Weekly keys – 13 – 20th of July – Importing of joy with the sauce of courage to Estonia

metsateeväänaI have spent one week in Estonia by now. It has been a hectic week. I share here my observations and keys with my dear readers. How is it to flow in the new time and how important it is what kind of people you do it with. How important is your own space. I also share my observations about changes in Estonia.

Flow in the new energygoddesses welcome tallinn

During the first days I spent my time with a girlfriend who is in the new time energies and everything was flowing, manifested quickly and flew easily. We manifested miracles and small possibilities with ease. When we were together, all these energies amplified and multiplied and also to the people surrounding us.

During the next two days I was in my own space and time and things started to get stuck. I noticed that the collective consciousness started to attack me and push me down. I saw several parts in it.

0TkummikudFirst part was the lack illusion, where people choose from lack and fear, not from what is possible. Second part was jealousy, where the comparison is on the first place like who is better than the other whatever the measurement is. Third part was everything is bad part, where the focus is on what is not well and what is missing and then amplifying it.

Then I also saw different energies projected at Estonia, to the people as well. It almost felt like a slave energy. Fear was the feeding element for it. Most people seem to be in the boxes and do not even try to sneak over the edge as this is just comfortable. This energy was putting its pressure on me so badly that I manifested a negative experience. This gave a reason to sit down and get myself back in focus.


What did I do to get myself there? I meditated at least for the 30 minutes. I went swimming. I ate healthy food and brought more joy into my life. But all that did not work fully before I had my first event in Estonia called Jumpstart your Abundance. I had not done this kind of public events for adults for a while and I was even nervous. The ideas flew and the flow was nice from the videos till the exercises. With every moment everyone seemed to become more joyful, fun and easy. When we finished people left with smiles, and joyful and even their cheeks had changed colour. I felt like I was pumped full of air so much that I felt like I could move a mountain. I could not fall asleep till 2 am.

When we are alone and our energy turns negative, then the presence of many people can amplify it or dissolve it. When you direct this energy, it transforms magically. This is the new time energy in the cooperation.

Having your own space and using it

After travelling 3 weeks and lived in 3 different places, going through 3 countries, I understood what a gift it is to have your own space. First night when I landed in Estonia I stayed at the hotel. This was really refreshing to be in my own space and alone. When you are in the new energy and wherever you go and whatever you do, your energies start to lift up other people’s energies around you and sometimes it can be tiresome. That is why your own space and the possibility to be alone is very important. It is not important only to recover, but to listen to your spirit or otherwise everything is so full and we have no chance to listen or hear the messages our spirit has to deliver. Most people have such a busy schedule that they have no time or possibility to be with themselves, not to talk about listening to yourself.

VaanarandkiigegaHome assignment 

Observe how much per day or per week or month you spend only with yourself or date yourself?

When you create this empty space with yourself and do this regularly, what would happen then?

When you are in this space with yourself how and which way  you receive spirit’s messages for you?

How do you spend your time alone? Are you going to just be with yourself or go to the nature, do some sport or smth else?

How do you feel after you have spent time with yourself in your space?

Most people run away from that empty space with themselves, but when you really take the time to enter into it, you may find the messages which may show you the way to the fortune of your lifetime. 

welcome to estoniaSeeing Estonia with fresh eyes

It is so exciting to be back in Estonia after 2 years and see where and how something has changed and what is still the same.

– I am totally amazed how many new luxurious houses they have built in Tallinn and how they are all filled with businesses and function.

– Many act from the past and creating that, what they are used to do and create. Not really looking out from your own area.

– People’s money situation is pretty complicated. Most people earn like 400 – 600 euros per month. You can hardly pay your bills and to save or travel you can not even dream about it, especially if you work in the corporate world and do not have your own business. That is why most young people leave Estonia.

– People’s energetic way of being is holding back and careful. There is more fear than courage in the main masses.


– People use so much technology in their communication and FB is used as text message platform

– Wifi internet is free both in the airport, as well Statoil petrol station as in the big hotels and centres. Oslo airport had still no free internet.

