Mother’s Day

I am always sad when people tell me about their mothers and tell me how they hate them or how terrible they are! I just tell them, lucky you, you at least have one! My mother died years ago and we do not even know how and why. My mother lost her parental rights when I was 12 years old, because she drank too much.

IMG_03731I became a mother when I was 19. I gave birth to a baby boy Sander in 1997. He is now 16 and he has been the very reason why I am still here on planet Earth. The moment we broke up with his father, was very challenging for me. At that point family life was all I had and losing that, was like losing life for me. I promised to keep it up and make a better future for me and my son Sander. I have kept my word and working on it every day to build up a life of our dreams and never giving up! I inspire him to think outside of the box and create his own reality!

I got two higher educations from Norway and South Africa and have traveled several times half way around the world and become an empowered woman who knows her purpose and her why and moves step by step towards new targets every day.

I am so grateful for my son that he chose me to be his mother. I have not certainly been the perfect mother, but we have learned a lot together, we have traveled quite a lot together and had fun quite a lot together. What else is possible now? He is finishing his 9th grade and  I keep my fingers crossed for his final exams!

aa sanderdrives mercedesJust one week ago, I took him with me to testdrive a new Mercedes ML350, which costs 110 000 eur. The face on him while driving it, tells it all! The manhood what came out and the feeling he got was touching base with the abundance he truly is! Thank you for enjoying my crazy ideas and challenges. Love you Sander! I am also working now every day to make more choices in order to spend more time with Sander.

aasanderritimersedesHere my son Sander and my sister Riti enjoying the sun with the brand new Mercedes ML 350.

Would you like to hear more, how to make more time to spend more time with your loved ones, your son, your sister or whoever is your family member and choose the life and luxury you fully deserve?

Ask me how! I have many tools and possibilities for you!