My personal experience with the AuraTransformation™

I am happy to share with you an amazing modality which has completely changed my life. I got my AuraTransformation™ in February 2007 and became an Aura Mediator™ in August the same year. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to introduce AuraTransformation™ to Estonia in September 2007. I was part of the Aura Instructor™ program from September 2008 to February 2010. I have done many AuraTransformations™ over these years all over the world and still enjoy the process very much. For me it has been the greatest and fastest highway to myself. It has not been a quick fix or a walk in the rose garden, but I am much more connected with who I am, where I am going, what I am doing with my life and how I am contributing to the planet!



On the left, is a picture of me with the old name Kätlin Roovik, in 2006 and on the right is me in 2012 as Crystal Ra Laksmi (5,5 years after the transformation). I changed my name in 2009. Name changing can be quite common after the Aura-Transformation™ for many.

I have had very different times after the Auratransformation. In the indigo energy my main lesson was to set my boundaries and learn to say NO and mean it. It was very hard, as I had the ‘good girl mentality’ and wanted to be there for everyone. What was really cool with it was that the energy did not allow me to say YES if my body was against it. So with every day passing I could go less and less against myself. It took me very many years to finally feel ok to say NO and set my boundaries down where needed. Now I feel comfortable to do it right away not later. 

jaladAnother huge change was that I felt very grounded. I was very much in the etheric field when I received my transformation. The first experience was to really feel energy in my legs and feet. I remember going slalom skiing only some days after my session and feeling like a ‘leg orgasm’ as I had never felt it that way earlier. I understood that I have to stand on my platform – completely alone. It was scary at first, but I got more and more used to it.

Next was to clear and clean all the rubbish which came up. I had to deal with my outer and inner garbage right when it was activated, not later or store it somewhere in me for later cleaning. It was kind of funny at first, but as time went by, now I am so automatic, that I do not even think about it. Stuff comes up – and I clear it right away.

HH group waterWhen it comes to dharma and finding out what my life mission is – this took me almost 6-8 years to figure out. I tried a lot of things and finally figured out how to mix the cocktail which works for me – do my energy healing work with Auratransformation, developed my own Wantra water therapy and doing adventure retreats and writing my books and blogs, plus giving lectures, organizing retreats and other possible events. It has been trial and error all the way. It has taken me couple of times half way around the world. But it has all been such a valuable time and amazing experiences. I feel so grateful and I have grown so much along the way. 

One thing which I could not understand in the beginning was the balance energy. In the old we talk about the light and dark. In the new we actually learn to unite these two energies in us. It is actually amazing how that works. If you go too much into one or the other, the energy makes the corrections.

The protection by the spirit energy and new time energy – has been amazing, as it has given me very clear instructions where to go and when and what to do and what not to do. It has saved me lots of time, money and energy, not to mention all the emotional drama which I could avoid. It almost feels that my inner GPS has been fully turned on and I  can not ignore it any more.

grouplaughingfuncrystalralaksmiAfter the Auratransformation it is all about the 4 elements. I did not get that at first. Some of the elements took almost a year at the time to get to the core of it and integrate it fully on the cellular level. Like the fire element has been a lot about my passion for my work and figuring out what works for me and how. This journey took me through all the elements – working with the energies – the air element; working with the bodies in tantra – the earth element; working with the water – developing Wantra water therapy; working with the mind patterns – the air element. I also had the depth fear. Which meant that I had to work through it completely. Only then could I be guided to the earth element. Earth element has been the hardest to integrate, as it also pushed me into systems and structures and live my life in a more organized way – making also budgets for my future trips and figuring out ways how to save money and create more money.

In reality it felt many times like I was pushed down to the last level, till I got all I needed to integrate about one particular element. It was really interesting to observe. After I got things integrated, I could go to the next level.

alohastretch in the mountainsMy life has far from been dull after the Auratransformation. I have travelled to so many more countries, explored myself and others during these adventures and also cleared many of my inner patterns and blockages. The earth element almost forced me to take care of my body and now I can not live without regular training any more and support it with some additional supplements as needed.

Every time I have tried to sneak away from my dharma, it has pushed me right back to it and faster than I have ever imagined was possible.


The main conclusion would be that – 10 years after my Auratransformation I am finally in the place where I can say I am living my dream on my terms. I am now residing half of the year in West Mexico where I work with my Wantra therapy in the high end hotels and the rest of the year travel or work in other places. Often times I go to Europe for 2-3 months to work there and then go to other places which call my name and energy. On top of that all I finally met my divine king Michael Ditton and live with him full time as a true queen. We do not only live together, but also co-create events and business together – something which has been my big dream.

All of that has not come easy. I have had moments where I have been close to check out, but I always found a solution, which I think is the characteristics of the new time energy. It always guides you to the right place if you listen. The problem is that most people do not listen and do not make the changes their energy is guiding them to do.


All in all I must say that doing AuratransformationTM was one of the smartest decisions in my life. The life I have now is due to the new energies and my ability to live in harmony with my deepest desires and wishes and physically realize my dreams while dancing with all my 4 elements.

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