Touched by Mauna Kea – the most sacred Hawaiian mountain

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Today I passed another milestone in my human existence. Not only were we driving across the Big Island via the Saddle Road which snakes between the two biggest mountains on the island – Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, but I also gave my first biometrics prints to the USA state to further proceed with my paperwork to be able to live and work here fully. For me Hawaii has always felt like another state, and almost like another planet. I sometimes can not comprehend that it is one of the USA’s states. But read more about today’s adventures and thoughts below – directly from Hawaii, the Big Island.

I will tell you about my journey to the higher peaks in my life and what messages Mauna Kea gave me today.

I am not very good with higher altitudes. Over the years I have not really been well adjusting to it. Wherever I have travelled and climbed to the higher mountains, I usually struggle quite a bit to get used to it, especially everything pass 1000 meters above sea level.

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It must have been 2008 when me and my son visited Tenerife island and we decided to travel and see one of their biggest mountains El Teide there.

Mount Teide (SpanishPico del Teidepronounced [ˈpiko ðel ˈtei̯ðe], “Teide Peak”) is a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary IslandsSpain. Its 3,718-metre (12,198 ft) summit is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic.

If measured from the ocean floor, it is at 7,500 m (24,600 ft) the highest volcano in the world base-to-peak outside of the Hawaiian Islands.[a][5] Teide’s elevation makes Tenerife the tenth highest island in the world

Once I got on top of it, my son started to vomit. I hardly managed to go to the very top myself and then I had to come down as fast as I could as I felt so sick. It took me almost 3 days to get back to normal and I could not eat or sleep properly till then.

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I understand now in retrospect that it was not only that I had issues with the altitude sickness, but also energetically I was not quite ready to digest that much ‘power or powerful energy’. Mountains are symbolically usually connected to the masculine energy, but if they are formed from the volcano, they are often times also very connected to the powerful inner feminine energy – like the flowing lava represents.

In Estonia, the highest point is 318 meters (1043 feet), but I lived 7 years in Norway and almost a year in South Africa (Cape Town area, but hiked a lot of mountains there). When I moved back to Estonia – after 8 years abroad – I was full of so much power and I did not only change my life, but influenced quite a bit of Estonia as a nation as well. Most people who live in places like that are not aware of the energetic resources they have around them. What a waste!

In Hawaii they say Mauna Kea is the masculine representation of the island and it is a bit higher as well and Mauna Loa is the feminine aspect (as the tip of the mountain also looks like a breast with a nipple). Because both are of volcanic heritage – these mountains are a bit more firey than most regular mountains because of their volcanic heritage.

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Mauna Kea is one of five hotspot volcanoes that form the island of Hawaii, the largest and youngest island of the Hawaiian–Emperor seamount chain.[7] Of these five volcanoes, Mauna Kea is the fourth oldest and fourth most active.[3] It began as a preshield volcano driven by the Hawaii hotspot around one million years ago, and became exceptionally active during its shield stage until 500,000 years ago.[8]Mauna Kea entered its quieter post-shield stage 250,000 to 200,000 years ago,[9] and is currently dormant.[3] Mauna Kea does not have a visible summit caldera, but contains a number of small cinder and pumice cones near its summit. A former summit caldera may have been filled and buried by later summit eruption deposits.

Mauna Kea is over 3,200 km3 (770 cu mi) in volume, so massive that it and its neighbor, Mauna Loa, depress the ocean crust beneath it by 6 km (4 mi).[10] The volcano continues to slip and flatten under its own weight at a rate of less than 0.2 mm (0.01 in) per year. Much of its mass lies east of its present summit. Mauna Kea stands 4,205 m (13,800 ft) above sea level, just 35 m (110 ft) higher than its neighbor Mauna Loa,[3] and is the highest point in the state of Hawaii.[11] Measured from its base on the ocean floor, it rises over 10,000 m (33,000 ft), significantly greater than the elevation of Mount Everest above sea level.[12][13]

The Saddle Road, named for its crossing of the saddle-shaped plateau between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, was completed in 1943, and eased travel to Mauna Kea considerably.[5]

The summits of the five volcanoes of Hawaii are revered as sacred mountains; and Mauna Kea’s summit, the highest, is the most sacred.[36][37] For this reason, a kapu (ancient Hawaiian law) restricted visitor rights to high-ranking aliʻi. Hawaiians associated elements of their natural environment with particular deities. In Hawaiian mythology, the summit of Mauna Kea was seen as the “region of the gods”, a place where benevolent spirits reside. Poliʻahu, deity of snow, also resides there.[33] In Hawaiian, Mauna Kea is a shortened form of Mauna a Wakea which denotes the mountain’s connection to the sky father Wakea;[38] however, the English translation of Mauna Kea is “white mountain” in reference to its seasonally snow-capped summit.[39] 


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I have been privileged to visit the top of Mauna Kea couple of times and when people come to Hawaii for the first time and I hear some of the people who live here (not local Hawaiians) that two of the most important places they think you should go here right away – are to see the volcano in the south of the island and also go to Mauna Kea.

