or wounded and also connected to our subconscious where most of our fears are hidden as well also our survival instinct.

But sometimes we need to just negotiate with our Inner Child or explain some things and then the resistance will disappear in a split second. If we have now our Inner Child on board with whatever we do we create instantly more flow to abundance to our life on every level. It activates our creativity, our right side of the brain and makes our life so much juicier. 

Check out this little fun adventure video on the top of the tree in Hawaii (in Estonian, but still fun) , which my Inner Child loved once we moved to our new place.  Think of the fun things you have done in your life with your Inner Child even if not very consciously connected to him/her yet. My communication and connection to my Inner Child has added lighthearted energy to my life and personality and also at times being naughty which increases my attractiveness as people love to be around playful people. We have to change this super serious adult way of doing everything.

Your tasks this time: 

  1. This time your task is to once again listen to the meditation of the Inner Family. Connect with all of them again, but especially with your Inner Child. What would he/she need? What can you do for him/her?
  2. Note down all the needs and wishes your Inner Child had. How can you deliver it for him/her?
  3. What is the gift you will give to your Inner Child asap?

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Thank you for your time and commitment. May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing!

May aloha always be with you,

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Here are your tasks for today! Put them to use!

PDF is here:  FB LIVE 30 DAYS challenge – Heal and activate your holistic abundance (1)



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