How not to let a screw to screw your day?

In this week’s episode I will share a very inspiring story from my morning bike ride. It is an art to see beauty in discomfort and divinity in action which was intentionally stopped by a screw… Read more…We have so often many warnings from our intuition who is connected directly to our Inner Woman. But we so often do not listen. That was the case this morning.

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I was about to go to a bike ride and I got many thoughts why not to go or do it differently:

  • Just bike to the other beach and back and then swim in our local beach (usually I swim in the other beach when I bike there)
  • My phone did not charge properly and I was worried that if smth happens how I can call for help… I even sent a message to Michael saying that do not worry if I am not messaging you when coming back from the other beach – will text you once I am back…
  • I had a voice telling me to bring my bike lock with me – but I did not
  • While bicycling I got many warnings to be extra careful. I watched for broken glass but had no idea a little screw could be so dangerous
  • Think of a timing and location for the screw to meet my back tire…
  • I even thought this morning – what if something happens and I am not able to get back on time for my session and with no phone service have also no possibility to cancel – I really got worried as it never happens with me…
  • At one point I had a fork on the road – which way to go. I chose one which would have saved me time but obviously in the end did not…
  • Once the screw was located I took it out and crossed the road  – think of the timing!!
  • While walking – thinking that I should probably figure out help as I could not walk with the bike – the back wheel got all jammed up
  • I was about 2,5 kms from home – I started to estimate how long time it would take for me to get back home…

And then it happened – in front of me a little white car stopped with a very kind young man who offered me lift home and his car had a bike rail as just some weeks ago that same thing happened to him and he decided to pay it forward… He was on his way to work and took that extra mile or two to get me home… I was so grateful and I even asked for his name but could not remember as I was so blown away by his kindness … It was so nice to talk to a stranger … Honestly I have been “caved in by the lockdown here” and it reminded me of my old days when I was flowing like that at all times and magic was my everyday companion. It is right now too – but in a different way and I guess I realized I miss that – human interaction and amazing opportunity to talk with someone new…

This was so magical and so perfect timing how it all happened. Once I got home – I actually still had time for my morning walk and swim which I did.

I also realized my Inner Woman was training me to ask for help – not one of my strengths … but she forced me to… on the other way – she may have been pissed that I did not listen to the guidance and had to teach me a lesson by receiving help too by this kind stranger…

It has been said that if you really want to learn – then whatever happens to you – evaluate it and digest it like that. I did.

So here are some questions for you: 

  • When was the last time you listened to the inner guidance when it talked to you the first time? Not the second or third or fourth?
  • When you did not listen to the guidance what happened?
  • What did you learn?
  • How about you – if a little screw would have screwed up your morning plan like mine – would you be screwed or see a blessing in it instead?
  • Can you see “divine timing in everything” even when logistical changes are made for you?
  • How about you and receiving help? Are you good at it?
  • What else inspired you about this story?

What did I learn from this: 

  • Put some business cards in my back bag while bicycling – just in case – would have been nice to stay in touch with my human angel from today…
  • Listen to your guidance when it talks to you THE FIRST TIME!
  • Or if not the first time then at least the SECOND TIME!
  • Instead of rush always choose the flow and a bit more ease and smoothness…
  • You should not piss off your Inner Woman – or else – you will get punished – even if it is a little screw…
  • To prevent the situation where you are forced to ask help – ask help whenever you need – just to train and feel comfortable about it.
  • Divine timing is everything
  • Charge your phone properly – double check before going to bed…
  • Take the bike lock with me – in case I need it I can lock the bike somewhere and pick it up later
  • Prepare together with the Inner Man the scenario – what if smth happens – because when you do and something happens you are so well prepared that it feels like going through a drill…
  • Keep a mask in my bag – because you never know when you can meet a kind stranger giving you a lift home to save you …
  • Sometimes it is still better to go against the odds – in order to meet the screw and catch a story and share it with the world!

Thank you for your time and commitment. 

May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing! 

May aloha always be with you, 

Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton 

San Diego, California 

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