ISWG – August – Through the systems to the confidence shore

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This last month has been a good month for me to realize how much we need system and organization in our lives and how that can also be one of the cornerstones to self-confidence. Read my insights from the past month here in Hawaii. 

Hawaii, Big Island is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet in my eyes. I have travelled to almost 30 countries and so far nothing has exceeded the beauty, the energy and aloha of it. It has the summer 12 months of the year and everywhere you go it almost looks like a living botanical garden.

It is so lush and full of life force, which is called ‘the mana’ in Hawaiian. It is so full of everything and so feminine. It is almost overflowing with it. It is very easy to be here if you are on the holiday as you can just flow and adventure. But if you are here to also work, even if only online and to do some other things, it means that you have to have a structure and system for your day. That does not sound like a good fit – structure and paradise. 

It is a known universal law that a thought comes first, followed by the decision what to do with it and then take action to formalize it into the physical world. If we do not take action it will stay and remain in the etherial sphere and can never serve us. 

This last month I tested it out. I made a list of things which I decided to follow through the whole month. So to say a to do list.

It almost felt that I gave my thoughts the direction where to go and also gave some reasons why.

If I had not – it is like you are sitting into a taxi and the driver is asking – where to and you just are quiet as you have no destination. So the driver can not drive you anywhere until you make up your mind where you need to go. I also thought to observe if that actually can also help me build my self-confidence. I even printed my targets out.

What were my results by the end of the month? 

95% of what I had written there as my targets I had accomplished and even more.

The 5% were projects or things I did not because these needed more time or focus. What did I do with the latter? I recycled them and put them to my next month’s list. 

One night I could not sleep so I sat behind the computer and started to write down my next manuscript for my next book.

During last month I managed to work on my other book’s manuscript, which I need to work a lot more on as well, but this inspiration was very juicy and I could not just let it go.

I think that is another thing many writers may struggle with – to have many projects going on at the same time. I think it is not a problem, if you have a system and structure for it – how, what and when. You can still not only reach your targets, but even start to build an empire. 

Some hours later I had  written down 4000 words. It felt so good.

So I may not have accomplished 100% of all the targets this month, but I managed something which I did not even plan, but what was in my mind for months. 

I think this is the reality of being an artist or writer – you have to always leave time to just flow and go where the spirit guides you as well – even if you follow your own timeline – as this is where the inspiration is hidden often times. 

I also updated something I call my master list. This is where all the ongoing projects are written down in every area of my life. I have them prioritized with categories. It gives me the feeling that I have an overview and that I am still the boss of my reality.

All this ‘listing thing’ has been a new way of being and living my life as I have incorporated in my life because of my partner Michael Ditton, who’s passion is to inspire people to live their dreams and set clear goals. As a very flowing person I was always against the systems and structure and he has shown me otherwise.

But during the last 2 years it has shown me how it has actually changed my life quality for better in every area of my life. I think the very fact I am here in Hawaii at the moment is partly because of these systems and structures. So I encourage everyone to check out also Michael’s work and in the future we plan to put everything we know together so that people we work with could benefit from it as well.

Listen while you navigate around in your system and structure.

During this month I have really listened. I have listened to myself, to others, to the energies, to my intuition, to the turtles in the ocean as well the nature and God. They all have a message. What is really sad is that most of us are never home to receive it. Then we complain how bad our life is. It equals to drive without the GPS and then getting lost all the time.

Your life is much easier with a map in your hands. Even though I think it can be truly inspiring to get lost at times as well. Moments like that it feels like the Spirit is really in charge and I am on the passenger seat and can let go of the control. But I know that the best is when all of us learn to really cooperate together with the Highest Spirit there is and when we do that – cooperation with others will be easier as others are the expression of that Higher Spirit in various forms. 

Someone was writing to me the other day and told me that she discovered how forgiving to the other means to be okay with whatever that other person has chosen.

I then reflected the Hawaiian way of Ho’oponopono forgivness technique. It starts with yourself and for me the essence of it is that if you heal and forgive yourself – everything in your outer world heals and balances itself out as well.

We can use it with everything – also with the systems and structure as what the forgiveness does is that it clears and purifies the blockages in us or in our surroundings and even systems and structures. 

Picture by Paul Mc Isaac

This is one of the things I have learned here in Hawaii. Everything is interconnected. I have observed the turtles in the ocean and they have been really good teachers.

They have taught me about strategy in the water – whether it is how to go with the wave, how to duck under the wave, how to become invisible and blend in with the stones, how to enjoy life with minimum effort and maximum results or just chill in a cave and pretend that the rest of the worlds does not exist for a moment and all there is – is the present of now.

With this month I have understood that systems and structures create a container for my life, make it easier and help me to accomplish more and share my gifts with the world in a much more organized way. It helps me to create more happiness. Happiness is my new foundation to the new me and my new life to be. Happiness is the biggest gift any person can give to themselves or to the world. Let there be more of us – the happiness ambassadors with aloha in our pockets…

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. A flowing mermaid who is learning to love boxes, structures and systems and follow them through. It is not only growing some more ‘skin’ on her body, but also some confidence. Sometimes it may help her find another beach, another rock or another paradise to set her anchor for a bit or for a whole of tomorrow…

Aloha and mahalo from the Big Island of Hawaii;) <3

<3, <3, <3

Share with me how structures and systems have helped you to change your life and maybe even write a book to serve you and make your dreams come true? 



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