Overview of the Holistic Abundance Challenge

Here you can find a nice overview links to all the days during this challenge with added task sheets, additional resource links or PDFs and also FB live videos in You Tube format. Check it out and share with many!  Continue reading

Connections between 4 Elements, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance


Today we have a journey with the 4 Elements. I have had a journey to get to know the elements from inside out and outside in for the past 13 years and I share with you the overall understanding of the elements in the New Energy, how it can be connected to our fears, people, relationships and places. How we can heal them, reset them and make them help us to connect with our Inner Family and manifest more of Holistic Abundance. Watch the video, read the blog, do the tasks, share it and subscribe to my channels! Continue reading

Monthly keys for April – Viewpoints with roots erupting the old to the surface.



This month’s numbers talk even more about the importance to take care of your past left overs and finalise everything you can, so that you will create new soil for the new seeds to grow and blossom for you! In this process of facing the old I focus also a lot into a wounded area of our shadows – where our viewpoints may have grown roots and give also some ideas how to come out of it with most flexibility. Continue reading

Bicycle adventure in Mexico

BB1jungleToday, after I had worked online for several hours, I felt my body was ready for a new adventure. I got some directions how to explore more of my neighbourhood. So off I went around 5.30 pm. The weather was not too bad. What I mean by that is that it was not too hot. It was actually cloudy and really ok temperature. September is the hottest month over here, so usually it is around 45C  every day during the daytime.

The first part of the road was like in the jungle movie. Big trees, overgrown on the sides, and then this long green grass on both sides. The first stretch was without any pavement, later on it was paved, so I could enjoy my bicycle ride.

BB4junglehousesJust after maybe 1 km I got to the first houses of Nuevo Vallarta, where the big hotels have been recently built one after the other snaking by the ocean side. One hotel is bigger than the other. The road was wide and very well done, so for the bicycle, it was a paradise. It seemed to become happier and happier as the time went buy. My eyes were enjoying these views of these beautiful houses by the road, hotels and loads of palm trees, alleys and all kind of other exotic trees. It is so lush and green right now as we have been having rain almost every night. In addition some thunderstorms and lightning.

BB2bicycleThe road was continuing for a long long time. So I did something what I did a lot when I was a kid. I just picked one road and wanted to see where it went. So I just followed it until I could not go any more. As it was a little village it was not a problem, because all the roads ended somewhere. But this one continued long. I think it must have been around 45 minutes later I was in the very end of it, as I could not go further.

BB9mayanpyramidAs the prize for my long drive I saw this little Mayan temple and the pyramid. On the side of it I saw many banana trees with their bananas on. I remember some of my first times in Hawaii, when I discovered how bananas grow and also how the whole ‘big plant (because it is actually not a banana tree)’ will be cut down as the bananas are ripe. So I even did some videos of these to archive the precious moments of meeting the bananas. You see, as a person from Estonia, it is a very precious moment indeed.

BB13plumeriasThen I turned back and even found one or two trees with plumerias. In a way it was a bit sad to see all these big hotels and developments. Nothing seemed to be done in cooperation with the nature. Of course I do not know all the details, but it seemed so. What about small cute Mexican style clay houses? Or ecohotels? I guess over here the thought goes where the masses go. I hope it will change one day.

BB7palmsLater I got to another road, which I also wanted to check where it goes, but they had guards there and seemed it was more closed. So I turned around. On one of the corners there were some local Mexicans and they were all waving to me after I shouted HOLA and one of them even said out loud:

‘Hey pretty lady!’

I must have missed one of the turns as I looked at the houses and these looked very strange. So I thought, it is not so far, so I can just bicycle back by the side of the road.

BB18bigroadThat is where the ‘real adventure started.’ I guess maybe my masculine side got a bit tired of me just having this long slow stroll with the bike, which felt like driving a Mercedes, so comfortable. So I get to the main cross and the traffic lights are difficult to understand. there is no clear understanding which light is meant for who. So I tried to figure out and of course started to move exactly where it turned for red for me. Luckily I could stop (in the middle of the road) and get going when all of the cars had passed. 

So I got to the main road and thought there must be some kind of side shoulder or side road. I tried to cross the main highway (both ways 2 lanes) and that was a challenge. It must have taken me around 13 minutes or so to get to the other side as the traffic was very heavy.

So I got to the other side and even if the shoulder is like 4-5 meters wide and you even have the strong yellow line strongly painted close  to the edge, so that the cars should see it clear, there were many cars which passed me so close that I swallowed hard.

So I tried to get as close to the side of the pavement as I could. As it is a total anomaly sight over here to see a white girl driving a bike with very short shorts as well, I got lots of cheering up from most of the cars. Would never happen in Estonia.

Then the next thing came up. One of those side roads which looked nicer and quieter were full of hidden dogs on the side. So they could jump into your bike any moment and then ‘take a little bite ‘ of your leg… I had 2 wild dogs like that coming towards me. Then I stopped so suddenly they got shocked and then I shouted at them some really rude words in Estonian and they were totally shocked and ran back. Works every time. Wow.

So in between I was not sure if I was going in the right direction. I checked some of the buses and they had the sign to Bucerias, so I knew I was on a right track. Then I could see some of the familiar buildings – Wallmart, soon came Mega. I was surprised that there were not so many cars out there, but as it is a national independence day today here in Mexico, everyone is celebrating at home I guess. So I wonder if it would have been more cars as usual would I have been run over then? 

In the end I just got so into the zone of that danger (my hands even shaking in between) that I almost passed my turn. I happily got to my side of the road and cruised into the community feeling like I had passed some kind of Mexican test or something. Feeling proud of myself. 

Then I thought to make a little bicycle round in the community, but first thought to check on the new neighbours – a female couple. They were home, kindly offering me their amazing salads and we were talking stories about ourselves, Mexico and life. It was so nice. We were just so on the same page. They showed me their backyard and the development project which was going on there. That looked really good. They are a Canadian couple who are here in Mexico for good. I admire people like that, who just come and change like that! We also shared some fun stories about Mexican time!

I must have spent more than an hour there. I got home, had a nice cold outdoor shower, fed the cat, who was so happy that took off right after. I myself had another additional bite to sit down and write this.

It just works for me to adventure a little bit every day. Find new places and give my body some new possibilities to move and discover new ways.

This morning I did Organic StretchingTM and the topic for today was ‘multidirectional movement’ and I had a nice session on the floor. I guess what happened was that I also got that ‘multidirectional’ into my bicycle trip. I got back home safe and was totally multidirectional.

Now the body is tired and feels like I would love to go to bed early tonight. Early for me is like midnight (usually go to bed around 3 am). I even thought of starting to have these morning bike rides every day. I will see what the body says in the morning for this. As during the day it gets so hot, it is impossible to move.

The body was happy, the mind was happy and the elements were in total balance and also got some social input, which I have had quite a lot this week. During the last 3 days I have adventured every day – Friday the PV trailer filming. Saturday the eco community visit and today the bike. I have also discovered I am most effective when I have some adventures and then work again. Too much of the same does not really work for me. I am happy to get it confirmed over and over again.

Tell me about you and your adventures? 

When was the last time you adventured?

Do you have your weekly, daily small adventures?

Would you love to adventure with me one day? 

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