Spiritual background to Corona Virus & how can we reset ourselves at the moment?


Today I focus on the little info I got through my Inner Woman and Mother Earth.

I made a FB post about that and that was one of the most popular FB posts I have ever done or shared. After that I got an idea to make a FB live about it as well. Not everyone takes time to read these days.

How can we keep ourselves going in these crazy times and keep us on our true path? I also give some tips and tools what would help and you will get a free meditation as a gift from me in the end of my blog post. Watch, do the homework, share and enjoy the meditation. If you like what you saw subscribe to my social media channels (all named in the blog post too). Keep yourself safe and protected! Aloha!

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This is the direct copy and paste from my FB post:

‘I used lots of caps in this text and this does not mean I am screaming and shouting as its meant to mean in the original set. I capitalize so that I can give more stress to some words as I can not use BOLD here. 🙂

Yesterday evening as I was going to bed I could feel the restlessness of the collective consciousness of the GLOBE. I could not fall asleep for 2 hours. I had to go and read and write in order to calm my energy down. This is the everyday life for a highly empathic healer as I am. I am used to that, but as I was processing it I sat down to listen to the messages our Mother Earth was telling me. We may not know it but She talks to us through our Inner Women (each one of us has her inside – also men!) regularly, the problem is that most people have never connected with her and have no idea She even exists, not to talk about to listen to what She has to say.

For centuries Women – the Goddesses of co-creators and carriers of these generations to the future have been the Visionaries.

In the past there was a GOLDEN Time where we were LISTENED, RESPECTED, HONORED – the way we deserved.

When we said: ‘Wait for a moment, I have an idea!!!…’ We were not put down in the first 5 seconds. People and also MEN sat down to listen what we had picked up through our intuition from the invisible world and what was that next DIVINE message we had to deliver.

Then the MEN did not put it down, they actually came together and tried to figure out how to make it happen and support the woman in that process because they knew that when they uplift WOMEN – they uplifted themselves and not only – they also uplifted their children and their FUTURES!

Somewhere along the line this tradition got completely lost. Egos were risen with the sun and patriarchal way of living and mindset took over. Women and their ideas were put down, suppressed, ridiculed and looked down at. Throughout so many centuries women have continued their battles – often times silently inside them or undercover to find those little openings where they can share their discoveries or ideas and where they finally find an audience who is fully listening to them. They are not the lucky ones! They are the ones who have figured out where that AUDIENCE who is ready to RECEIVE is and how to find them.

So as I was downloading all this at midnight last night my Inner Woman said – I will now share something from our BELOVED MOTHER EARTH – because not many are listening. But you are up and the line is opened- so here we come:

‘This is the time to PAUSE. To look inside. REROUTE if needed. STOP if needed. TACK if needed. LET GO if needed. CHANGE if needed. Or just to BE. It is all ALLOWED!

Ask questions: –

? Who am I?

? Why am I?

? What are my values?

? Where am I heading?

Then take time to listen.

Because these answers may not come in a minute or two – these questions may take time – an hour, or two or a week or two or even a decade! This time is to take us out our busy lives and rat race and reconnect us with our true value deep inside. 🌺

The ongoing CORONA VIRUS is created as a REMINDER – ‘the word corona means crown. The scientists who in 1968 came up with the term coronavirus thought that, under a microscope, the virus they were looking at resembled a solar corona: the bright crown-like ring of gasses surrounding the sun that is visible during a solar eclipse. (internet)’

Corona virus is literally here to remind us all that we are all Kings and Queens of our lives and our destinies. But to become that King or Queen we have to connect to taking responsibility on every possible level in our lives.

To be on this planet at THIS VERY MOMENT is a huge GIFT. Whatever is happening in your life or wherever you are – even that is a gift – even when it may not look like it!

The reason why Corona virus is aiming at the LUNGS is that this is where we breath is connected to and where our emotions live. It is also very closely connected to our physical heart as well emotional heart. Most of us hide it, suppress it or fake it.

Most people are not in connection with their true and honest emotions and suppress them most of the time.

