Keys for June – Water’s soft miracle keys

crystalwaterstarI will talk mainly about the water this month as the leading numbers show the lead in June. I also share how you can use the water as your best friend and guide in your life who helps always bring forth more flow and flexibility.

Numbers of the June according to the new time numerology:

6 + 9 = 15 = 6

Water + fire = earth, fire = water

lalanchawaterangelThe numbers of this month show there is no air at all (number 8). We have two water element numbers (6) which also means the energy of the feminine. The woman is the keeper of this month. This month has also double fire, which is calling for caution. I know it is the midsummer month and many may do a midsummer fire, but water and fire can do two things – when fire is under the kettle, it will warm the water up or make it boil. What happens if you ‘make the woman boil’? She may boil over. Fortunately we have the earth element in the middle of all this, which is the masculine, which should ground and calm down. But only a conscious man can do that. Most men are not yet on that level. Sadly. When the man is out of balance – it amplifies the woman’s chaos even more as she has nowhere to hold on to or ground herself. When you throw water on the fire, it will die out. That can be passion or burning for something. So water and fire can be good friends and if used consciously and cooperatively, can create new conditions and possibilities. Each person should observe how these two elements unfold during this month, cooperate, compete or put each other out.

Water as the key for everything

Depending on the body type, we have 70 – 90% water. I have noticed that as during the last years I have spent a lot of time in the water – my health is in order and my joints are so soft – feels like my whole body is a liquid spagetti, but at the same time very strong.

There has been done scientific research, where it says that if we do not drink enough water or do not move enough all the toxins and waste will be solidified in different parts of the body and start to create disease – like cancer or other diseases or stones. The energy will be stuck as the water element is not in the flow. I truly believe it!


Miracles of the water

Last week I got delivered in the homework from my online client. She finished her third month in the program. Before she started they figured she had some growth in her belly, even two.

During the first months in the program, she put her main focus on the self love and through that how to set boundaries and take care of herself in a healthy way. She also came to the beginners Wantra group class, where we started to work through her water fear issue last year. What is interesting is that she went to the doctor recently where they took new pictures and she did not have any more growth left!!! The doctor could not believe it. Can the self-love then be such a powerful transformation tool? Moving keeps our inne water in the flow and liquid. It is kind of like when you keep the water without movement, it will go bad. Movement is life.


Water as the solver of health problems

Water is the key on every level. I have had some weird health issues during the last month and when I talked to my body (a special meditation you can do as well) then I got an answer – I needed to do a master cleanse. I got all the ingredients and added some from my liver detox cleanse and even asked my friend, who has a detox center Centro Mayasol, if I could stay there to be away from my everyday routine while starting. We made it happen. Today is my fourth day and I feel grater than ever!! My problem was also that I ate very healthy food – mostly veggies and fruits, but it is also all about how you combine these foods.


If you eat too many fruits, your body turns into the pool of acid. When everything is acid in you – your immune system goes down and then some kind of virus or parasite can get into your system. If you eat healthy in the balanced combination, you will be alkaline and just a bit of acid, so it is all self supportive and sustainable system. I have had that issue many times before – but when do I learn? Another big thing is that I really love sugar. If you love sugar and can not get enough of it – you can be sure you have quite a flourishing candida in your system. In order to get rid of candida they suggest not to get any kind of sugar (not even honey) for at least 6 months. I am not sure I can commit to that, but at least I am starting with this master cleanse and plan to go at least 10 days if not more.


What happens if we do these kind of master cleanses for our body? It will throw out the ‘old water’, which is not serving us any more. Kind of like in the pool you have the filters working to push the water around and cleanse it. As I am very sensitive, I am always sucking into me other people’s thoughts and emotions as a sponge. I am living now in the cultural centre, where I have at the moment 4 neighbours. They are very sweet people, but their thoughts, processes and energies may also influence me. When I have done my cleansing – I will be a clean page and if I keep myself that way I do not let the new info to set and clear it away right away.

oceanloveSalty water’s key

Today I have just been drinking a special lemonade and done different procedures for my body. My main key for the good health during last years have been the salty water! It neutralises a lot of the memory of your inner water. Once again they have made research where the water is now scientifically proved to have memory. It is hard to tell how much the salty water clears it, but a lot.

lalanchatreeoceanAfter two years in Mexico I returned to Estonia and because I could not go to the sea very often (super cold) then I got very frustrated. I figured it was because I did not neutrialize my whole body and being with the salt water. I tried to keep myself swimming in different public pools, which are usually overly chlorinated. So each time you go to the public pool, please talk to the water and clear the cellular memory it has from other people and only then enter the water. In the nature it is easeir, as the natural forces and the salt will clear most of that info. If you can not even go into the water, it helps if you just walk by the ocean or the sea on the beach, because all these negative ions are in the air. 

Watch this video about the water’s cellular memory.

As it is June we are heading into and hopefully this summer will be warmer (especially in Estonia), think about these details when you are in connection with the water.

Home assignment

I use water when someone is resisting me. I just just pull them through with the water. I imagine that the water flow comes from above and pulls through them and me and then up again. This way I create a connection.

