Weekly Keys – 11th till 18th of May – Extreme Birthday Adventure Messages


This week’s keys focus on my extreme birthday adventure and offer you a good new point of view how to look at life and recreate it. 

I used to write my blog’s weekly keys as something I sensed was about to happen this coming week. Pretty soon I stopped that as I realised that every person is creating their own reality for that week anyways.

Now I share the keys which I find in my life and what I have experienced, which have helped me to expand more, ignite myself more and live my life as a dream. Whether people use these keys to open their new doors is all up to them. I just know it works for me!

One new tradition or ritual which I have created for myself has recently been to celebrate my birthday in a very special way. I believe that the day I was born sets the tone for the whole of next year. So I choose to do or create or celebrate in a very special way which will predict my next year.

1crystalnycFor example – last year I spent my birthday in NYC visiting the statue of Liberty as well Ellis Island. I did not understand it, but what I did, I initiated my search for freedom and independence throughout the whole year, which brought with it quite a lot of suffering. This year I wanted to choose a completely different tone. I chose Extreme Adventures with Vallarta Adventures in Mexico.

It feels so good to gift something like an experience to myself. It will remain with me wherever I go. It does not weigh much and is always bringing a smile to my face. A much better gift than a thing for sure! Plus I lost loads of calories;)

exbeginningI was so excited about this trip that could not really even sleep a night before. I was at the meeting point like 30 minutes earlier. That is very unusual for me, especially in Mexico.

There were some other people leaving for a sailing trip, who warned us about the bugs in the jungle and recommended us to buy a bug spray.

extrcarmenmeI went to buy it and ended up by the counter together with a lady from Chicago. Her name is Carmen and she wanted to buy a bug spray as well. She suggested for us to buy it together and split the cost and later I could have the rest of it, as she would not need it. The lady behind the counter recommended that we should put soap underneath the bug spray. So we did. It worked!

I thought that this must be a message for my next year that I will have a lot of sharing, and cooperation with people. It must be also a message that if you know the right combination of things, you are safe and not eaten alive!

We ended to sit beside each other in the van and getting to know each other while driving to the adventure location. She works as a flight attendant and her biggest dream is to travel more.

extlisteningWe arrived in the deep jungle, on our way to San Sebastian. After almost 40 minutes drive on the curvy mountain roads, we were situated in a palapa area where the guiding team made a presentation. It was fun, full of humor and laughter. This was followed by the instructions of how to be safe and what to do and not to do on the zipline.

 It was a message to me that this year, if I am not listening properly, I may lose some important information and create safety problems. This year will bring more team work, laughter and play into my life as well doing more of what I love.

In our group we had at least 4 – 5 nationalities and this is what I want my life to be – an international melting pot! At all times – no matter what the season is!

extrzipcloserThereafter we were guided onto our first platform. It was a bit scary, but because I had done ziplines in South Africa and Costa Rica, it felt easy. The team was super fun and made me feel very safe. It was interesting that I enjoyed especially the ziplines, where I did not break with my hand myself to stop the speed. I loved to let go of control and just fly in to the station, taken care by the team.

 So this year I have a team of people around me to prepare my rides and fly high as well the fastest ones will have assisted manual human breaks organized;)

exspiderwomanAt one point we had a tall net wall in front of us. On top of it you had to walk on the rope and after that surf in the air on the surf board. It was advised to be careful and not use all the energy and know your limits. I was not sure if I can make it all the way up as my arms are not that strong usually, but 3 months of proper silks training made me feel confident enough. I started to climb up and almost half way there, there was another person coming to the net wall, which made it move, which made me feel almost dizzy. I took my breaks and made it up. I enjoyed the climb and stretches on the rope, especially because of my aerial silks training.

The surf in the air was so cool! They had attached a wooden surf board on the harness which was connected to the zipline and then they connected my harness to the zipline and after that I was good to go. I flew over the trees on a surf board and was received on the other end with the team member.

So this year most obviously will bring more challenges, which may look really hard and test my limits, but if I have enough training from before and self confidence, I can make it. I also can not go back, as others are following me, so have to keep going on the track. I will also make the impossible possible – as like surfing in the air! All you need is supportive systems and technology!

exsplashOnce on the other side, the next adventure was to drive the ATVs. I was not sure first if I would do that as I was not sure how good of a driver I am, even though I have my driving license since 1994. But I wanted to challenge myself.

All the drivers were given passengers and I got a woman from Australia, which made it even more scary as I felt responsible for her life. But off we went, me being the second car in the row of 8 or so. I could not stop, I just had to follow the first car. Many times we were heading towards the water holes and the road was going up after that and I knew that the only way to be sure to get through this, we needed to have a bit faster speed. So I pushed the gas pedal down and we flew through the water. At times the road made the car to lean on one side of the road and it almost felt like tipping over. But there was no time to think too much, I just had to be completely in the moment and keep driving.

Once we got back I was proud of myself that I did the trip and managed it safely. I did not tip over or cause any accident. So this year will bring many crazy curves and roads, where I can not see behind the curve, but being ready and completely in the now – learning more meditation skills, will train my muscle not to lose the nerve and get through it with ease and grace!!! Those who dare to drive with me – will have an exciting drive!

exdropThe last part was full of several fun challenges. We had to do the mission impossible rope drop and it looked scarier than it was. I loved it so much that I felt like doing it again.

The message for the year – if something looks scary, do not hesitate to try it as it may be much easier as it seems.

Later we had to shoot an arrow to the target bull’s eye. I was so bad that my arrow ended up almost in the bushes. The guides were joking that I was probably aiming at the deer. Fortunately they are not living Extremevibuclearhere.

This was a message for me that I have to practice setting my goals and targets and shooting them as often as I can as I believe practice makes perfect!

After that we were put into a vest and connected to the zipline, so we could fly through the air like the superman or superwoman. I was set ready and it really felt like flying over the trees and mountains. It felt so good and was funny to see from the video later that I exreadyforsuperwomankept my smile all throughout the whole ride! When we got to the next station there was a very good music playing to welcome us back to land. This was the first station where there was a toilet.

So the message here was that you can be the superman or superwoman if you have all your systems supporting you – you can fly high and have the best overview – so to say – be smart and change your own life as well others. It was also the message about the music and dancing, which will wait for you on the other side, if you have managed your challenge. My life is so exciting that I do not even have the time to go to the toilet!

The final part was sliding down the big water slide. I loved that curvy turn right in the first corner.

extrcrystalzipThe message is that if you have the support while sliding, the water will create the flow in your life what you need to make it to the other end and you have to just surrender, let go and slide!

All in all – I got all my elements activated and had so much fun, that my adrenaline was so sky high, that I did not need any birthday cocktails. I felt so full of life, happy and satisfied and so alive. I understood that ‘Yes, but’ times is over in my life and it is the new beginning in my ‘kick butt’ chapter!

So keep your fingers crossed and keep yourself tuned in throughout the whole year to hear if my predictions for my next year happen and how.

Your home work: gift yourself an adventure for your next birthday and let me know how it went and how your year came out! If your birthday is far away, do a birthday rehearsal so you will be all prepared when your true day arrives! Good luck!

extrziplookI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. Sometimes I feel myself as well how scary this is that I have no fear and jump into the unknown. Sometimes I get scratched, but living from the courage and heart brings you very far and high! I already feel and sense the results of my adventure day, even though only couple of days have passed from my birthday and I feel how it carries me. Especially the 4 elements – to be ignited by my passions, flow through life with ease and put my feet deeply to the ground as roots and have my head up in the skies to connect to my intuition.

Life is a party for only those who have the courage to choose it. This has nothing to do with luck!

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