How to find your Lifeline and your Superpowers?


Today we talked about some crucial things which will help you to get ahead and come out of this chaotic time as a winner and maybe even create something which has the potential to carry you for a decade. Watch, pay attention, do the tasks and share!

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Our lifeline is actually our intuition.
  • I share some of my stories from Norway and Germany eco village in the summer of 2008.
  • How I brought Auratransformation™ to Estonia in 2007.
  • How I got the guidance to go to Hawaii in 2009 when economy was crashing.
  • How I did participate at the water therapy class in Hawaii and how I started to work with people of water fear in Estonia and brought Estonians to Hawaii with my adventure retreats.
  • In 2013 my Inner Woman guided me to Mexico with just a one way ticket. I started to do Wantra water therapy at the Four Seasons and St Regis hotels and other luxury boutique hotel.

You can see from my stories that because I was listening to my inner voice and guidance, it gifted me many adventures and gifts. What are you ready to receive from your Inner Guidance? 

The Inner Woman is shaking off everything what is not part of your life mission any more. How is it with you on that level? 

Check out your main values, priorities as well life missions! What needs to change here? 

Intuition gives us more guidance daily – but how many of us actually will listen to it? 

Put together your new life on your terms now!

Our Super Powers are our Inner Family!

a) Start with your Inner Child’s calming down process as well explaining the situation!

b) Pamper your Inner Woman as much as you can. It helps her to relax and reconnect to the source where she can start to download guidance to you. Inner Woman also needs outer impulses and also regularly! She needs to be inspired!

c) Take contact with your Inner Man and let him rock it by helping you to manifest more!

Questions and answers topics

? How to get out of the paralyzing feeling that you can not take action? 

You need to create a container  which gathers you together. It will contain you. Support you. Your time for you.

I used the example of the blow up little kid’s pool, which is kind of like your container on your terms.

Practice this for 21 days, 6 weeks or 2 to 3 months and it will turn into your lifestyle.

What is your intuition telling you and what containers do you need to create?

Check out the Inner Family and Inner Selves meditation here: 

? What tricks can we use when we meet the unknown?

Taking action is the key! Put yourself to test!

Prevent everything before a bigger crises.

When you meet with the unknown, take your Inner Family and ask their help!

Create your life intentionally and your outer reality will star to create a life filled with miracles!

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