Weekly keys – 4th – 11th of May – 11 simplifying keys to happiness!

beachchairsThis time I focus the entire blog on this topic. I look at how this has made my life happier and myself more content and at peace and give some roadmap for you how to use it in your life!

2011 When dreams change

I start my story with 2011 February when I arrived back from my 3 months in Hawaii to my 100 sqm penthouse apartment on the 10th floor in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. I had my brand new car in the garage and I lived in luxury in so many ways. The rent for the apartment was around 2000 euros per month. My business expenses were around 2000 euros per month as well. Several years in such a big apartment had filled all the empty spaces with stuff.

fahle ooselArrival from Hawaii in February 

I could not sleep during the first night after my arrival. The only heating we had in this apartment was the floor heating and you could not open the windows as it was – 30 c outside. The next morning I woke up with a bloody nose, as the air was so dry. The noise of the cars behind the window was unbearable.

Simple life in Hawaii

In Hawaii I lived most of the time outside in the open air. Even when I rented places or housesat –  I always slept on the balcony in my own made tent or smth. I loved the temperature and the air. My morning started around 7 am when I drove to the beach to swim with the wild dolphins.

greenlighthawaiijumpguideThe biggest expense I had in Hawaii, was the car rental, which I figured was cheaper than to buy a half broken used car and then put energy and time to fix it all the time. I ate fruits and salads mostly, maybe couple of times a week went to eat out. I had a very active social life where the biggest news were who swam with how many dolphins and what kind of swirl they did. Most of the time people had trouble to figure out what the time was or what date or day it was. I took time one time, it took 7 minutes to figure that out. People lived in the present moment and there was more fluidity and flow in everything.


One of my friends built 3 simple shacks. Now lives in one and rents our the 2 other ones. Now also has another used car which he rents out. He also has his own fruit and veggie garden as well water tanks with filters from the rain water. He has lived like that for the last 20 years or more. He has created his paradise. He can survive like that even if he is cut off from the grid. He can easily set up solar and wind power set ups for the whole property as well. The main money comes in from the rental of the car and the shacks. How easy!!!

Complicated dreams create complicated life

When I returned back to Estonia after experiencing all that bliss in Hawaii and standing on the doorstep of my apartment I understood this is not my dream any more. As soon as the realisation came the universe started to roll. Within 1,5 months I had to move out the apartment for the owner to fix it as well my dad died and many other dramatic things happened. I understood that I have to simplify my life completely on every level.

Game plan to simplify your life

1. Sell your car

First thing I did – I sold my car. It was leased and I found a good buyer in a week’s time and even came out with some profit. Maybe you can share your friend’s car or ask them to help you when you need the car or rent a car together if you want to do a longer road trip. There are many possibilities here. It is not only to have the car and pay for the petrol, but also for the insurance and making all the paperwork regularly.

2. Check out what your business needs to operate on the basic minimum

If you have a business, that maybe something for you. Second thing I did some research how and what I need to still have to be legitimate in the Estonian legal system to have my business. I changed from a tax paying into tax-free paying status (less than 12 000 ear per year) with my company. If you have a smart accountant you will get to know how to do that. I had paid so much money to the Estonian government and every time I was in trouble and needed their help, I did not get any. What is the point then to support a system, which is not supporting you?  I stopped my health insurance (which is not compulsory in Estonia). As I am almost never sick, I just go to private hospitals when I need to and pay for the quality service there. When I travel I buy travel insurance for the time being in the foreign country.

3. Minimize your company costs 

Third – I went through all the company costs and checked if I could cut some more expenses and I could. I cut my company expenses from 4000 eur in total to 200 or less ear per month. That was amazing.

4. If you are out of your country, stop your phone number 

Fourth – When I left Estonia, I stopped my phone number, and my phone bills and bought local sim cards to my phone in the location where I was. When I go back to Estonia,  I can activate my old number and deals.

5. Make an overview of your debts 

Fifth – got a complete overview of the debts I have and started to work on the plan to pay them back on regular bases. I did not take new loans. Instead I saved money and then bought whatever I needed.

6. Give away stuff you do not need to those you may need it more

Sixth – When I needed to move out, I had too much stuff. I gathered many bags to take to the children’s homes all around the town and more which were supposed to be gone through later. I made a promise to myself not to buy anything which is not practical and necessary.

7. Go through your social network 

Seventh – I went through all my friends and people I was connected to and made amends and finished communication with many of them. As I travelled to Hawaii 11 times during those years, I believe that the volcano goddess Pele had her cleansing power in it too. There was a time when I was detached from a group of people all together (20 people) and I could not stop it, it was done for me. The spirit in the new time wants to kick everyone away from your path who is limiting you.

8. When you need to purchase bigger things, check if you really need it or there are other ways to get it?

Eight – If I did bigger purchases I always checked how this thing could serve me and if not, I did not buy it. During the next years I experienced that people who have much, also have so much more complicated lives. Yes, you may have more income, but the income goes to maintain the things or properties. So in the end it is pretty much even.

wallybeachpartyscenicpalmtreeSo we getting back to the story of a Mexican fisherman under a palm tree. Why do you need more boats, if you can have the same free time with just one? Makes sense. After living with millionaires I got an overview how much does it cost for them to take care of their properties, their businesses and all the expenses and how much they actually owe and how much energy, time and resources it takes to keep up with it at all times. 

