Is Now the time to become a Boss?


This weekend I got inspiration from an article in a local newspaper. How many are still “unemployed” and do not realize that they are actually just accepting the role of a victim? There are many possibilities to get out of that situation. I will share one of them with you. Read more!

How many times I have heard people complaining that they can not do one or the other thing because they can not afford it or they do not have resources or possibilities for it.

Exploring the mountains of South Africa.

I have never been stopped in my life by lack of resources or lack of money, even though I am from a small village in the heart of Estonia and my family was not rich and wealthy. 

I have always taken the reins into my own hands – put a new target on the horizon and started to move towards it with total trust – at the same time activating my life purposes and life mission while listening to my inner voice. This can be also called “entrepreneurship”.

Why this has been so cool, is that behind that next target – there has always been some kind of extra surprise or treasure, which I did not even look for or expected. This has been like a bonus gift for the courage I had heading on my path without having all the details figured out. The key has also been not to only become the boss of my company, but also for my life. 

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In today’s video I share what are these first steps you can do to move away from the “unemployed” status. If you live in Estonia at the moment, you can actually set up your business within minutes. If you are not in Estonia, you can look into e-residency and set up a business that way. Estonia is such an E country as the name says – E-Stonia;) There is a lot to learn from them.

All in all – answer the questions from the task sheet today and find someone to help you in the process and become your own boss and the boss of your life already today! There is no better time than today!

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May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing!

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