Keys of the week – Dec 8th – 15th Waves of life surfing to the bliss

1beachsandyThis week’s keys surf with the waves of life into bliss, inspiring us to rewrite our own future, by becoming our own volunteer through the zero out transition period and start our mission now not later. Please read, contemplate, practice and share with your loved ones and your circles in FB or elsewhere!

Waves in life

I had my little weekly swimming in the ocean training and noticed that the waves washed me off to the shore many times. When I tried to get out by myself again, I used a lot of energy and power. When I just floated, the waves were taking me out themselves with ease.

The same in life. If you start to push and work against the waves or the current in the ocean or in your life, it will take you so long time, and so much effort, energy and calories and most probably also money to get out again. But if you take a moment, observe where the waves go, where the current goes and where the wind blows and how it all works in unity and where you can step in to dance with it not fight against it, it will dance with you.

wavessandHome assignment

So this is your home assignment this week – if you start to push something, take a moment, step outside of the situation or wherever you are, observe what is going on and then take your next steps to create your new symphony. I guarantee you, it makes your life easier, more flowing, more fun and flexible!


The new way to ascend in these days is actually through bliss and uplifting and high energy instead of pain and suffering. One way to do it would be through sexual intercourse. For that to happen on the maximum level – the twin spirits need to melt into one.

 First we should find our twin spirit. To find him or her can be a challenge as we may have to go through several tests and other people before that can happen. It is important to become balanced yourself first.

Important in that process is to remember that if something will be taken away then the universe will give something better to replace it. We as humans need to have patience and trust that it will happen every single time. If all of us go back in time, you can understand that when smth bad happened, smth remarkable happened after this. Make a little inventory of your past and realize that this is the truth.

2cloudsyelapaRewrite your present and future

Words have power. Start to use the words consciously and imprint them into your consciousness so that reality can mold it to your desired form. Go back in your past and rewrite it so that it can create a new future for you and your children.

Be your own volunteer

During the last 3 years I have noticed that I very often jump into new projects and ideas and become someone’s volunteer or trade with them 100% forgetting about my own mission and targets. This is a pattern to actually run away from yourself getting too busy with others. In the end I overdid it so much that my own life disappeared almost completely.

Maybe now it is the time to step up into yourself or your own inner plate and become your own volunteer and trade! Secondly it is really about time for each individual to truly commit to their own mission 100% as soon as possible. We will always have excuses. But what counts is our courage to start with it, even if we are not yet all ready or perfect for it. Now is the time, and time is more and more our currency. Why not use it? 

IMG_8399-001Start with your mission now, not later

What would it take that we would start to live our dream without any drama or accidents? 

Bethany Hamilton needed to lose one of her arms to become one of the most influential pro surfers in the world. Today I did a healing session on a very amazing man who for the last 20 years had built a culture center in the little Mexican fishing village (Octopus Garden) and all of his life was about giving. He fell from the ladder 6 months ago and broke his neck and has been partly paralyzed since that time.

During that session I asked him why he thought this happened. He said that he had been postponing to write his book and make his movie for the last 20 years. Now he is finally pushed to do it. He started to dictate his book and is contemplating about the documentary editing. His eyes were burning and full of life and desire of creation while he talked about it. Looking at him I realized how I have no right to complain, I am just so lucky that I had a little attack which woke me up to my mission and pushed me to reset my life like never before and now not later. I am on it now!

2yelapamoonZero out transition period

Many people around me have experienced recently that they have built something or created something or got more money and then something happens, which zeros it all out in no time. It kind of feels like a kid on the beach building a sand castle and then the wave comes and swallows the creation in a split second. After a while you get really tired. So how can we move out of it?

We have to probably go to another place, where the castle will be built on the rock and never be broken. Is it all about location? Sometimes it is. Sometimes even if you are on the same beach and move a bit further towards the more stable land, it works. Sometimes we are pushed back to places where we ran from. But as we come back with the experience of an extreme spiral, we look at things differently.

Sometimes it is all about the perception. As our perception, our judgment and our thoughts create the new reality. So does it really matter where we are physically located? That will be something for you to ask and figure out!

1crystalalohamexicoI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I cruise through life and learn to listen to the whispers of the wind, read the subtitles of a sun and translate the rain drops. Life is most worth of living for me when I can travel, adventure and experience, especially in the nature. I am discovering myself like a new country. All of the valleys, the mountains, the oceans and the jungles. There are too many unmapped areas. I make all of my days count in that process as I kiss the unknown and dance with the waves into the nowternity. And you can do it too. May my story be an invitation for you to live your deepest dream!

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