Connections between Judgments, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance


Today I share some personal stories connected to judgments and one of the biggest judgments people have done about me. Often times we do not know story behind the story and judge people into a box or label them as ‘an outcast’. Knowing the depth of the story helps us to understand that we all have big challenges and lessons and how with less judgments we can attract more Holistic Abundance as well help our Inner Family to help us with that more instead to repel opportunities and abundance with the protective shield judgments create inside of us and outside of us! Watch today’s video, read, do the tasks, download the free bonus material. Share, like and subscribe!

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Once I started to show up more regularly and visibly in Estonia in the beginning of my spiritual and energy work I started to also get a lot of judgments, as well even letters with death threat. People who are brave and courageous – this is part of their lives.

When you meet some people in your life, observe how quickly you judge them into some category. Next time just wait a minute and ask some additional questions to know their full story. We are so often running to conclusions too fast.

Judgments stop us to fully have two way streets in life – whether it is energetically or financially. Our Inner Family believes what we believe in and if we judge something or something they automatically go into the protective mode and get the walls up. Once these walls are up you are unable to fully let everything come to your life. This is why this is so crucial to work on this topic.

Today’s tasks: 

  1. Observe how do you judge others in your life? 
  2. Observe how do you judge yourself? 
  3. Observe how judgments stop the flow of love, energy, abundance into your life! How can this be changed? What can be done? What and how will you change? 

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Holistic Abundance Challenge – Day 25 – Judgments, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance

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