For me Mauna Kea mountain was not even in the cards during the first years I came here and I think I instinctively felt a little intimidated by the power it has as well the sacredness. I think Mauna Kea should be in the visiting list on the 10th visit or so. It is a very sacred place and the energy is very, very powerful. In addition the altitude is quite a challenge for many. 

Till this day there is a public dispute going on – as the big observatory which was built on top of Mauna Kea was not really done in proper honor and respect for many sacred sites on top of the mountain. Many of the local Hawaiians as well Hawaiians living in other places and countries still fight for the rights to have their Mauna Kea back as well not to expand the facilities on top of it there. I hope that Hawaiian ancestors as well those Hawaiians who are still here can help to find a good solution for that problem.


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Today our trip was very short to Hilo for various reasons and I am always sad when that happens, as once I am on the other side of the island – there is so much more to see and explore and I almost always feel that something is left out.

But today we also went to the Liliuokalani garden in Hilo. It was very peaceful and I spotted several energy vortexes in the garden. It felt also very royal. Queen’s history is really amazing by itself, but being in the garden it really felt like in a: Blink and you may think you’re in Japan as you stroll through peaceful Liliuokalani Gardens, named after Hawaii’s last reigning monarch, Queen Liliuokalani. Located on Hilo’s Banyan Drive, this authentic, 30-acre Japanese garden was dedicated in 1917 as a tribute to Hawaii’s first Japanese immigrants who worked in the island of Hawaii’s sugar cane fields.’

Photo by C.R.Laksmi-Ditton

After that we met with Barbara Garcia, who is the owner and publisher of the Ke Ola Magazine on the island which is distributed to 300 locations. They distribute 24 000 copies all around the island as well other locations – and it is free for the readers and is published bi-monthly. It is fully covered by the advertiser’s costs.

Barbara is a true network spider, who I met many moons ago during another business networking event here in Hawaii. We lost contact for some years and then reconnected again via Facebook. I met her again during another Wedding Association event here in Kona, where she was sharing her yearly wedding edition of the Ke Ola Magazine.  Michael gave her his book ‘Dreams, Goals and Adventure’  to read. I know that once we get our things going here, we have a lot we can co-create together.

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After this inspiration filled trip we had another interesting surprise back home and dealt with that and then once I had eaten my dinner I felt so tired that I felt like going to bed right away. It was only 7 pm and I am never that tired so early – I am usually the night owl. But I was unable to even stand up. I think the high altitude issue wore me out as well. So I set myself ready to really go and have a 12 hours sleep…

I was not that lucky. By the time I got my teeth brushed and everything ready – the sleep had moved back to Mauna Kea or who knows where. My head was spinning, I had many thousands of thoughts, ideas and it almost felt like I was going crazy.

Picture from the Internet. Private home in South Kona.

I know that during times like this it helps to go start to work on my ultimate dream in my mind and start to imagine what I see and feel there in that picture. I started to do that, but it was so much more powerful than usually, so I could not just think about it – I felt the urge to get my notepad and start to write things down. I  think within an hour I wrote down something which could be called the draft to our new business plan here. It was super flowing, powerful and full of energy. I could almost see, touch and taste that other reality. Last time I did it that intensively was in 2014. It all got stopped as my life took some unexpected turns.

After I was done with that I felt calmer, but something was still bubbling in me.

It almost felt that Mauna Kea – like Father Sky had some downloads for me. I tried to fall asleep and I think I managed maybe for like 20 minutes and then my sleep was completely gone. This blog post started to create itself in my head and I knew that I needed to write it down asap or I will lose it.

So I put my writer’s hat on and here I am – it is 10.34 pm and I am writing. So much about sleeping…

Picture by C.R.Laksmi-Ditton

Mauna Kea started to share some thoughts and I gave it voice through me. 

