What has Love to do with Reverse Motivation?


Valentine’s day is around the corner and this is why I take into the focus what connections do Love and Reverse Motivation have?

I share one story from my life where my love got a reverse motivation kick and where it took me. I share my pre- story for that how I unconsciously looked for love from the whole world for 15 years while traveling to 30 countries. What is the fastest route to Love and why is Reverse Motivation one of the best tricks? Check out the video, read the blog, and do the tasks and participate in the challenge! Like and share!

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Reverse Motivation is often times the most strongest forward movement force inside us. I share in my video a story with my professor from South Africa. He thought I should not go forward to go for my masters degree. 9 months later I showed up with my first documentary which I had made during my master’s program and that very same professor was suddenly very quiet…

I share my story about projection against love. How I got out of it and found the love of my life and live now happily with my king Michael here in San Diego.

Today’s tasks:

  1. When in your life have you had an experience of Reverse Motivation and Love? How has it helped you? 
  2. Do you look for love consciously or unconsciously? 
  3. What kind of love would you love to experience?

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Connections between Love and Reverse Motivation






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