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Would you like to know more about my Commitment Secrets? How can you explore this topic on a deeper level and change your life through it? I share my definition of the commitment, what are my commitments in my different areas of my life. I share some tips and tools what you can do in order to make a commitment your best friend? Check out this video, read the blog post in the comments and share with as many as possible. In sharing there is caring and two way street activation!

Check out today’s video here:

I share how I changed my life from gipsy flow to systems and structures which helped me to change and rebuild my life on every level.

Why is commitment better than a goal or target? Check it out from today’s video (39 minutes).

Today’s tasks: 

  • What is my personal definition of the commitment? 
  • What is needed so that commitment becomes your best friend? 
  • What type of commitments do you have on the personal, professional or relationship levels?  
  • How can you use the Abundance Wheel as your commitment structure? 

What kind of commitments can you choose with me? 

Check it out from the links below.


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I also have a question for you. Would you like me to continue my FB lives in English as a weekly tradition?

What are your topics you are interested in? What are the topics you struggle with? If you are not okay to share it publicly share it via email or via FB messenger.

Would you commit to watch it regularly too? 

I am in the process of optimizing my life and thinking of just continuing to post my videos instead of FB lives in the future.


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All the applicants go through a process to find out the best suitable participants for this kind of deep work with me for 4 months.

Thank you for your time and commitment. May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing!

May aloha always be with you,


Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton

San Diego, California

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Find the tasks sheet here:

Crystal Ra presents: Commitment Secrets PDF

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