StretchDanced the Storm away!

docutrailerpalmtreeEvery time I go to the class I think maybe I should prepare more. Then the voice in me tells – no. You can just go and improvise and take contact with the group energy and enjoy the flow. It will turn out like LILA – the divine dance of the micro and macro cosmos inside and outside of you. Most amazing is that it does! Every single time!

Yesterday evening I got the message that the tropical storm is heading towards us and probably it is going to be be like 3 days of really bad weather. I had planned to have my StretcDance in the Sea class in the morning. So I tuned in to the storm energy and said, if it would love to express itself, could it come up like around midday not earlier? With that in mind I went to sleep.

vabasukeldumineI woke up and it was really rainy. I went to check it and it was all cloudy but not much of a wind. So I decided to go. I tuned in to the ocean and asked it to deliver a warm current to the spot where we usually have our class. So I got to the beach and wondered if there is someone else brave showing up and yes, one of the mermaids was. She was fully prepared with the equipment.

We said our usual aloha to the ocean and then our toes touched the water and it was really warm. Outside temperature must have been around 25 C, inside it was around 35 C for sure. Wow. What a surprise. So the magic had worked!

We got in and put our snorkels and masks on and saw the bottom. Wow the water was clear! During the first exercises I observed one bigger fish, who was actually checking his breakfast but i guess we were too big to bite. In between the waves were coming in and I was swimming in the clouds. It was a very mystical and mysterious feeling.

Throughout the class one movement after the other presented itself and we got more and more relaxed went deeper and in between it was almost hard to speak as we got so relaxed that it felt like the left side of the brain was turned off completely.

Doing the classes or courses outside in the nature is the most amazing classroom one could imagine. The outer reflects the inner. Today we could hear the symphony of the raindrops getting into the water and also some birds flying and the ocean and the water was very warm and felt almost like an embracing mother. Everything was so humble and it literally felt like the ocean and the nature were bowing down to us and to our dance. There was something magical in the water and in the air. Unusual. Not describable.

We got out exactly one hour later and it was much colder outside than inside, usually it is the other ways.

Then my wonderful human mermaid said something to finish up as we were expressing gratitude to each other in this playful classroom. She said that when she travels away she can still do the moves and it can remind her of me. I thanked her of being the brave mermaid coming out to play as it is always nicer to play together with someone than just alone.

The storm did not reach to our location today and in the news it said during the night it had ‘dissipated.’ One should not think one can order weather, but what if we could? What would happen then? 

Tell me about some of your ocean experiences. What is it you love about this ocean university, what has it taught you? 

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Thank you for reading and sharing your comments, Aloha Crystal