ISWG June – Adventures in Estonia with my King

Estonians are innovative!

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My life is a constant journey. When you live in USA and you tell someone that you take off for Europe for 2 months they usually roll their eyes and wonder whether you are a drug dealer, early retired or you have a rich relative so that you can afford such a major adventure.

I am not belonging into any of those mentioned categories above, but I am just a smart Estonian who is not only adventuring while in Europe, but also working. So I basically pay for my own vacation. In Estonian we call it ‘töö ja puhke laager’ (working and relaxing camp).  This time I do it together with my husband.

I moved from Estonia first time in 2000. I moved to Norway to start my work as an au-pair. I kept doing that for like 2 years. I lived in Norway almost 7 years while mostly studying, then I moved to South Africa and lived there almost a year on and off. After that I was living in Estonia for 4 years and had my main base there. After some time I became location free and wandered around the globe since 2011 till 2017. Last June we moved to Hawaii and that is where our main base has been since then.

Enjoying ice cream in the Old Town of Tallinn

Each summer I have spent some weeks or months in Estonia – working, visiting my family and friends and getting everything done what I can not get done in USA. Like my last dentist visit here in Estonia to a private  dentist cost me around 100 dollars and I got all the teeth cleaned as well one hole fixed. My facial is 60 euros for a whole treat of 1,5 hours of different work on it.

I had to go to the emergency in USA in May for my really bad UTI and it cost me 1300 dollars. Can you imagine?


Me with my girlfriend Kaidi, who pampered me during my first days in Estonia this time. 

This time I arrived couple of weeks earlier so that I could prepare everything for our time in Estonia together with my King Michael. It was a huge process to prepare – from tiny logistical details like when to go where, where to live, what car to rent etc. It all took time and as I am the only one speaking Estonian, it was mainly on me.

After I arrived I took some days time to adjust especially with the time difference (13 hours with Hawaii) and thereafter started to work and after the first part of the work was done I visited my own teacher in England. That was quite a trip as well.

Then it was time to prepare for my King’s arrival. It was his very first time in Estonia and Europe. Me and my girlfriend – we made it very special with special seats, flowers, meals.

On the top of the Old Town of Tallinn

He got to see the Old Town the next day with 3 beautiful Estonian guides. We have been eating in really cool places. We visited also my grandmother and met my sister and her kids and also visited my relatives who made some sauna for us.

Thereafter it was time to prepare for our very first event together and it was so much fun to do this together. Today he got his aura balancing session and had a nature walk with my amazing female friend while I worked with my water clients. This evening we met the beautiful online group students who had really a lot of fun with us.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Rakvere and enjoy the wonderful day doing work and having fun.

We have more and more invitations pouring in to different places, events, platforms. It is so much fun and we are happy to share our story and tips and tools.

Michael is now proudly part of my family.

It is so different to be in Estonia with my King. He looks very exotic here and I can get so much more done with really nice and flowing energy – as people want to show their best side to him. Michael has a very seducing smile and beautiful eyelashes too, so no wonder people are really flattered to be close to him 😉 . He has not had any crazy culture shocks yet, if we leave out a drunk guy on the street who tried to cut his jeans with a broken bear bottle. Michael said that he found it quite innovative what he did. 😉

Tallinn Old Town.

We have almost 2 more months left here and it will be full of so many adventures, discoveries and explorations. I love to work fully with what I do best and that Michael is part of it and we co-create.

If only it would be warmer here most of the year I would even consider living here most of the time. Right now we have summer and since yesterday the temperature has been in like 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is so cold that I often times go to bed with my woolen sweater on, socks on and try to find where Michael is under the cover so he can warm me up. 

It has been interesting to observe that in Hawaii the country and soil seemed so shaky because of the lava and earthquakes, but people were mostly pretty calm. In Estonia it is the contrary – we have the country and soil calm and people may be like walking volcanoes – ready to erupt any moment.

I just pray for more sun, so it would melt away all the unnecessary emotions for them.

My King has arrived.

I think that Estonia is a better place now because my King Michael is here. I am so proud to show him off and I see how my friends and family roll their eyes when he opens me car doors or does those very natural gentleman like things for me, which I am very used to already, but which may be very rare over here. I hope it is inspiring for many who meet us.

I have never ever felt so special while being back in my home country. I appreciate and see my country through the eyes of my beloved and it is so different. I appreciate things which I usually would not and I am able to keep my focus longer on things I love than the other end.

It is a bit more challenging to be here with Michael as I feel that I am also putting more effort into everything to show the best of my country and my people. This is my very first true experience to co-create with a true wise man, who I not only call my friend, but my lover, my best partner and my husband who I call my everything.


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton. Born Estonian who has turned into a world citizen while traveling and living outside of Estonia for now all together 15 years. Today someone was asking where do I feel most home and I said my main places are Estonia, Hawaii and Mexico, but I can make myself feel home wherever I am if it supports me sharing my gifts and talents. I wish the same to all of you who you read this.

Share with me when was the last time you travelled some place for 2 months? How was that? What happened?

Many aloha blessings from exotic Estonia <3


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