Self-help Emergency Kit


Here is my first blog accompanying my mini video in the new series.

Dust is still settling after our Reinvent Yourself program got done with our company Infinite Activation and we are figuring out the new schedule and everything. Thank you for your patience!

Today’s topic is Self-help Emergency Kit. I share some tools and tips what you can do to become a better friend with yourself and the world.

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In the times like these it is super important do not feel guilty when you put yourself first. Do it with respect and consideration towards the others whenever you feel you need to express your self-care needs.

When we are stressed we behave differently and may say things we do not mean abruptly. Be smarter and more careful about this and think 9 times before you say or do anything these days. This will decrease your level of damage you may cause in the chaos of emotions.

Enjoy this session!

Summary of the topics:

* What metaphors is the situation right now giving us?
* What is needed to be done quick and right now?
* Two tips how you can take better care of your body, mind and spirit.
* What should you focus on?
* What I suggest people to learn in this situation?

If you would love to go deeper with my guidance, take contact with me and we can discuss the availability of courses, classes, coaching or membership groups.

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May aloha always be with you,

May aloha always be with you!

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Find the tasks sheet here:

Self-help Emergency Kit PDF

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