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Today I make a short summary of my highlights and insights from HPXLIVE event with Brendon Burchard. It was such a power event and I a am already a better person because of that. I will also answer some questions which were coming in and finalize with a new experiment on the 12 week’s coaching program intro. Watch, share and subscribe!

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Brendon Burchard has been my teacher for many years. I think the first time I saw stuff about him was in 2013 online. Since then I have been following and learning more and more. We bought his first online class in 2017. Since 2018 we have also participated in many LIVE events with him in Santa Clara, Phoenix and several times in San Diego and put many of his teachings into practice. We joined Kajabi in 2018 and have also become Kajabi Heros – the ones who have made 1K  and we have of course made more and more and just yesterday we got over 300 dollars by just introducing and inviting someone to Kajabi as a client. If you want to really succeed via personal growth and know the latest of neuroscience as well psychology, leadership and high performance – Brendon is definitely your guy! Check out his page for more info here: 

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Want to get to know him more? Check him out here: He is one of the men out in the field of self growth who is very mature, emotionally intelligent and also so humble. There is no ego on display as it often times feels with many big internet marketing guys out there. He is so real, so heart centered and a real person!

I feel so honored for a chance to also have been on stage with him in Santa Clara in 2018 where I won the ticket for the little story sharing where Brendon Burchard, Roger Love and Bo Eason gave me all 3 minute feedback about my performance. It was only couple of days before that I wrote into my book – I will be on stage with Brendon Burchard one day! That day arrived surprisingly very fast! I was high on that experience for months!!!

In the video today I share some of the main takeaways. I mention about the business insights of choosing the needle moving activities or busy work; with no infrastructure there is no business, influence of the environment. I also share how surprising it was for me to understand more of who I am and how I can also call myself a ‘high performer’ or a ‘role model.’ I have never done that as for me that was something so big and unreachable. How important it is to recover. How our hate kills the day!

Questions and answers session covered today questions you can answer personally as well as today’s tasks for you:  

  1. What are the first things which get you off your own path first? 
  2. Why is it hard for you to receive or ask for help?
  3. How to include the invisible world and helpers in your world more?
  4. How do you empty your head from thoughts? 

I then tested out a new way to present and talk about my new 12 weeks Abundance Accelerator Intensive Coaching Program. In case you are interested in that, pls let me know and we can get going here:!

I also asked you all to let me know if you would love me to continue with FB LIVEs in English. I am trying to optimize my input and work smarter so thinking of starting to do only static videos with occasional lives or FB lives in my groups instead. So people will also give something back to me – so I create a two way street. Let me know what you need. What are your biggest struggles and problems at the moment?


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May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing!

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As I said also in today’s video if you feel you need to take your life to the next level is to start to practice. What are those things or skills you need to learn in order to take your talents and your mission to the next level? Figure this out and start moving! Enjoy!

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