Keys of the week – 15.12 – 22.12 Gifts of the inner voice

111This week’s keys will be about dissolving abandonment patterns, how to step out of poverty consciousness, how to stop chasing your tail, how we activate each other, what to do about favouring patterns, how to listen to your inner voice and what to do during the holidays.

Rejection and abandonment

During the last few weeks, I have noticed this topic coming up more and more around me and within me. The spirit is starting to move deep into consciousness and body, and touching this very tender subject, that is relevant to everybody on this planet. A big step forward would be to dissolve this subject from your consciousness, cell memory and your whole being. How to do that?

112My new friend shaman Sandy introduced a very interesting book to me by a Mexican psychotherapist, where he has an easy solution to this problem. His theory says that our psychology is founded on the relationships between our inner father, inner grownup and inner child. If they get along well, the person will attract good relations on the outside as well. But if our inner father, grownup and child are at war, then there’s usually a lot of drama in your outer world as well.

When communicating to others, you also need to communicate consciously and nicely to your inner father, grownup and child. My friend also gave me a good exercise to dissolve that.

Home assignment

My friend said, that you should start complimenting everybody you meet, for example: ‘I love the way you wear your hair’. This will help you along with the cooperation of your inner father and child, which will in turn balance and heal your inner grownup. You should give these compliments unconditionally and without expectations. You will notice after a while that it transforms your life and brings forward a lot of miracles and opportunities. But at that point there’s a risk you start giving compliments under conditions and that will mess everything up. So during the next month, start giving compliments, especially to strangers – I love the color of your blouse etc. Because then you put emotion in it, you have to see for yourself if it works for you.

113Poverty consciousness

The energy of the next few months is really going to give a strong kick to the consciousness of poverty and disadvantage. The spirit will push it all out to the last limit. Will Smith recently said that his generation has grown up in the ‘energy of survivors’, that even when he makes millions, he is still worried about his finances.

The key out of this, is to give out money every chance you get and on every level without thinking if and how it will come back to you. The Universe has shown how powerfully this works around me during the last week.

114Wayland, the owner of Octopus Garden gave 20 years of his life to develop that in the village and to create a center there from the bottom of his heart. When he fell down a ladder and had to stay in bed, paralyzed, the village had a big fundraiser event for him, where they raised 3000 dollars to cover his medical bills.

This is an example of one of the main keys in this new age, which is cooperation and trust. Not just trust towards people and cooperation with them but also trust towards the Universe, spirit and energies, to know that exactly when you need it, all your sufferings will pay off and whatever we need, we will receive with ease, even if you cannot see it right away.

115Chasing your tail

Chasing your tail will not get you far these days. The tail will just get further away from you. New energies will put a lot of people into the situation of chaos, where they feel that the future is unknown and even good planning won’t get you anywhere near your expectations. Now you really have to step into the energy of chaos, which is female in its core, and calm down. This is not going to be easy to do, because the human nature will not calm down when it is not in control, unless it has been trained to do so.

It is time to get to know your own essence, that means what and how you like to do and how to live and be. And then you need to mix it all together and make it into a soup or a cocktail. For example, make a list how the life of your dreams would look like.

What happens then? Then your female magnetism should be activated, which will attract everything that you need in this chaos, in the order that the spirit has dictated from the inside.

If this text seems to be a bit complicated and your mind is not really following, then don’t worry, the spirit will understand and get the info right where it is needed. Welcome to the reality of the new age! And what is more fun, nobody can run from it. Everybody just has to find their own path to it.

116How much do you as a person activate your surroundings and the people around you?

Pat yourself on the back, because maybe you haven’t noticed how your energy is actually an activator or a big push forward to a lot of people. It could be a new job, a new tenant, a new lover or new opportunities on different levels. The energy of the spirit within us, is activating different people in different ways. Pay attention during the next month, what goes on around you and if things get better. If yes, then it is very likely that your energy is contributing to make these changes happen. So thank yourself and be joyous with the people around you.


When I was a little girl, a pattern that kept recurring was me being abandoned, rejected or not favoured to others. In the last few days that energy has also come up a lot. The spirit seems to be doing spring cleaning or being like an internal chimney sweeper. To heal that subject, you should activate your inner man and through him direct love towards yourself, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, because with this topic, you will find help from the inner male aspect.

What is interesting, is that when a pattern is active within us, we create outer conditions that can perform that show for us. How to step out of those situations and change them?

It is clear, just like Einstein said, that if you want to change something, you should change the way you do it. One way to start, when a pattern is surfacing, is to start doing squats, count to ten and then breathe deep or start singing altogether. That way, we will create confusion in the body and on cell level. If you then consciously guide yourself out of that confusion, the first step is made towards breaking that old pattern. Of course, you always have to see what the exact situation is, doing absurd movements is not always that easy depending on where you are, although it doesn’t hurt giving it a try.

118Listening to your inner voice

Many of my readers have had a question, how to listen to their inner voice, because they keep trying, but can’t hear anything. Firstly, maybe give your ears a good wash;) My answer is, that when you cannot hear the message, then start asking for outer signs regarding your topic. If you take, for example 7 days to see what starts going on outside of you then, your spirit will start spelling it out for you and showing the answers. It could even get comical at times. But definitely try it! The messages could come through car license plates, adverts or people that pass by or on a T shirt like on the picture!

119Holiday season

I am located in  the tropical Mexico right now and Christmas is always very funny for me here because there is no snow and it is warm and summery outside. But if you go to a local Walmart, you can surely feel that the Christmas-fever has struck everyone.

My little suggestion to have a new age Christmas is, what if you give a gift of gratitude to yourself and others, instead of presents, or give yourself a gift of an adventure or an emotion? That way, you can take that present with you to eternity, instead of buying, selling or exchanging it.

1199I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I also have days, when I wake up and ask myself what is the point of all this? What if I’m back in square one tomorrow? What if I do the same mistakes all over again and go into old patterns? But somewhere, behind the veil, I made the choice to come here, to have this body and to experience these exact moments and emotions. What a gift! And capturing that, is one of the most powerful reasons to be here.

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This week’s post was translated by Cathy Roost. Thank you so much!