November ISWG – The 4 Elements – the writer’s best friends

Aloha from Pele – the Volcano goddess from Hawaii

This blog post is focused on the elements and how they can come in handy for writers and how to work with them so that they start to serve you too. 


Make your elements your best friends!

I have worked with elements consciously for around 10 years. They have inspired me, challenged me and encouraged me in so many ways and so many times. I have sometimes tried to run from them and claim they do not influence my life.

I connect with them like persons so I can not call it a thing. Every element has a character which can complement our own character or encourage us to go places we have never gone before or do things we have never considered to be done.

For me the elements express the following: 

Fire element is connected to the physical fire, but also inner fire in each of us. This is connected with your life mission on Earth and your personality. It is also connected to sexuality as well passion for anything or anyone. It is the connection to your true heart’s desire, which guides you to the right direction. It is also connected to people who are very motivated and charismatic. When you are with them they can engage you very easily.

Water element is connected to the sacred feminine. It is the flow in life, trusting the universe. It is also connected to the emotions and transparency in life. It is about being caring and soft. It is going to new places or checking out where a road goes.

Earth element is the representation of the sacred masculine. It is the structure, system, organizing. Manifesting things into reality. It is form and forming. It is solid in its character. It is firm and it can hold space. It is the ‘container creator’.

Air element is connected to the communication, traveling, sharing, education, moving forward, ideas, thoughts, books, writing. Conscious air people can be major architects or visionaries on this planet.

How are my elements doing at the moment?

My past 4 months I have been learning how to ground myself on this Big Island and how to completely land here. So I have struggled to integrate more of the earth element. Earth element has not really been my favourite. I guess probably because I had a lot of unconscious or not mature earth element people in my reality as a child and because it is not my nature. I think I can learn it and get adjusted but to love it – not sure if ever completely fully…

It has been a little challenging time for me as I had to spend a lot of time inside with my different computer projects. Even though these have all been very inspiring and lovely projects – I have noticed it has influenced me in so many ways. I have taken enough breaks and taken good care of me and the other elements, but there are moments where I feel really in a need for a different flow what makes my character blossom more.

Element discoveries

I have discovered my favourite elements are the water and the air. I love to travel, move around, meet new people, discover and explore the outer world which helps me to have more insights about myself and then I can share it with the world. This is the most exciting part for me which makes me feel so alive;) 

While traveling with my friends here in Hawaii and showing them ‘my lovely Hawaii’, I realized what an outdoorsy person I am and how I need to involve myself more in the elements and in a more regular way. Within the past week I have got many confirmations that my strongest elements are water and air and if I do not immerse myself in these elements very regularly, it takes my flow away and I may get stuck again. 

I also realized, I have to share my gifts in person with people and if I do not do that on regular bases my flow may stop as well. 

Then I realized that most people live like that every day – not connected to themselves, not to talk about the elements!

With this I have realized how important it is to get to know your own character – what are your likes and dislikes and what works for you and what amplifies your joy and energy to be here and serve the others?

If you find one of these moments, circumstances and activities  – you can start to build a whole ‘house’ on that. 

I remember when I first was guided to these places and ideas and how resistant I was and it took me years to fully say yes and acknowledge these character traits and how amazingly these work with people and for myself as well and when I did that how they started to serve me in every possible way. Suddenly doors were opening and new beginnings were forming in ways I would not have even imagined.

What are the elements of  most writers?

Most writers must have very strong air and water element in their character and energy. Many also have very strong fire – as they are so passionate about the writing.

Air is representing all the ideas and the words. Usually every writer needs some kind of input or experience to be inspired to write. The sad thing is that most writers get too ‘airy’ or ‘watery’  which means they have no grounding which means that their words will not manifest – they will just stay put and dust somewhere as they are too wishy washy… 

Water is representing the flow and adventure as well the thirst for the unknown. Most writers are very hungry for something new and in order to get that they often times put themselves into situations or moments which would kick off another book or a project.

Water is also connected to the emotions and emotions are often times the main fuel for the best writers. Regular people run away from emotions. Writers stew and marinate themselves in their emotions. Sometimes something very special comes out of it – like a masterpiece – something so big which was not even expected. If we have fully connected our water element, then we are fine with the flow and we do not need to know everything what happens next. 

Most writers do not have strong earth element or grounding. If they do they are most probably some of the most successful writers in the world. Most writers do not love structure or systems or prioritizing. They are all over the place. In nowadays world we can not get far with that attitude. People’s attention span is shorter and shorter and if we really are going to make things happen, then we need to have strucutre and systems.

What did I learn about myself and myself as a writer when it comes to the elements? 

I truly love air and water as well the fire elements, as I feel so activated in them and they are easy for me. I have been running away from the earth element so many times, but now I see if I make the systems and structures I can actually make it work. My very first book is in the process of being published because I structured and organized my thoughts and ideas. After it gets published it can start to serve me as well the world and the people.

It does not really help to keep your words to yourself. All the writers in the world need to really share them and do it in the way it would give people what they need. I think once every writer starts to do that it may happen that even the fear of not being good enough or insecurity can go out of the window. 

In conclusion I would say that make this coming month into the exploration of your elements in your life as a writer and figure out which one is your favourite one and where you fit the best and where do you fit with your own character. Make it a fun process and maybe find a friend or co-writer who can join you as well. Share with me what happened or if you already know about yourself and your elements, share it already now. 

If you are reading this you must for sure have a very strong air element as well water element – because you are hungry for new ideas and exploration how I do it.

Aloha from Hawaii!

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton. I am finally growing into a real writer and starting to ‘own’ it. I so enjoy my adventures with my fellow Estonians and it is so fun to observe myself and my character in the midst of it all. Elements are truly my best friends and I am taking them with me wherever I go. I have served them, now it is the time for them to serve me;)


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