Full on towards the amazing 2020!

Aloha my dear fellow travelers!

I am so happy to wish you all a Happy New Years from San Diego. I hope you all had a wonderful 2019 and if not you can create a better one now in 2020. Check out what I have in store in 2020? It is time to get full on now with the new year!

In case you have never heard of me before, you have to know I love to call myself an abundance anthropologist as I believe that all of us have a hidden treasure box inside filled with our inner talents and if we activate these, we will have access to our holistic abundance as well easily manifest our Inner Fairytales to our dreams on our terms.

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During my self-exploration which has taken the last 20 years I have traveled to 30 countries, lived on different continents, achieved two higher university degrees, made two documentaries on topics dear to my heart, had relationships with many, fell in love so many times, got my heart broken so many times, but dared to ask for my new king from Santa Clause and met him in 2015 when he was literally delivered to my door. We got married in 2017 and lived 2 years in Hawaii.

We moved to San Diego to co-create our dreams together and help the world in massive ways while doing it! I have been my main employer and bread winner most of my life, I have had multiple companies in different countries and still have some. I always had to be in connection to my inner creativity to tap into what people need and how to create it for them!

In this process I have learned a ton and this year in January I will share snippets of it every day through my FB lives.

I apologize truly in front of my regular English speaking fans as I did not manage to keep up with my written blogs this year here. We moved like 3-4 times and these were crazy moves like once in Hawaii, then from Hawaii we traveled to Estonia, where we stayed for 3 months and then we moved to San Diego which made us live out of suitcases half of the year.

I focused this past year mostly on the visual content, which I will continue also this year but will mix it up and share some of it also here in my blog.

You have all heard Einstein’s saying that in order to change something you need to change how you do something.

This is why I am going to have a challenge of 31 one days to post one FB live a day and share my tips, tools and stories and also invite you to work with me on deeper levels.

You will also get at least one little task every day so you can see how changing one little thing will change a lot in your life.

Your task would be to be present if possible (time to be announced every day in the morning or the evening prior to that). During the LIVE-s the ones who are present may get extra gifts or bonuses. 

This year we have also many things in the works. Michael will focus on building up his real estate business and I will help him with that but I will start to build my own spiritual and energy work globally.

We are both very opened to put into use all of our talents and skills so we can help more people and also create more possibilities for ourselves and others.

Moving to San Diego has been a very right thing to do and we are so excited!

This year I would love to finally publish my book in Estonian and start to work on my English translation for that. I will continue to share my favourite topics: Auratransformation™, energy work in the New Time energy, New Time sexuality, relationships, health, life mission and holistic abundance, adventure retreats and many more.

I am also planning to start with our podcast this year.

Very happy with my new body!

I lost 15 kgs or 30 pounds this past year and I am very proud of myself. This year I plan to lose 5 more kgs and continue my healthy lifestyle choices daily. I will learn more every day and will share more every day with all my clients and loved ones.

This year I will continue my Inner Family Coaching program, which I open up first time every for a group of people in English. It will start in February and September for 4 months at the time. In case of interest take contact with me as every participant needs to go through an application process to find the best suitable candidates to work with me.

The first 2 times will be introductory price – only 250 USD per month with a discount offered if you buy the full package out at once. Ask me more info in case of interest by emailing to crystalralaksmi@gmail.com or take contact with me on FB.

As you see from my first FB Live video this year (check it out here:) one of the main keys for abundance is relationships which always starts with yourself. So in order to attract that twin spirit to your life or change your abundance you need to clear, heal and reset your whole body, mind and spirit and Inner Family program is the best option for doing that! It is I would say an absolute shortcut. Which does not mean it will happen overnight after you are done with the program. But it will definitely make a difference in your life on so many levels and ways!

Read more about the program here:

This summer I will start with new Summer Retreats in San Diego. It will be outer and inner adventures to explore more of you and create more of your dream life.

Hawaii seiklused Michaeli mootorrattal olid lahedad!

In November 2020 we have the last time our Hawaii adventure retreat in that kind of set up. In the future it will be mostly connected to our yearly Mastermind program. There are still 7 spaces available for this one and you can register till September 2020. Read more info here: 

On regular bases I continue to offer my online coaching sessions as well online consultations as well online energy balancing sessions (for New Time energy people). You can always contact me as I can regularly also put together personalized programs according to your needs.

I have a plan to also refresh this web page this year. So stay tuned for the changes.

I will also express more of my inner artist this year. I already started last year with some painting, poems and writing. More to come.

I am so grateful to all of you for the past connections and cooperation and I am excited to have more in the future and this year!

2020 is an amazing year for cooperation and co-creation. Use that energy well!

This year has so many amazing surprises in store for all of us! Be ready to receive them all!

Holiday alohas from California;)

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton. I am an explorer who has dared to travel to 30 countries, live on many continents, dared to fall in love many times, asked for a man from the Santa Clause and then also received him in Mexico in 2015 and married with him in 2017 and lived in Hawaii with him for 2 years. I have been more courageous than an ordinary Estonian and this has given me opportunities to get higher and further in my life, but also deeper. These posts will give you an opportunity to travel with me back in time or now or the future. Come to adventure with me to the inner landscapes of you and share these pearls in your networks. This way abundance can multiply!

May aloha always be with you,

Crystal Ra

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