Time to count your promises…

Aloha, This year I have noticed how many times I have promised something or done something which I have not followed through or delivered. What happens if this goes on for a long time… Read more…

Check out this inspirational video from San Diego.

This can easily turn into a situation where you are collapsing underneath your own promises… especially if you are not following through or delivering what you promised. This year is not yet over – so use the last months to evaluate how is it with your promises? Did you deliver? Did you follow through?

Do you know that this is also energetically draining and starts to leak your power and energy.

To help you to count your promises follow these questions:

– Who did I promise something this year? – Make a list of those promises!

– Did I follow through? Did I deliver? If not why not?

– Is there a bad behavior going on or something else? – What would it take for me to follow through all these promises or choose not to deliver them and let the other part to know about it?

– What would happen if from now on any time I am giving a promise

– I stop for a moment to check in with myself to feel that I fully agree with it and do it fully consciously while still taking care of myself?

– What would happen if from now on I will do this every time I promise something to someone – even if it is for myself?

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May aloha always be with you,

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