Weekly Keys – 4th – 11th of Oct – When you lay the egg, then only the golden one!

eggsOne thing I do not really like in Estonia, is that most people here procrastinate too much and too long. Read more about what that means and what could you do about it! You will find also my latest offers while in Estonia! Enjoy your autumn!


In Estonian this word is most well expressed with the word ‘munemine’, which in direct translation would mean – laying an egg. So you procrastinate so much that it is just in your system and can not get out. It hurts.

Why is that? Most people are stuck in the old energies. This keeps them stuck in the old collective consciousness. What does that mean? 

The old collective consciousness wants that you would be someone’s slave, that your life would work on other people’s conditions, not your own. It wants you to act from fear, not from the courage, and that you would act from what you do not have, not from what you have and what you can not afford, not from what you can. It wants you to stay in your little box and wants you to be satisfied with your basic needs and taking care of them.

ENG Maslow pyramidIn the new time, everything goes upside down. Maslow’s pyramid is turned upside down, so when you you start with what you love and create a system out of it you can start to turn around your life to work for you on your terms and all your needs will be met with ease and flow, but only when you move in it without the fear. In the old energy, most people have their polarities working on the anticlockwise direction which makes them struggle and push things around. 

When I look at my life right now, it has been in the process of conscious restructuring, since 2000 when I decided to create my life with the vision and so it would create value both to my loved ones as well to the people and this planet.

Batwoman crystalToday I can say that I live my life on my terms, I do what I love and choose, fulfilling my life mission fully and even if I do not have the possibility at the moment I am choosing something, I know now that I am able to create it while moving towards it and I am surrounded by the conscious people, living a healthy life and enjoying my life fully. This is dissolving all the fear. 

For me the total turnover point happened with the Auratransformation. This process which helped me to bring my spirit into my body, and what now makes me act from total consciousness. No one can step on me or push me into something, which is not resonating with me or wants to make me into their slave.

7crystalsurfingI am now acting and living in full freedom, surfing in the crystal and golden energies on my new time surf board, being free from the collective consciousness’s pull and strings. It has taken 8,5 years, as well many half way around the world trips, and a lot of pain while diving deep into myself and many hard experiences. Sometimes I now surf through the collective consciousness to check who would be interested to move on fast with me?

What has been the biggest key for all of this?


When I procrastinated with my choices or moving forward, everything was stuck in my life. This was the feeling like I could not pooh, sry about the expression. Why did it get stuck there?  Because I did not move from the spirit. What do I think when I talk about that?

This means, that I am like on the top of the mountain, every time I am making my choices. I see the overall picture and I also see the details, if I get my binoculars. I am totally responsible for my choices. I am making them now, when I get the info, and how , I am not pushing forward what is necessary to be done now.  

Right now I am invited to join in the Norwegian alternative fair. Before I was just jumping in, now I am looking into all the details – time, money, resources, and would feel also how much would this bring me back money wise and how in the long run according to my priorities. If this feeling is weak or more like a orange light, then I would not choose it. I am asking from my spirit and my balance body (new time body guard) how and what I can choose, what is necessary to be done. I look from the top of the mountain what would stick out energetically from the top and dive into action. When I have managed that, it can be even more necessary than the first choice.

Procrastination is a real disease in Estonia and people keep themselves back. Most of all they are afraid that their full potential will express itself and it does not have any limits and can take us to a total unknown, both in life and being. I have experienced this and I can tell, that yes, I have had times where I have almost pied in my pants because of the fear, but these have been times, where I have also stepped out of the procrastination and made important choices.  

superwoman fliesLike last year my moving from Mazatlan. The new time energies pushed me into the blind way, so that I could pull myself together and restructure my earth element. I did that and I must say that it is a pleasure now, one year later to look back and see what I have been able to change within this time and recreate (if you can not believe me, read all my blog posts since then) .

I have not had a second of procrastination after that. My income is back to where it was 4 years ago and moving past it. I am fully completing my misison and walking with courage on my path. I am back on the top of the mountain and I am so grateful to every experience and people who made it happen to experience the abyss where I was, as well getting out of there. But the main reason why I got there, was procrastination and giving away my power to the bigger system. As soon as I pulled this back and cleaned myself from it, everything changed in my life for 180 degrees. Unbelievable, but true!

What I see here in Estonia is that so many here are stuck in the collective consciousness, that they have no courage to make choices or procrastinate.  The energies and the spirit are ready to move on, but because the people are used to the safety and fear, and living in it, they stick to it and cling to it with all their 10 fingers. It may be a partnership which is not working or a job, which is not attractive any more or living with limits.

In the new time we truly need more trust and jumping into the new, but this doesn’t mean that we would not be able to make different choices, which would not create a life on their terms. 

For sure there is not that much security in the new, but there is a juicy life, where being connected with everything and everyone  energetically you are able to choose your true functioning dream.

=TallinnvanalinnavaadeI thought for example that I should move back to Estonia like 6 months ago. More I felt this energy, more I understood that this was wrong.  I asked where is my energy needed and where could I use most of my talents and skills and got a new offer from Mexico. Most of the clients there are from USA and Canada and it helps me to create my new structure and mission on this planet on the global scale. Seems it is part of my mission to live in different places and only for a short time and I am not fighting against it any more, I am flowing with it.

Home assignment

Be aware and observe within the next month where and when do you procrastinate with your choices and decisions. What would you be able to choose that would stop this and lay that egg  – the golden one for you to make you able to fly to your future on your terms? 

Next time I will talk about the viruses in Estonia as well why is the water element super important in the coming 10 years.


Photo by: Marissa Ra Saar

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am flowing on my life path with courage.

With every day I feel and know that when I do it with the courage and flowing in my life mission, then all my needs are going to be met and I can follow my vision to the higher and further distances creating the new value what my qualities and my presence can create.

I have gone up to the highs and down to the lows and know now that both were important to me, as I learned to live my life humbly and honour the power of life. Now I am making my choices consciously with my courage and lets hope that it would inspire you as well, my dear reader. I am very interested to hear about your stories. Please leave a comment!

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