Connections between your Why and Entrepreneurship

Aloha, today we will peak behind the curtain of entrepreneurship. Most of my life I have been mostly a healer, energy coach and leader, but have never really dared to call myself an entrepreneur, because for me it was always like some kind of a huge awing title which it felt I did not deserve. My nature and character has always been very innovative, leader-like while bringing forth change. It is time to carry the title of “entrepreneur” now with proudness. Today we look into how our WHY can be connected to entrepreneurship and how to make it even clearer and why this is necessary!

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In today’s video I share my story how I became an entrepreneur. It all started actually in Oslo University where I started in the student council board as a representative for students. I experienced pretty quick how much easier it was to influence and also bring forth change when you were part of the council and I was impressed.

I started to look into other options to do more of it. I had to figure out how to produce some extra income while studying. I had several friends already who I had started to help to clean their apartments and houses. As I did it so good, my clients were recommending me to other people.

My business grew so big that one moment I could not manage it all by myself any more. I had by that time been in Norway for 5 years and was a bit tired of my routine in Oslo. So the opportunity came to go to Cape Town as an exchange student and I closed down my cleaning operation in Oslo prior to that. If I would have had a business mentor or someone in my life at that time who would have supported me or given me advice, I would have considered to find a team to run it for me while away and maybe it would be in business till this day earning me extra passive income!

This is why I encourage all the kids and children to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation as early as they can as it helps them to start to thrive and set up their life more on their terms faster! 

Watch for some additional stories form the video above.

Your task today is to think about these topics. My approach is that all of us we are partly entrepreneurs, just depends on what level. Even when you work for somebody, you are part of the process and creation in someone else’s dream. 

If you are an entrepreneur already, go back in time and ask yourself – why did you start this journey? What was your main impulse?

  • a) Was it to get out of pain?
  • b) Was it to solve a problem for you or others?
  • c) Was it because you fell in love of the process of figuring things out or the process of change?
  • d) Did you feel the call to help others?
  • Look back and figure out in which of the areas have you offered your services in:
  • a) Health
  • b) Wealth
  • c) Relationships
  • After answering to all of these questions – what is your mission and vision right now and what kind of adjustments you need to become a fully conscious entrepreneur?

We believe if you do what you do because you have full clarity about your personal WHY – it helps to build a stronger foundation and you can become an even better entrepreneur for you and others.

So answer these questions and become even better!

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