Marching to the Golden Sisterhood together


After yesterday’s Women’s marches all over the planet, where millions of women came together I  felt so inspired. Read what I have to say!


I praise the women on this planet. I did not march physically yesterday in any place, but I do it every day with living my life as a conscious woman. I think just being born as a woman is actually quite a huge responsibility as in our hands are the keys to the future.
What would the world be without women?
It would be an empty place – with less beauty and essence and even though men do not want to admit it – many times – it is the women who keep things, families and groups together. We are the nurturers, the givers.
But – we are not only the beautiful flowers of this planet, we are  also the essence of this planet. We do so many things and often times multitask and we are out there for whoever needs us. We are givers in our heart and love is our essence.
Of course there are those of us who are lost and covered with layers of hate and resentment and all that is because they have got lost in living their life without love. Firstly they have lost the love for themselves and secondly in that confusion they turn into ‘love repellents’ because they start to push away everyone and everything. These women are often times also wounded. Over the years working with so many women I have noticed one of the main things which has created those wounds for many women has actually been not to know how to say NO when the time is right.
fullblowngoldenqueenI go back in time and think of how much less drama I would have had in my life if I would have known how to say NO. But then again the drama has turned me into a very strong woman – who knows her worth and knows where she is going. Not just for fun – but having the mission in her backpack as well as my torch and my heart –  showing me the way.
On top of it all I have the courage – to even marry myself and so much more.
If we learn as women to say NO or YES from our hearts – we will have the courage to live our dream on our terms.
I know that the women’s marches all over the world were the awakening call to the whole planet.
Please treat our women with respect – as what goes around comes around.
Treat our women with love – and they will give you their whole universe.
Treat our women with consciousness and they will become more conscious as well.
Treat our women with kindness and they will give all they have.


These marches were a sign that the GOLDEN EARTH is AWAKENING and the female essence is the energy which is going to lead this planet – no matter who is leading the government.

That is why I feel it is so important that all of us women – take individual responsibililty to live the best life we can – love ourselvesto the core, do what we love, fulfill our missions on this planet and be where our heart sings and where our people and tribes are so that we can co-create all together the best versions of who we are, not only marching sometimes, but marching every day with our own dignity, respect to ourselves and the planet the highest way possible!
Saying that I am extremely grateful to all the women in my life. Starting with my mom who is taking good care of me from the heavens, and all the grandmothers and ancestors as well all the living women in my life. You nourish me and you make me feel a true woman,  and without you my life would be so much emptier. I am so grateful that all of you, who you  march through your life with your gifts and talents and I know that the New Earth needs more of us to step out to our own platforms with courage and live our deepest desire! Lets support each other during these challenging times and sail to the sunset and sunrise together like in the golden sisterhood!


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. Only now I am truly understanding what does it mean to be a woman, to have the woman’s body and what it can do for me and what I can do for it and how my body is the mini version of the planet. If I love it and take good care of it – it will respond accordingly. It is all interconnected.

I wish all the women on this planet everything what they need – love, care, kindness and a wonderful king on their side and more.
I promise I do my best to share all my gifts, talents and knowledge to make this planet a better place for me and everyone!
Right now I am residing in Mexico where I mostly offer private Wantra Water Therapy sessions in the Four Seasons Hotel as well in some other hotels and private Spas. Road to this moment has been long, but definitely worth it. Later this year me and my king Michael Ditton we plan to facilitate several Spiritual Retreats in Hawaii, Big Island. 
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