9. Clear your mindset, old beliefs and collective thought forms which you do not need any more

Nineth – I also went through my mindset, beliefs and collective thought forms which made me live such a crazy hectic lifestyle I did and reach for more and never being enough. it seems like in the society it is not acceptable not to accomplish anything big. Money seems to be the highest value measure. It all changed a lot after I moved to Mexico. Seeing how the value was in people, relations and simple things in life as simple as the sun or a coconut water from the tree. I made myself to go to their level on every level in order to understand them throughly.

In the end my values changed and shifted as well. My value was to have close friends and my new chosen family. A friend who would pay for my bus ticket to get me out of trouble when I got stuck (and the courage to ask for help) or feed me when my pesos did not last or offer me their roof over my head. I rewrote my mindset and reprogrammed my beliefs. Now I live my life on my terms, making a difference and loving the best I can as well contributing to the communities and people around me.

10. Clear your paperwork and scan most of it if possible

Tenth – I went through all my papers, files and office stuff. I promised myself that I try to avoid create more paper and make everything digital if possible. I found many files on my computer, which I had not used or even pics which I did not like or other materials which had no value any more and only cluttered my computer space. I deleted them all. It felt so much lighter! I intend to photocopy many of my papers or scan them in and systemize them in case I need them in the future. I plan to do all that with all my business papers as well.

Just another usual day in paradise... Puerto Vallarta

Just another usual day in paradise… Puerto Vallarta

11. Stop continuing the bad behaviour or habits, which limits and contracts you

If you feel that losing your temper when you get angry will cost you time, energy and money to maintain healthy relationships, then find ways to change that habit (I recommend to go to Alanon groups, where you can get a set of tools). If you feel like going to bed earlier, would help you to get up earlier, so you could have a longer and more productive day, then work your way to make it a new habit. Research has said that if you take a new habit and stick to it at least 14 days, you can integrate it to your system and get rid of the old one.

What does simple life look like for me now?

You can make it as it would work for you. During the last years I have experienced my own. I do not have any property, but I mostly rent, usually fully furnished places or housesit (you can have this as a profession and get paid by doing it as well). So I move in with my suitcase and back bag and when I move out I go as light as I came. I am my own boss. I have my little company, which operates location free, do the best I can to keep it going. I have almost no stress, or if I do, only because i have too many exciting projects all going on at the same time. I choose when to do what. I have very few bills. I only use prepaid mobile cards. I use my phone mostly for texting and quick calls.

In Mexico my monthly food expense is around 100 euros per month or less. I mostly cook at home, I buy my veggies at the local market, I eat out very seldom. I eat mostly veggies and fruits. if I want fish, I usually go to eat outside. I do not drink coffee, no cigarettes, no drugs, no alcohol, no parties. There is a huge saving there. When we go out with friends, we go surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding or beach walking – which is all mostly free.

I have no mortgage, lease or anything. I do not own the car here. Over here the traffic is crazy and the police sometimes wants bribes from the foreigners. I take the bus when I need, and imagine often times how the bus driver is my limousine driver. I just have more passengers with me. In case I need a car, I ask some of my friends to help and do whatever I can to help them in return. It costs me very little to take the bus, and even though the bus drivers here are crazy drivers, I know I am much safer with them than when I would drive myself in this madness.

I go to weekly Alanon meetings, which has helped me to change many bad habits and behaviour which has helped me to create a much better social life and new friends.

I did as many things through trades as possible. My main money comes mainly from my online projects and single clients on the location and some additional projects. I am in the process where I map my skills and talents, so I can do more and more of what I love and also get paid for that and limit things which I am not good at.

palmtreesunI live being surrounded by the nature, going into the ocean as often as I can. This way my auric field is completely clear which also clears my mind and helps to create a more conscious life.

I live a very simple life and I am so happy and so full. This is the lifestyle which works for me right now and what I am going to choose more of in the future with some differences. I know where my dream place would be, but till that manifests, I am willing to compromise, to choose Mexico or any other little paradise where there is a tight community where people say good morning on the streets, offer you a mango at the bus stop to share and help you out if you are in need. I feel alive and activated.

I feel grateful to have simplified my life. It took me 4 years to get to where I am now and I am still going through some old stuff and still cleansing my load from my big apartment, but I am very close to fix it all.

Simple does not mean limited!

Just recently my son got a job, which has 12 hour shifts and the monthly pay is 390 euros. He was amazed about the people who could do this for years and years and survive like that. In a way this is another way to live a simple life – you do not earn much and you can not spend much, so you end up living much simpler life. But on the other hand you also live a very limited life. Money gives freedom, but you need to always remain in charge, otherwise it will tip over and take over the control and own you.

What I am suggesting here is not to live a simple and limited life – on the contrary, how being smart and in connection with your own intuition and energies finding your way, your path what works for you, where you can blossom and use all your skills and talents and make it work for you and  serve you the best way possible so that you can also contribute the best to the world and I have experienced this that when you do this, money follows by itself as a natural cause… 


Photo by T. Liimandi

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I love simple life. I feel I am alive, I have control in my hands and I can choose to create everything according to my choices. Simplicity makes me value more of the small and good things and my loved ones in my life.


Go through my list of keys to simplify your life and share with me your results under the story as a comment. 

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