ISWG – February – Pauses bring to light golden treasures


Today my writing wants to be a pause. The pause which can say it all. The pause which will decide which route to go next. Whether to breath out slowly or hold your breath. Whether it is going to be a supsense thriller or a comedy. It is like this plain white page and you do not know what the next move is – whether it is a dot, stripe or something different. You just stay put until you will be guided to move. 

One pause can do everything. If more people would take pauses in their lives they would maybe even figure out where they are going and WHY. I did that. In 2013 summertime I realized things were not going the old way and the new way was not quite clear yet. I decided to take a break. I travelled to Mexico for 1 week and stayed at first for another 30 days to do the experiment of going to the ocean every day. After that things were starting to roll and I stayed for 2 more years. 
The pause can be short or long, but what it can do it can detach you from the old you who you are maybe outgrown and then make you give birth to the new you again. That is what happened to me. 
mexicoWhat was really amazing about that pause was that I consciously also detached myself from my job and started to mainly do volunteer projects. What it gave me was the focus of giving and figuring out what works for me and what do I love. It took me some months with that focus till I ended up in the ocean one day.
I was facing down with my mask and breathing deeply into my snorkel. My body was completely relaxed. The ocean started to talk to me. In that pause the words came to my head – telling me I needed to make some ocean classes happen. I put the info together and invited some of my girlfriends who were around to join the classes. They did. They absolutely loved it and got some amazing results pretty fast. I was surprised that something that simple could do anything like this.
stretchdance girls alonestretchI started to look for more options where I could do it. I had some opportunities coming up but these all fell through one by one for various reasons. Which was a very challenging journey, but I think why I needed those during my break was that I needed to experience how to set my boundaries and do what I love and be valued for what I love accordingly and set my targets clear and right. 
After the true decision that this is my new direction and destination – to do and offer Wantra (my water therapy modality) worldwide – to invite as many people into the liquid heaven as I could – the pause was pulling the trigger and shooting me into the world – to have more doors and possibilities opening up for me than I could ever have imagined is possible. For example at the moment I am starting my work with the Four Seasons in Mexico and many other high end resorts here. 
2wantraPEoceanviewNow my days are action filled, but I will never forget the PAUSE.  As even in the most action packed times it is important to pause. Turn to that white page again. Go to the ocean and listen. DO NOTHING. Maybe the whales will sing me the new guidance or just the water will whisper me where to go next. Where my next treasure is buried or hidden. I will follow the guidance and then act accordingly.
This way my life is weaved together by these pearls of pauses – one at the time. Moving towards my new sunrise or sunset. To my wonderland where I can create my garden. Where not only the herbs will grow, but also the dreams will root and grow not only flowers, but new fruits, so that I can use the seeds for the new beginnings and fairytales for me, my children and grandchildren as well the future generations to be. Because it is the universal law – from nothingness something is born to be.


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi – a travelling mermaid who serves people on land. My main mission is to not only awaken our inner missions, but  inspire people to make the first steps in order to start to live and fulfill their dreams. Understand that by owning them, we become one with them as they become one with us. They can finally start to serve us they way we deserve the best. I am grateful that I am here just right now and that I have managed to create a beautiful life for myself and everyone around me and the planet.

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10 thoughts on “ISWG – February – Pauses bring to light golden treasures

  1. Most of the time I tend to live slow and pause often. The pauses are rarely long, but much of my life these days seems to be one long contemplation with a few breaks to watch television or something mind-controlling. And even then rarely let my mind be completely taken over as I pause within those times that are supposed to be escapes from pausing.

    Getting away like you did is a great way to live the alternative from what one normally does. Each year I take a lengthy trip to get away from the confinements that I find at home. It’s easier for me to do since I’m not longer working a regular job and my wife’s a teacher so she gets nice long vacation times. Those times of getting away are some of the best times of all.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the pauses. It seems to be a lot of fun and consciousness for you too. I am so glad that more and more people like me – figure out during earlier years how to retire – or so to say – do what you love – where you love and with whom you love when you love;) Life is about to be enjoyed not to suffer. Without pauses I think we would have more suffering. May we all be blessed with loads of pearls with pauses;)

    • Thank you. Yes indeed. I have my own business, so I can work fully or completely turn off. I love the freedom it gives me. Without it I think I would not be where I am today. Enjoy your ventures and pauses Arlee!

  2. Such an interesting story!

    I find that either I hit pause, or life MAKES me hit pause.

    Either way, good things usually come out of those moments. 🙂

    • Thank you Misha. yes indeed. We did a little Ocean goddess celebration today, as 5 years ago I arrived here in Mexico. it was really interesting. It felt like the spirit had its story to be written through me and I was co-creating. My main inspiration was and is the ocean. I do loads of pauses there. In fact I would move into the ocean if I could. The most natural state to be;) Aloha to you Misha and thanks for your comments!

  3. What a beautiful vision you provided. Definitely caused me to pause and forget about the gray damp chilly weather here in Philadelphia.
    Nothing helps me think clearer than being in or by the ocean.

    • Yes thank you Doreen. The ocean is the best. My best friend. No matter what is the season like or where I am. Many alohas from Mexico.

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