Birth of Crystal Poppins

During the last 2 years when I have been orbiting the world, not having a base, I have noticed some patterns.

Example 1

I stayed with a girlfriend. I did some of my energy and body processes on her, and stayed with her one week. Within a week, she had a new place to live, a new job and a new intimate friend!!???

Example 2

I stayed with a Mexican family for a month and a half. By the end of that time I did Bars for around 50 relatives (all for free to practice) and the hostess started to speak fluent English  by the end of my stay and started to translate my speaking to the locals. By the end of my stay, we cooperated with her and enrolled 9 people in the very first Access Bars Class I helped to organise!!!

Example 3

I stayed with a friend in London for two and a half months. I gave him ideas how to change his house (clear the clutter, put things in order, reorganize things). I noticed how his money was all over the place and how many money problems he had. I noted all these details and gave feedback to him. By the end of my time there, one of his client lists was full and had a waiting list, the second one got activated as well and more was coming in. He was more open to life, knew more about tantra and consciousness, changed his thinking and had new girlfriends. His son started a business venture which has already made both of them money. His son broke up with his previous girlfriend as I supported him as well, and met a new one who was much more suitable for him. My friend also won in lottery and got some new opportunities and clients every day. The knowledge I shared with him was worth around 10 000 pounds, the value he managed to manifest in money was around 8000 pounds. So this way, from Mary Poppins, Crystal Poppins was born! Thank you my friend!

Example 4

One of my last boyfriends who lived with me for a year and a half, I had to kick out of my apartment and out of my life in the end. Hooponopono. He was so angry and I was the enemy nr 1. Already in my studio, he and his mom started a club for handicrafts. In a year’s time they opened up a shop and built up a new business. He now travels the world, while the shop earns him money and value. Perhaps I was not so bad to him after all?:)

Example 5

I did some Access Bars classes here and there and more stories like this ended up in my mailbox, constantly! I stopped and asked myself. Wait a minute! This is Crystal Poppins!

You can find her services under the services link.


Crystal Poppins having fun in the Hawaiian jungle