Self-Help Emergency Kit Vol 2-3


This is the next episode of Self-Help Emergency Kit. I share 2 new steps how you can advance your relationship with others and yourself better. Read the blog, watch the video and do the task sheets to make a difference for you and your world!

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  • Admit that you need outside help. Is it a mentor, a coach, crisis consultant or a support group? What is it you need at the moment? Find the contacts and receive the help you deserve! In order to move to the new level and to be able to release and dissolve the old patterns, you need a strong outside activator – what help from others can become!
  • Approach your life and things from a different new angle and perspective. When you have been standing by facing the corner, turn around so that you can see the whole room. Challenge yourself and do and explore something new every day for the next 20 days or 6 weeks. What changes?

Take these new steps and see how your life will change!

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May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing!

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Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – Self-Help Emergency Kit Vol 2-3 PDF

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