  1. 1. How many people are wasting their time – not understanding that every minute is equaling with opportunities as well abundance and money. Why are they so stupid? It almost felt that I channeled the frustration this world’s biggest giant had in Him. I thought that it must be quite challenging to just stand there and have very few people being his advocates and listening to his Voice. For me this felt not only like a voice of one of the world’s most powerful mountains, but also like a true Universe’s message. We are all born with time – it is our biggest gift and we have it every day and night. It is just all up to us how we use it and how consciously we use it. Most people are not using it consciously and are misusing it. That is a crime – it is like throwing away money or fortune. Why do people do it? Because they do not know any better…  I understood that my Father Sky was also sending me a message between the lines and asking me to check how much of my time I am using consciously and how much I really use to fulfill my Earthly mission here on this planet. I must say I do it more than most people, but I also know it is not fully enough activated yet and I am willing to take more action.
  2. All these hurricanes, eruptions, earthquakes, destruction, war missles in Korea as well military training what Russia is doing right now in Belarus are all raptures of Mother Earth – she is not happy and we are not listening. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey tried to share her message. We did not listen. Then hurricane Maria is on its way now. How many times does it need to repeat? All these disasters do also one thing – they bring people together as there is so much of the overflow of hatred, negativity and it is Earth’s one way to create balance and do its natural Ho’oponopono where it is needed. I understood then how this mass destruction is caused also partly because we have many people who are not happy and are not living their dreams – this creates one of the biggest pollutions on this planet – dissatisfaction and contradiction energies. What is it we should do about it? Firstly we should all figure out what is our main mission to be here on the planet and then secondly put that in use immediately. We are all born here with certain gifts and talents and these should not be wasted. 
  3. I understood how what I eat controls me. During the last year I have had many detoxes and also energetically I have entered higher frequencies and I have been more conscious about my eating habits. What this does is that whatever we eat and what is not in alignment with our cells or body slows us down and toxifies us. I have had couple of times situations where after eating (especially when I eat wrong) I had to go and sleep for at least 2 hours. It was so heavy that my body could not process it in any other way. My head completely shut down. One of the number one things which I am still struggling to dissolve is my sugar addiction. As I am not drinking any coffee, do not use any drugs, do not eat read meat or bird meat – sugar was the only thing in addition to sex for me to enjoy which was left. It is so hard to let the sugar go. But I see that it is necessary. I started to also realize how most foods contain sugar these days and it is not that easy to be completely sugar free overnight. What is also interesting is that Hawaii has been ‘wounded’ many times by sugarcane plantations. So maybe this is so relevant for me also because of that past here and maybe that is what Mauna Kea is here to tell me too. I am very sensitive and can pick up these messages!
  4. I also understood what I drink ‘makes me’.  As my parents died of alcoholism at early age I quit drinking alcohol myself very early (like 20 years ago now). Now I cut out some of the drinks I have been having for some time (bubble drinks and juices) – and substituted it with lemon water and instantly I felt better. The information from my brain was distributed everywhere much faster and easier and I felt lighter. I also think that living here in Hawaii I should drink even more than I do as it is very easy to get dehydrated here.
  5. I understood that I have run myself into the corner with my creative projects. 2 weeks ago I got a very intensive UTI which took me to the EMS and they took good care of me, the only thing was that it cost me 1500 dollars to fix it. When I researched what is the spiritual meaning of this disease – it came out that it is connected to the bladder, which is our ‘creative home’. I have been sitting on top of many of my book manuscripts for 10 years for now and I just can not seem to finalize these. I have tried to figure out why. On top of that issue I started to feel pain in my throat. I checked what is the message for that one: Throat: Avenue of expression. Channel of creativity. – Throat Problems: The inability to speak up for one’s self. Swallowed anger. Stifled creativity. Refusal to change. – Sore throat: Holding in angry words. Feeling unable to express the self. There can be quite a bit of truth in it. I am angry at myself that I have not managed it yet and many other ideas which I have had over the years – are still in the idea phase. I am procrastinating too much. I feel like my being needs more adventure, more flow, more free flow – to discover and connect to this island once again the way I used to – where it was like I was Alice in the Wonderland. Settling here takes different energy focus and I have this little conflict in me – as I have to prioritize other things as well to work with my online projects to make living here possible.  I believe that the magic does not need to disappear once you move here and that that magic is not only the gift for the visitors. I know that once one is really in sync this island breaths together with your inner desires and dreams and gives you all and beyond of what you need. Today I got a message from one journalist again who is willing to make a bigger story of my event last year when I got married to myself. I understand what the spirit is trying to tell here – your first book should be about relationships in all languages you can write it. That will be the opening key. 
  6. I understand that on this island we can not hide from our true authentic being – we can not run from it and we need to be humble at all  times and give to the island in so many ways. Then it starts to give back to us. It is the island where ALOHA rules with the love and care aloha is. I love to be true to myself as well for others, but often times I may still slide into some old patterns, where I am more worried about other people’s wellbeing around me and how my behavior or actions influence them and then make my choices accordingly.
  7. I understand my spirit is really ready to burst out and reinvent itself and even do some things I have never done before, but there are some blockages and some fears still keeping me back. That is why I also have partly started with the freediving training again, as to kind of attempt to like ‘drown my fears’. I am excited about the new beginnings, but also terrified. I have been the gipsy for the past 6 years with no home base and lived a very simple life and a very easy life. I have been my own boss and managed my own life and business as well as I could. But now I need to do the new driving license exam here, I need to open up a new bank account, get my new IDs here, get my social ID number here,  I need to start to file taxes here, I need to monitor where I go and for how long and once we have our nest, also how long I can be away. This is a much more limited life it seems and then asking myself why? But it helps to create a new foundation to my global life mission, which has in plan to influence many millions of people not only one or two and for that I need a strong and solid foundation. Somewhere deep inside of me there is insecurity and I think today this trip over saddle road activated it big time and now I have to face it. Who is the boss? Who is the courageous one? Who is the coward? Who will win? 
  8. Mauna Kea has been whispering many ideas into my ears. Today was different – as I listened. I have listened actually since I arrived. I have not fought it any more. My life is so much better now. Mauna Kea is powerful, and full of fire, but Mauna Kea is like a mature king – he thinks before he says something, he measures before he cuts something and he observes before doing

