How to find a practical and spiritual man?

Are you a woman or you know a woman who is fully awakening to her spirituality and self-growth, but who is  also in a relationship with a man who is not willing to come along the journey? They excuse themselves by starting to divorce themselves each and every time when they are  ready to go deeper and men pull them back up. Is there a future for that kind of relationship in the New Time? Check it out!

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How I would have wished to have found a video like this 20 years ago! It was the time when I personally started my deep spiritual awakening. I could not understand why during that time I had such disastrous relationships with men. I did not have enough mentors or role models to help me on that path. So I had to figure it out myself. In 2010 after also many years active in tantra, I started to crack the code through my inner work with my Inner Family archetypes. The biggest breakthrough was my Inner Man. He guided me to Mexico.
14 years I had spent to find my Mr Right and if there would have been a title to a person with most worse relationships as a Guiness record title, I would have been a good candidate for it.

So in 2014 November I gave up the hope not only to find a man, but a man who would be mature, would be opened spiritually and ready to deep dive with me and also co-create with me. In December 2014 he sailed in to this little Mexican harbor on his white sailboat and became my very first true King in my life…

Over the years I have met so many women who are unhappily married to a man who is not coming along to the spiritual path. They use all kinds of excuses to keep themselves trapped in that unhappiness. If they would just let go and trust that the new chapter can not only become their dream, but even a fairytale, things would change and make them a happiest woman on Earth. But the question is – do they allow it?

Check out today’s video where I discuss this topic in depth.

In this video – some of the topics we discuss: 

  • Why men are afraid of the spirituality?
  • Why women lose men very fast who are opening up to spirituality?
  • What to do to open up more spiritually?
  • What can inspire and motivate men to become more spiritual?
  • 2 major areas in life which will change a lot for the better for a man after they become spiritual
  • Why I would not recommend to get “secretly married”?
  • Who is the most beautiful woman?

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Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – How to find a practical and spiritual King?



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