Pains and pleasures of Secret Relationships

Today I invite you to dive with me to the world of relationships. We will talk about the taboo topic – Secret Relationships and relationships outside of marriage. I approach this topic through my experiences and New Time Energy approach which may not work for many. Be open minded, read, listen and watch.

What are the pleasures and pains of the Secret Relationships and who are the women who choose Secret Relationships and I will give you some inspiration how to start to create your dream relationships instead.

This is a long and intense FB live, which I would recommend to listen to undisturbed while doing some deep self-reflection. If you know someone who struggles with these issues share this video with them. To dive deeper into yourself answer questions in the task sheet. If you need more help or coaching, take personally contact with me.

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Firstly I would recommend every woman to clarify their relationship with themselves. To heal themselves so that they can build a new foundation for future relationships. In this process what is very helpful is to start with the self declaration. 

Ask yourself – What is it you would love to have from life and yourself and your relationships and how? 

How would your relationship look like on your terms?

Is it time to start to fully set boundaries?

The problem with many women is that they are so wounded – since their childhood and many have run from one unhappy relationship to the other with no breaks in between. This has created a situation where the old wounds have not healed, but the new ones are constantly made. It is like trying to put out the fire which starts all over again from the other end.

Pleasures of the Secret Relationships: 

  • Excitement and adrenalin
  • Danger of getting caught
  • There is no future and it creates a “fake freedom feeling”
  • Good to use as a phase to experiment and explore yourself
  • You never know where it will lead you
  • Adventures
  • Living your fantasies
  • Being in the moment

Pains of Secret Relationships:

  • No future
  • Wasting yourself
  • Continuous nerve wrecking
  • Fear of being caught
  • Being dishonest with yourself
  • Undervaluing yourself
  • Going against yourself
  • Continuous inner conflicts
  • Feeling that you can not get what you actually deserve
  • You may start to build a false future on false hopes
  • Possibility of heart break
  • End like empty and alone
  • Working against yourself

Check out the list I share what kind of women go into Secret Relationships from the video.

What is sustainable love like? It has clear containers are in place, clear communication, clear boundary setting, clear vision and mission – this is the New Time where are heading to.  

Setting boundaries is the New Time Formula for Happiness.

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