On the planet they call Hawaii – the Big Island has the lungs of the Planet. This is why lava had to flow so intensively couple of years in a row to cleanse the suppression not only of each individual on the planet but also the suppressed DIVINE FEMININE. ☹️

Reconnect with your true emotions.

Ask these questions:

? What do I truly need?

? What do I desire in my life right now ?

? What does not work any more?

? What needs to change?

? Where do I see I go against my true values, where do I suppress my Inner Divine Feminine with her emotions?

? What do I do when my Inner Woman comes with the thought: – ‘I have an idea?’

? Do you listen?

Photo by Jill Wellington

Once you work on this and detox whatever you have stuck in your lungs, emotions – you most probably will not get this virus. You will not be attractive enough to it. Corona Virus comes to wake us up. Set things in a right order connected to true values. If you are already in harmony there is nothing to fix!

It is time to reorganize our lives, build up our IMMUNE SYSTEM – our inner protection teams in so many ways – drink a lot of herbal tea like with Cat Claw, Pau Darco or other herbs which work against viral infections.

  • 🛌 Sleep more than needed, rest more than needed.
  • Drink water as often as you can, wash your hands as often as you can!
  • 💃 Dance goofily in front of the mirror – so you start to laugh!
  • 🎨 Be creative – let your Inner Artist loose!
  • ⌛️ Avoid stress at any cause – stress kills your immune system.
  • Drink moringa or spirulina to boost even more your immune system.
  • If you have a partner make love, if you do not – masturbate or hug your teddy bear!
  • Exercise 💪, eat healthy food  🍅 and if you have a partner who is not yet infected hug as often as you can to boost your hormones and good chemicals in your bod
  • 😂 Laugh as often you can! Watch Mr Bean if needed. Laugh so much you have tears in your eyes and are about to pee in your pants!
  • ✋ Do breathing exercises to keep your lungs happy and clean!
  • Meditate and clam down.
  • 🏜 Walk in the nature to boost your metabolism and breath in fresh air. Your lungs will be grateful!
  • 📖 Read positive books, listen to positive podcasts or watch positive movies.
  • 🌈 Overload with the goodness in your life – which does not mean eating a whole gallon of ice cream at one time 🍦 😂 – as this makes your body instantly acid and stresses it out and lowers your immune system which makes you more attractive to the virus again…
  • Say NO when you need to to take better care of you!
  • Do a summersault so you can see the world from a different perspective for a moment!
  • ⌛️⏱ Take time off FOR YOU!
  • 📒 Write into your journal. Turn it into a tradition!
  • 🛀 Have a bath! Preferably with salt and herbs and bubbles.
  • 🌅 Watch a sunrise or a sunset as often as you can!
  •  BE A SMART SUPERWOMAN – even if you are a man . Like your INNER WOMAN IS – at all times. Figure out a time to listen to her. Regularly. The gifts she will share from this will be priceless… These may change your world, but not only – they may change the whole WORLD! We all have that potential in us. Will you use it this time? For you and your family?
  • 💃 To change this GLOBE 🌏 back to the GOLDEN AGE all of us – also MEN – need to fully bow down to the DIVINE FEMININE which means we need to put SELF-CARE back to where it belongs – to the first position!
  • In order to fully change this planet we do not only need to wake up ourselves, but also to awaken our Inner Families. Allow our Inner Women to have a blast and support them every step of the way! I am up to support that revolution with my Inner Family coaching programs 😉 

PIcture by Stefan Keller.

Thank you for reading this far. Say ‘Amama’ in the comments if you got down here.

If you felt this resonated with you, or you felt touched by it, feel free to share in the comments or personally with me. Thank you for being here. I appreciate you and your gifts you bring to the world! 🙏

I love you all as you are <3 🙂 Thank you for being a reflection of me in so many ways and in so many countries and I am honored to be your reflection – the best version I can be for you and ME;) Mahalo 🙂 


I hope you loved this longer piece today. Give some thoughts about it, do the tasks. Check out today’s tasks in the end of this blog on the task sheet. There is no better time to look deeper inside than now! Use it for your own good!

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