Monthly keys for April – Viewpoints with roots erupting the old to the surface.



This month’s numbers talk even more about the importance to take care of your past left overs and finalise everything you can, so that you will create new soil for the new seeds to grow and blossom for you! In this process of facing the old I focus also a lot into a wounded area of our shadows – where our viewpoints may have grown roots and give also some ideas how to come out of it with most flexibility.

The numbers of this month are: 4 + 9 = 13 = 4

This seems to become a very strong month of explosion of the old (also the Aeries month, lots of fire and air) and also the number 9 is the only middle point between two number fours.


Number nine is the main clearer of the old, which is the main energy throughout the whole year.

It is also a reminder about our personal spiritual mission on this planet. Our ‘left leg’ as I say. Everything where you still live from fear and only supporting yourself on your ‘right leg’ and through your masculine and rational, will be most probably challenged.

Number four is the first ground level set up for the new time platform, which is number 5 and carries within the fire element. Four is also the number for business and creation. It has in it all the elements, but still structured a bit in the old way.

That is what may happen this month – it will unplug all the elements from the old connections which are not working any more for your highest purpose. If the flow and water in your life has not been supporting you, there may happen something with the water – your home may get flooded or you spill the glass of water. If the earth element is not in balance, you may lose money or hurt yourself and your body. If the air element is not in place you may be really kicked to the new heights, so you could get more air and explore new options. If your fire is not in balance you may get a real fire happening or something gets really firey with your relationships, someone can explode with their emotions and ‘vomit it on you.’


Why are most of these elemental expressions negative? As this is the way how the old is shaking off all the old ways to work with the elements. With the months and years to come you will see how important it will become and how much easier your life will be when you work together with the elements.

Why all this rearrangement? Because your new platform for your elements will be built and the old ways would not work any more. The rest of the year will be an integration of all the elements twice (May 5 – Fire, June 6 – Water, July 7 – Earth, and August 8 – Air and then again, September 9 – Fire, August 10 – Water, November 11 – Earth and December 12 – Air).

The whole year works in order to prepare for the next year, which is going to be number 10 – the real true dance through the masculine and feminine and where things fall more into place.

This whole year of 2016 is a real evaluation of your life, your platforms, relationships and the rest. Everything which needs to go, you have to let go, otherwise it will be taken away from you. That is why my recommendation is to work on it yourself, instead of going through the drama of losing something or someone. If you follow the guidelines from the spirit, which talks to you through your intuition, then you will be on a right track.

Rigid viewpoints with stuck roots

This past month has for me brought up many wounds to the surface. Wounds from childhood. I explore a bit of that topic, as it may give you some ideas as well. It all happens in order to unplug the old patterns, so the new ones can be created. Very essential work in these new energies.

I have had several situations this month here, where I have seen something dysfunctional and I have given suggestions how to improve something.


What was an amazing experience this week was that we were 5 people from different countries and we were all able to work together, even though we have different backgrounds and worldviews.

I started to look really deeply into it. Why is that?

We were all working for the same goal – so that everyone would be happy with the end result and it would benefit everyone.

It made me think that sometimes people who live in one place for a long time, they kind of become one with their viewpoints and these get really rigid, almost like grow roots.

When you travel all the time you need to be adaptable and do it fast as it makes your life flow easier. This is the future. How is it I meet so many young people here who are having a blast and exploring the world through a workaway option or other possibilities and travelling is not something only for people who are retired or with big bucks. It is for people who would love to explore the world and themselves and grow faster than most inside and out. Where there is will there is a way!

I thought where would the world be if we would all be so opened, flowing and adaptable and most importantly listen to what others have to say and if they come up with suggestions thank them and look into these and not just flush them down the toilet as they come to the surface and are different than our own.


Throughout my life I have met resistance wherever I go with that. You see people doing dysfunctional stuff and you observe for a while and see how they are suffering. I often times can see an easy solution and when I was younger I shared it without any waiting. I got rejected most times. The most successful times were being in the student board at universities as then I really was listened. I was the insider from the student’s side and what I said mattered and actually because I was listened also changed the course of history. The same with Estonia, where I managed to bring many new healing modalities.

I think I am starting to understand that one of my main missions in this world is actually to bring forth the change which is bubbling inside and have the courage to say it out loud. Have the courage to be different and do different things and say what I mean with transparency and authenticity. How many people in the world are like that 100% at all times?

Mexico has taught me not to offer my solutions, my ideas and suggestions any more when not asked. Otherwise they end up in front of the pigs like pearls. Instead I flow like a mermaid with the water and go to places where there are openings, open arms and where what I have to say is welcomed. I realise now that maybe I was born too early and into a wrong place or even a wrong planet. But there is a reason behind everything, also why I am here.

It really hurts when what I have to offer is not received fully or with appreciation. It sometimes hurts as much as the knife inside the heart.

Today I talked to my wonderful new neighbour Mayo from Japan and she said that she feels I am needed in so many places in the world. Wow. Here is a woman I met just 1 week ago and we have had super deep conversations about life, traveling and relationships. How amazing to meet someone from the opposite part of the world and be received and seen.

My spirit feels nourished and happy. My biggest wish for this month for all of you is to find these places and people where you are fully received and enjoy it to the core and see what happens to your life if you only have places like that for the next 30 days. I bet your life will transform.

Home assignment

If you have something to say – observe where is it you are and whether there will be some energy to receive it or not. If your inner intuition says that there is no energy for that, keep it. Do not waste it. This energy is waiting for a new place or people where it is cherished like pearls or treasures.


Suddenly you will be noticed and what you have to say reaches to the depths of soul and tears run down the cheeks. It is the most beautiful part of being the human on this planet and it may soothe your soul and spirit even when you feel that you have been born too early or to a wrong place.

The most beautiful gift of these days is to be fully received wherever you go and fully loved and cared for from the bottom of the heart and unconditional love. Not because what you bring in or what you do, but because what you say counts and looks for a home inside of you or someone else.

==crystalsmallunderwaterI am Crystal Ra Laksmi, a world traveller, who has carried a revolution in me for years.

I understood with this last month that my mission is not only to inspire people around me and in the world, but inspire them to change whatever is not working in their lives, so they can start to live their dream to the fullest.

I know that I am reaching to the half point of my life according to the general life expectancy and I am happy to say that I have lived a very full life so far and contributed a lot not only to myself, but to the world and different countries and places as well people. It has not been easy, but I have grown a lot and thanks to that can give even more in the future. I am excited!

Please share your thoughts and ideas from this month’s blog post. What about you and your viewpoints? Are these rigid?

3 thoughts on “Monthly keys for April – Viewpoints with roots erupting the old to the surface.

  1. Wonderfully put, Crystal. We aren’t here to mound or shape others. That’s their destiny. We’re here to experience joy and happiness and great friendships. I love the phrase, “they end up in front of the pigs like pearls.” I love that!

    • Yes, so true. I am grateful for this crazy time and insights. And figure out where to point our energy so it is received well. Happy birthday to you! 😉 And have a very ignited April!

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