All what people need is connection. When they are against you, then all what they would like is – love, being cared for and listened to, included and connected. Try it out!

When someone has disconnected themselves completely and has connected themselves into the negative field, then this person starts to attract dramas and problems as well diseases. Right now there are also ‘new time plagues’ moving around and I have been so lucky to get healed of those several times. I understood that in my case I had to change my life or my habits and I also got it – so I could help my clients when they have the same problems.


I have also noticed that when I am happy, with high frequency and train a lot and move enough and take care of my self-love, I am not accessible or not at home for the diseases when they knock at my door.

One thing which really makes your whole body alkaline is harmony and happiness. When you are alkaline, no disease can attack you. Proof of that is also many cleanses, after which people have healed cancer or other terminal diseases. 

wantra group alohaQuality of water

Water is caring and nourishing like the mother, who shares its unconditional love without counting the points. If you are in the water a lot you are able to copy these qualities into you. It has many other qualities. Water is very supportive.

When you lie in the water, you can float on the surface. At the same time it can offer us a bit of resistance, especially when you try to move fast in it. Water can make you softer and amplify your intuition as well your feminine side – both the outer and the inner. And men by the way – you should keep it always in balance too. If you have a strong conscious feminine side inside of you – women will like you more, but it has to be in balance with the masculine side. No woman wants a too feminine man.


Water expert

I have by now worked with the water element for the past 7 years. I will never get tired of it. Why? 

Because water is a very exciting element, a direct link to our subconscious and invisible world. It is mysterious. When you are connected to the water, then your life will start to flow. When it does not flow, you will instantly get the understanding where the blockage is. Water is suprising me again and again – what I can do in it, what energies I can move and what I can call forth in people. I feel like a magician in the water.

It has taken me a long time to have the courage to say that I am ‘a water expert’, but now is the time. There has been hunderds of people going through my hands and also internationally and more people experience releasing the water fear with me. It is easier for me as the water is part of my life mission.

Each one of us should figure out what is your element, because this will open many doors for you. For example if you are an accountant, you are the expert of ‘earth element’. When you are a fire fighter, you are the expert of the ‘fire element’, when you are a pilot, then of course you are ‘the air expert’. Why is it so important to really own this status? 

Because when you do this, you will step into the power of this and amplify it. Everything gets amplified and everything starts to flow more and bring you more new possibilities, people and expansion. 

You can ask your element – where do you see the most possibilities for expansion for me with my element?

1wantrabebe5Then see what happens. People will come who will offer you possibilities. Our problem is that we have lived for centuries lead and sometimes even forcefully lead by the earth element, which is also the element ruling the mind and rationality.

Now we are moving into a new time, where the water element is on the first place. When you learn how to cooperate with it, it will help you to flow more. You would never be able to think of all the possibilities which are magically out there for you.

Water element is in direct connection with the heart. The heart is the woman and without the heart it is impossible to manage.

I wish you all a very flowing month of June. I hope the midsummer night will be a magic one, where you will find your new lover or go and find that special flower with your special someone. Be observant the whole month how the water is holding you and embracing you and how the fire is dancing and how the earth element balances it all in the middle.

If you do not have the outside man, ground yourself through your inner man and self-love. This has been my key, how to attract a new lover and partner into my life, which has completely transformed my life. In the new time we need conscious gentlemen to hold space for us so we could fully blossom.


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am now calling myself a mermaid on land, who serves the sea on land. When I am in the pool, I feel like I am in the ocean – I have no boundaries – I am there with mantas, dolphins and whales. I am in my liquid heaven and enjoy it, as I am in my element. Isn’t that interesting that we even have that saying – in your element (also in Estonian). Let this month be the month of the exploration of your elements and find that element – where you are in your element.

I hope that my stories manage to inspire you to make new steps towards your new dreams. In the heart – there are no limitations – only in the head. If you walk like this – that you hold the hand of your heart on one side and the the courage on the other – I promise you – the world is yours!

If you love what I write and how I approach life, please be courageous and make the leap this November! I am going to facilitate a very powerful transformational adventure retreat from the 10th till the 19th of November in Hawaii. This is the very retreat where you can experience the true 4 elements in action. Contrary to most retreats where you are stationed in one place, we have two home bases to see the most of the island and its treasures. The group is filling quickly. There are already 8 people signed up and only 4 more places to go. So check out the info here and email me if you feel like joining us! In the future the idea is to do at least 2 retreats per year.

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  1. Wonderful! I am so happy for you. Yes, of course, you are a water expert. Your client agrees, I’m sure. Thank you for sharing this month’s blessings. I am inspired. Our lake is also too cold to get into, but I’ll dip my feet and quiet my mind. Blessings, Crystal!

    • Thank you. It has been a weird season here, but with my viking persistence I made it through the main key points – like having the meeting at the Four Seasons and doing several team training sessions. Tomorrow is my last water work day and then it is all about finalising my packing. I am more and more in love with the water and hope that when you put your toes in, they get the messages from your lake, so it will tickle your soul to create more of who you truly are! Many hugs from Mexico!

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