Weekly keys – 19th till the 26th of October – Conquering the viruses with the power of water

1waterlilisThis week I will talk mostly about two topics – water element and how to conquer the viruses we have here in Estonia? I also talk about gratitude. Read and share!

New time’s main key element is water 

By now I have worked 3 past months in Estonia and my main keys for my success have been cooperation with the water 100% inside of me as well outside of me as well setting boundaries every step of the way.

As I have mentioned before – in the new time – the self valuing through boundary setting is the number one key to our happiness.

Especially if we have the courage to do it right away and consciously, it will create a life, ruled by balance during every step. For that we need to learn how to verbally express our needs without fear. I had an experience last week, where thanks to that I experienced something really beautiful instead of walking around with my opened emotional wounds.

lalanchawaterangelThe key element water has told me where to go and what to do through my strong intuition while being in Estonia and maybe this is like that because I have lived during the last 2 years by the ocean and swam a lot in it. What is the difference? I am listening to it right away, not later. It is amazing to experience that when I have acted like my inner urge has guided me, I have created more balance, new value and abundance not only me, but for many people and the world is a better place, as there are more people who walk their path consciously now.

katrinminamehhikoMy dear adventurer friend Katrin Haiba claimed that the next 10 years will be ruled by Neptun. To cooperate and become a friend with the water is a good plan during that time. When you have had water fears and you think that the solution is not to go into the water, then you may be in trouble.

It has been really cool to experience, that only with 1 water session some people are able to move through the water fears and through that change their lives. 

Cooperation with the water element means that you are all the time ready for the changes and you are flexible to move along. For example our last Wantra group details worked itself out only couple of days before the class started. 

Luckily I had a group of people who could come along with the fast changes and flowed with it. Yesterday I had the last double session for the advanced students and ca 4 hours in the water was very successful and not only for me as the guide in the water, but for all the participants.

signerelaxThere is nothing more beautiful than to see that the participant opens her eyes after the joint release in the water and seems to have gone to cosmos. The eyes are shining and the face has changed – there is more peace and presence.

There is nothing more pleasurable than to see how the water fear cramp in the water has completely let go and trusts the processes and herself. Her body is not like a stick any more, but as the spaggetti in the water. That is the biggest gift from the water, as brings forth the change for that person for 100%.

kaidikuningannaWe just finished our autumn camp in cooperation with Kaidi Kirss in Matsalu. We had 12 people in the group and worked with the deep relaxation through the spirit, body and consciousness and one of the participants had a very strong water fear. She went into the pool – her hands were closed and 3 hours later we almost had to drag her out. She did not want to go and eat or do anything else. The pool was everything for her now.

When I work in cooperation with the water like that, it has guided me more into my own path. It has cleansed people and situations from my life, who does not serve me any more.  

HH group waterMy good and loving heart would stick to everyone and hold on to everyone, whether because of the habit or the desire to be liked, but the new time energies are very smart and know that this space and resource should be directed some place else. The universe does not like the empty place and right away the new people are moving into my life and they are very powerful co-creators. What a pleasure it is to be together with people, who can receive me 100% without judging me and who are not stopping me and who flow with my fast speed that I act and work with . My heart is filled with gratitude.

Today my eyes were filled with tears. I had such a deep love feeling in my heart and joy how people change during seconds.

Gratitude in the new time

Every day I wake up and thank myself, that I have decided to come here to this planet right now – during the most challenging times, but also the most exciting times. I wake up and thank my body, as it works fully and promise myself every morning that I take care of myself with enough sleep, healthy food and enough rest and work balance as well with regular training.

A little time ago I got the message from my friend Eva Annaluna – a young lady living in Hawaii. She got to know that she has cancer and she had to suddenly spend her days only in bed. Her whole life fell apart with couple of days. She shared her video message and it was really touchy, how she had gone into the depth of herself and through the experience of the disease.

Sickness and viruses as our teachers

My message today is that lets be smarter than pull into our lives a disease which would sweep us off our feet.

Be more attentive about your body and your needs and take care of your body all the time as much as you can as then you can also contribute as maximum. 

Not like in Europe or Northern America – first we work like 50 years to really get sick and then we work 20 years to get our health back. It all starts inside our mother’s belly. 

Right now there are many viruses moving around in Estonia. Most of my clients or friends are sick with cold, cough or temperature.

I managed to get one virus myself. In the new time our bodies are very smart, especially because I get the message straight away from my balance body, my energy bodyguard and act accordingly.

My balance body is like my bodyguard who is with me, and will let me know when I should need to know something. I do not pay the salary for him, no taxes and I know I can trust him 100%. This is a beautiful gift what comes along with Auratransformation. 

Without this I would not imagine my life, as most of my time would pass by making mistakes and fixing the problems caused by these mistakes. Right away when the messages were coming from my balance body – I changed my sleeping rhythm at least to six hours at night, ate more healthy and more PH balanced food,

In Estonia, people’s bodies are too acid. What does that mean? 

If you eat too many sweets, or simply too much of the red meat or carbohydrates or drink alcohol – all of this creates more acid in your body. When it gets too acid, your immune system will go down and you may get sick more easy.

When you take care that you eat more veggies and ph balanced food and drink more ph balanced water (cucumber, lemon or coral water), then this neutralises your inner system and organs.

I would recommend to buy the grapeseed extract from the pharmacy and in some places it is called citrocept (be careful with baby pills, it may lessen the pills power) and put the drops into your water as often and as many as you feel you can handle (too many may create stomach problems)

Do you know what I have discovered is the best immune booster? When I do what I love. Many times, I have thought that going into the water is probably not a good idea, but every time after the Wantra class, my virus symptoms have disappeared.

The best virus therapy is the cuddle therapy. We would need cuddle rooms in Estonia for the autumn and spring, where people could experience touch therapy, which can help to rise the immune system’s function.

In addition the regular training is really good. While in Estonia, I feel that the stress and tension here is ten times more than in Mexico and I almost need to train every day or every other day. When I do not do it, then my whole system will collapse. When I train, I will kick out all my frustration and tension. You need to have the right type of training in the new time. I enjoy swimming sessions in Kalev Spa and Karina Yoga. You need to find what works for you.

In addition I get help from the detox day. I have my own protocol for that. Once a month it is good to make the liver detox. We eat too much of unnecessary things and this helps to clear the inner tube system and keep it clean.

In addition it is important to relax completely as more relaxed we are, stronger is our immune system and better is our health.  

My fast recovery was created by two products – cell food and Pau D’Arco drops. Both help to create more balanced ph in the body. It saved me from the sinus and lung infection.

Pau D Arco works like a natural antibiotics. It works on parasites and takes down pain, has antioxydants in it and boosts the immune system. Works against many diseases. It pushes down fermenting processes which the viruses can not grow without.

Home assignment 

Observe your body this week. Listen to its messages and act accordingly. Check what happens in your life? Do it for at least a week.

karbsecrystalI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am a human mermaid, who flows in her flow and listens to the beat of her heart and follows the direction as a faithful dog to her owner as it does not only put food on the table, but also gives the place to stay as well the adventures into myself and the world, which make the life very exciting.

I love life’s opportunities and co-creation with people who are ready for this. Co-creating makes me feel more powerful and the possibilities are bigger. I wish more tolerance for Estonia as well more cooperation with the people. It is the key in the new time and would change our life and our life quality a lot. 

I am still in Estonia till the beginning of November. If you would like to have a personal session with me on land or in the water or both, please take contact with me. I am available for global personal sessions at any time on skype. You find my info under About link.