Weekly keys – 28th of Sept till 4th of October – The transformation of the red moon through pain and beauty

tantraqueenThis week’s keys talk about the pain and beauty of being a woman, elements in the new time relationships, the dance between the Moon and the Earth.

The beauty and pain of being a woman 

In the new time it is not that easy to be a woman. Especially if you do everything alone. There are moments where the vulnerability breaks you down and you have the feeling that you are shorter than the grass or the ‘mistra’ carpet as someone said recently.

Watching and following my own patterns I understood how me and other women – we avoid sharing our vulnerability with men. We do it because  most of us have never experienced the possibility to be safely held by the men’s consciousness being in this energy and as we are afraid to get hurt, we do not feel opened to share the most beautiful feminine quality with the man we love and care about.

saaremaagoddessMost women have got negative experiences with showing our vulnerability. To be weak and cry, or be humble to life’s power and sit on the knees. In the new time it is super important for the woman to be able to share the vulnerability as in the new time, everything will go through the balance of female energies. If the woman is out of balance, everything is. It can be balanced also with the inner man and woman when the outer man is nowhere to be seen.

In addition we are afraid to share our vulnerability as we may guess, that the man starts to think that we start to fall for them and get clingy. This is something, most men are afraid of as the fire.

The second thing which men are afraid of is the woman’s true power and especially the sexual power. Most women can not even explore this, as there are no men around them, who would be able to receive it and not to run from it.

As time goes by I know more what kind of men I need into my life. There are so few of them  and sometimes it feels like there needs to be done like the ‘school for men’, where men will be taught how to approach a woman like a lady, what to put as your picture to your dating profile and what and how to write in such a way that it is inviting for the woman, how not to be pushy to the woman and how to be present and how to be present and let the woman really show who she really is. The gentelmen’s time is over now I guess? What would it take to teach this to the young boys right now, so we would create a new future for the new time women?

Nowadays the new time powerful women may have difficult times. They do not even have anyone, who would hug or embrace them. Because of their strength, they often attract very feminine men or men who are weak. This does not give many options for that woman to be a true woman. Without the man the creation is so much slower and takes more effort.

In this energy most new time women turn into the workaholic path. With the work you know that if you contribute to it, you can be for sure, that you will get it back, if not more, then money, safety and new options at least. With relationships everything is very flowing, so it can collapse the next morning. If that happens too often, then this is hurting and is not sustainable in the long run. Many have difficulties to find deep and long sustainable partner, with whom to create a longer relationship.

In the new energy both men and women should check what works  and what does not and what are the needs and how to express these with courage and clarity. Most people have got negative experiences when they have expressed their emotional or sexual wishes. That is why their mouth has been locked after this.

The key is in the man holding the space for the woman who is in the chaos,  or dancing with the shadows to face the wounds and the man is not sticking new wounds in there, but will heal it instead. This would be the foundation for the new relationships and healthy women and the new world. The transforming world needs that. But many men and women can not do it.  They need reminding through our ancient being or learn from those who are really good at it.

orangeflowersThe fitting of the elements in the new time relationships

I have noticed and observed during the last weeks that when two people meet and their elements match – they meet like a puzzle, which creates the spark, which is not activating only intellectually, but also emotions and physical body as well all the other levels. When these elements match with each other it is really cool to be together with this person – time passes, energies are in the flow and sparky and everything seems to be possible. When both of the parties will understand and acknowledge it, it is really nice. Mostly it does not and when one of the sides just silences it, then all the matching energy will dissolve.

In the new time we can not live without using the elements consciously. It becomes imporant also in the relationships. When you use this very consciously, it can balance every relationship and make it more powerful and empower it.

When the opposite element energies meet as partners, the total chaos goes loose. One turns into fire, as the other is putting it out with the water. One is a big fighter and the other makes it bigger with a very strong air element. One is an emotional tsunami and the other is a total road block on the road…

For this to function, everyone has to balance and integrate their own elements and be aware of the elements in others and then act according to the situation.

Home assignment 

Observe all the people during the week and see how their inner elements match with yours. Write it down! Enjoy your explorations!

RedMoonThe dance between the Moon and the Earth this weekend

This weekend we have the lunar eclipse. As there is the play between the moon and planet Earth, then the most intensive are the earth and water element energies, but at the same the feminine and masculine. As it is full moon as well, it will amplify emotions  and the lid may pop up for many. Warning for this time period: avoid spitting out words, which can be destructive and create new wounds, as it may take long time to heal and fix it.

As it will be also the red moon, this means like the fire element is in the water. This may boil the water.

Some may have noticed that it has been difficult to sleep during the last week. Many sources claim that we are influenced with higher vibration outside the planet, which are pointed at us, which help us to unite the body with the higher energies.  Would be smart to take care of the balance in your life on every level. More consciously this is done, easier this time will be passed.

The most important is the 28th of September. New time numerology says it is the day with the number 9, which is the day to finalise the old as well invites us to step on to the new platform where our individual life mission activates. For this to happen we need to resolve the fear from our being and bodies completely. Only then we can flow with our heart and courage to our paradise of our dreams with our own private surfboard.

minakuuI am Crystal Ra Laksmi, fire filled world traveller, who loves to be in one place for a while as well. Because through this the earth element will bring more possibilities and new beginnings. The beginning of all of it is the spark of the courage. What would be needed so that all people would wake up to their inner consciousness and would take the lead and follow it?


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