– People seem to be more real than in USA. They have less, but they are more real and when they smile, it is real, not fake.

– It is so weird to speak Estonian everywhere and hear it is spoken all around me. English is mixing in and a bit also Spanish. Then I sound really funny – SpanglishEstonian…

– Nights are so light here. It is almost not getting dark at all. It is very unusual. Almost need to sleep with the blinders on.

– I live in Pelgulinna in Tallinn and here it is quiet. Unbelieavable, that the city center is only 15 minutes away and I can not even hear the traffic. In Mexico I could never sleep till 11, as it was so loud.

moneycloser– Many people here are hunting money more than relationships or care for their families.

– I see where things can be improved and how and I give my feedback, but most times people are not ready for it.

– Some people behave strange with me as they communicate with me. I understand and sense very quickly who is just the taker and who is ready for two way street. I am more direct and express my needs right away. People are not used to that.

– The Estonian media does not get to me. It has an interesting firewall around it. Estonia is holding on to the old and does not want to expand fully, as media is one way how to do it.


– There are moments where I am very proud to be Estonian and then there are moments where I am almost ashamed. I look and see how well Estonia is covered with the mobile parking, it is really cool, as well the technology development and possibilities. When I see some people’s client service then sometimes I just close my eyes, that it would not poke me into my heart. What do we need to change that?

– During my event someone said that what would it take to get more foreign Estonians to come back and share their experiences? We need initiative and get things done. I am here in Estonia, physically present. I am ready to give some more speed, support and transform the courageous people. I continue  with my blog and share my bits and pieces and hope it will be received fully. When I am in Estonia I create events, where everyone can join.


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I was born in Estonia, spent a lot of time in different foreign countries. Who do I feel I am as of nationality? I feel like a global citizen. It is nice to take bits and pieces from every culture and nationality and mix it into a big cocktail. From the Estonians I will take the persistence and love of the work, Norwegians give me courage and system, Americans expansion and space, Mexicans peace and relaxation, Hawaiians aloha. My home is where my heart is and where it sings. After some long time, my heart is singing also in Estonia. I feel myself good here. I am home. I am putting my roots down the earth and my head into the heaven and do my stuff. If you see someone blowing bubbles beside the road, this can be me. I come to import joy with the sauce of courage. As a secret product. If you would like to be part of it, let me know!

0TsaravadsilmadI am again in Estonia after 2 years. I sat in the cafe with my dear friend and client. She described her changes from my work to one of her friends. It was almost unbeliavable to hear how much she thought was inspired and influenced by me. Getting better health, courage to travel and live, feminine expansion, being herself. She has done some major changes and some very courageous changes in her life. One of those is Auratransformation and her courage to choose from the possibilities instead of limitations.

When I look back to my life, I would not imagine my life without Auratransformation. I got my transformation 8 years ago and this has made my life times easier. My life is easier as I listen to my intuition and my energies are guiding me where I should move and when and what is the right direction to act and what is flowing and what is not. Whom to communicate and whom not to. You do not need much. I can not suppress anything. I have to set my boundaries and right away not later.

If something dangerous is moving towards me, I get to know about it, as it moves towards me, but most times it does not even get to me. I do not need to revenge to anyone, the energy will deal with it, even if someone has done anything against me. I just flow on my road and follow my dream. I have been both inside the valleys and abysses as well on the top of the mountains. I have understood that both are necessary and powerful. Without the valley there is nowhere the mountain could support itself to.

If you need a changes into your life, which could become permanent, and would help you to get closer to your dream life, I would suggest to consider doing Auratransformation, what I offer while in Estonia. I have done one Auratransformation and many new clients have booked their sessions. The time is the best as it is the summer and the beginning of the summer. I am here in Estonia till the beginning of October. If your interest is serious, let me know here. I do sessions in English, Norwegian or Estonian.

VaanarandkiigegaMy summer is filled with small events all around Estonia like Tartu, Viljandi, Haapsalu, Pärnu and Matsalu summer retreat. Check out Matsalu Summer Retreat, which is opened for international participants as well.  Read more about this here: I will introduce also Wantra there – my water therapy module.