Connections between Wantra water therapy, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance


Today I share with you my adventure journey story from Hawaii and how Wantra came to me and my life and what the journey has been like and how has it been connected to the Inner Family as well Holistic Abundance and how you can find your amazing talents to do the same in your life!

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Wantra group session in Estonia.

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Lila’s stretchdance in Mexico 

Katrin’s Wantra in Mexico

Businessman in Mexico: 

Today’s tasks are following: 

  1. How and when has your Inner Woman given you guidance to go somewhere or try something completely new? Did you follow her? If not, then why?
  2. If you followed the guidance and experienced a new part of you opening up, what did you do about it? If nothing, then why? What can you do now as a make up to follow it up and change it? 
  3. What would your life be if you would be in constant connection with your Inner Woman and her guidance – would act accordingly and would trust and follow her guidance with your Inner Child and Inner Man? What else do you need in order to choose more of that into your life?

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Holistic Abundance Challenge day nr 17 – Connections between Wantra Water Therapy, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance

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