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    something. He has integrated in himself a full golden consciousness from Mother Earth, because in his inner being Madam Pele is beating her heart and whispering her messages to him. Mauna Kea always listens. What would our life be if we would listen to the mountains or volcanos or the trees? Would it have a different quality? Would we co-create instead of destroying? Would we understand that it is a living being, even if it looks solid? Would we understand that it can bleed when we cut it? That it has emotions, raptures and anger as well tears? For me this island is one of the most potent places on Earth and it has the most alive energy and if you are really opened and your channel is opened, it will share his or her voice with you, but not only, it may even make you mediate it to others and become its advocate. So today I was the voice of Mauna Kea. The most sacred mountain who would love to be more protected, more honored and consciously taken care of. How is it people in California are praying and protesting for him and many people here are quiet? What would it take to change and listen? Put down your phone,stop scrolling and listen and live ALOHA – breath. Maybe your apple tree has a very important message for you from your grand-grandfather? Maybe it can help you to locate your insecurity monster and maybe you are given a manual how to handle it? Would you do it? Would it change your life? Would it change the planet? Would it be worth it? 

Anyways, thank you Mauna Kea for this burst of inspiration. I am now going to have a serious talk with my insecurity monster and see what I can do so that I can finally start to live completely fully and believe that I am fully worth of it all – having courage in one hand and the ultimate abundance on the other. 

Picture by C.R.Laksmi-Ditton

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have travelled the world since 1999. Recently I moved to Hawaii, Big Island, where I got married to my spirit mate Michael and now we live our dream here. It is a blessing to be able to be here and co-create this magic. My wish is to all the readers to find your magic paradise and create your fairytale wherever you are at. May there be peace, aloha and love.

Feel free to share what thoughts and ideas this blog post inspired you with? Are you going to do something differently? 

2 thoughts on “Touched by Mauna Kea – the most sacred Hawaiian mountain

  1. Aloha Crystal
    I happened to come across your name and
    blog because I was googling Louise Hays and her symptoms. I am losing or have thinning hair in the front of my head. This does not run in my family . Do you have any thoughts about what emotions causes this ?
    I also honor the healing powers of Hawaii and it’s people. On my next trip which should be soon I will like to go up Mauna Kea
    instead of just seeing it from the road
    I enjoyed so much your story about your messages from Mauna Kea

    • Thank you Frederika! I checked her site and it did not say much about your question.

      But what I get is that it may be smth to do with your roots – and denying your roots or family or also the thoughts which you do not need any more (some say hair is the extension of thoughts) but then again it may be that you just need some minerals;) Maybe you should have a little talk with your hair and ask what the message is.
      When you come to Hawaii let me know. Maybe I can be of service;) Aloha and many healing sprinkles;)

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