What is abundance key number one?

Aloha loved ones!

This is going to be one of my first posts this year. I share with you what I think is the first key to abundance. Check it out!

Check out what else is in the plans this year here:

Check out the video here:

– Listen to some of my personal stories and see what can you do to activate your own self balance point so that you are fully grounded in your relationship to yourself and to others. 

– Check out more info about the Inner Family program here

There you will find many 1 hour long videos explaining the whole program. I will now start this program and will accept only 20 English speaking clients for the first go. The program costs 250 USD per month and read more of the link what it entails. 

– Try out also this Inner Family meditation to have your first meeting with them if you have not tried it before. How did your Inner Child feel? Share in the comments!

– Inner Family meditation here:

If you have not yet signed up as my subscriber to any of my channels, pls do that and share many of my videos in your networks as well, it helps to multiply the abundance even more!

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May aloha always be with you, 

See you soon!

Crystal Ra 


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton. I am an explorer who has dared to travel to 30 countries, live on many continents, dared to fall in love many times, asked for a man from the Santa Clause and then also received him in Mexico in 2015 and married with him in 2017 and lived in Hawaii with him for 2 years. I have been more courageous than an ordinary Estonian and this has given me opportunities to get higher and further in my life, but also deeper. These posts will give you an opportunity to travel with me back in time or now or the future. Come to adventure with me to the inner landscapes of you and share these pearls in your networks. This way abundance can multiply!

May aloha always be with you,

Crystal Ra

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