Monthly keys of May – update your dreams while you cleanse!


This month’s keys are about the numbers of the month, how to activate the ‘spiritual leg’, how to dissolve the resistance with the knowledge of the elements and how to prevent the forgiveness process. In addition what else is needed to be overlooked, in order to create the maximum flow. 

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This month’s numerology:

5 (month) + 9 (number of the year) together is  = 1+4 which is 5


We have number fives on both sides. Number five in the new energy is a fire element. It activates the inner cleanse and starts to push to the surface everything which has been stuck some place.

It is quite interesting as it seems that the number 5-s which are located both on the sides are holding space for this clearing.

I see it as the number 5 and the fifth dimension is the preparation for our number 9 dimension via others, where the energies move after the full circle and all the elements (fire 5, water 6, earth 7 and air 8 dimension). Here the old energy patterns are in the cleansing process as well, and especially everything connected to the job.


Wantra in Mexico

All the work you do right now which comes through hard effort and is very difficult, should be evaluated and checked. If you do things in tact with spirit, things flow.

More the time passes by, more we are guided and sometimes it seems we are almost forced to fulfil the mission of our ‘spiritual leg’.

The spirit will cleanse a lot of the old stuff, which is still blocking that road. Sometimes this may   cause being fired from the job or something similar, so it would take away our old ‘security pillow’. Then you really need to start over again.

I have experienced it myself as well seen how it works with many of my clients. If in the old energy the job was there to create material security but in the new time, it will be all turned upside down. You are doing it because it is your mission and you can not escape it. 

The main priority will be to do and create what you really love, including all the talents which you have and the money should follow it quite automatically after you have set healthy boundaries in your relations and contracts.

The focus will be on creating value, not to gather stuff and secure your safety. This is the essence of the new time. Everyone should follow this. More you go against this flow, harder it will be in the future.


Summer camp in Estonia in 2015

If you use your talents and skills fully (if you still do not know yet what those are, you need to experiment) and listen to your heart and in cooperation with your mind follow it with your courage and intuition compass – your life will be filled with so much ease and flow as well abundance that you almost start to think – that this must be heaven or you are most probably dreaming. 

When I talk about ‘spirit leg’, what I mean, is that this is the spiritual mission of our life mission, where our spiritual talent(s) can express themselves. If it has the channel and possibilities, then it starts to flow very powerfully (usually expresses itself in the 9th dimension) then so that you have so much work that you have no more time for anything else. It is very smart here not to lose your balance and remember that you need to take care of yourself. Because if you burn out, then you have nothing else to give to others either.


Fresh Aura Mediator in Estonia in 2007

What can be your ‘spiritual leg’? When I studied anthropology in the academy, so to do this work in some kind of office would have not been working on or with my ‘spiritual leg’. For me the spiritual activation happened when I started automatic writing, in addition angel therapy and meditation and AuratransformationTM. When I brought AuratransformationTM to Estonia, my workdays were 12 -13 hours long and so in 8 months. No rest and no rest days. I burned completely out. I did my work with my heart, so I did not get tired, but I did not do any special training or resting, so I completely burned out. It was a mistake. My physical body gave me signs.

‘Material leg’ is the leg, which expresses everything material, physical and practical as well rational. This is needed as a strong platform, so that the spirit would be able to create. If you have a very weak ‘material leg’ and a very strong ‘spiritual leg’ you obviously leap. Thing will not take form themselves and get things together. In order to create in harmony, both legs must be equally strong and cooperate.

stretchdance girls alonestretch

Stretchdance in the Sea in Mexico, summer 2013

Dissolving the resistance with the taming of the elements

All kinds of resistance creates more resistance and blockages. There is a need to tame all the elements as well learn how to flow in cooperation with the water. This creates softness. Use your air when you have the time and need – to air yourself or get the new impulses, going to new places or learning something new.

Water is the centre connection point for all the elements and in some ways, but also controls them.

Like without the water nothing will grow in the earth element. Without the water we could not put out the fire. The Earth is important  for grounding everything and keep everything together. Fire is warming us and also a connecting point in creation essence.

If you can use all the elements according to the situation (be in contact with your spirit) – then everything will fall in place and creates harmony.

greenlightSTOPSetting your boundaries

In every new relation there is no difference (whether it is the job or private-) you should set your boundaries – what works and what does not, what is important and what is not. It helps for everyone to be updated what is okay and what is not and operate accordingly.

If some relations have worked for some time already and these do not function too well, you should overlook these and evaluate. What should be changed? What does not work any more? Why doesn’t?

It is a good home assignment for this week all your relations and observe if any of them have issues with the boundaries and if there are issues, what can you do to change it for you?


Hawaii Adventures

The key of forgiveness

When we have done something bad and we should ask forgiveness or make amends there is a new way to do it. I will share with you my latest insight about the topic.

If we are conscious enough about our life and actions, we are able handle our conflict situations and instead of reacting – we take the time off and digest it and let it sit, and only later act and react. When this is done, it is not possible to harm anyone and then there is no reason to go and make amends as there is no chain reaction any more and no harm done.

Recently if something has really touched me deeply, I have taken my time off. I have talked to some of my loved ones to understand where I am and worked my way further from there, but then completely consciously. Sometimes I write an email and send it to myself or leave it in my draft box. This works like a real magic.

If something else is not helping, I suggest this water technique. Take a bit of water into your mouth, so you can not talk and wiggle it around till you calm down. Then there is action. Finally you can swallow the water. You probably saved yourself from a lot of damage.  

Cleansing the old


In Hawaii, BI in 2011

This month helps to evaluate also some old values and maybe even some dreams. We also need to update our dreams.

I remember that time I came back from Hawaii, where I had lived in a bamboo cottage, with screen walls for 3 months. I arrived back to Estonia in the middle of February, experiencing a 60 degrees temperature change from Hawaii + 30C to -30C back home. Plus the time difference of 13 hours.

When I arrived to my penthouse studio on the 10th floor in Liivalaia 21 house in Tallinn, then I could not understand why I was there. It was not my dream any more. I sold my car within a week, moved out from my studio and gave away so many things. I simplified my business costs from 4000 euros to 400 euros and later even till 200 euros per month. I took my bag and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii and this time for 3 months. To cleanse it even deeper, my dad died during that time. This was in 2011. I have lived a very simple life, for the past 3 years in Mexico and I can not imagine my life with that rhythm any more (like when I lived in Estonia full time – 2007 – 2011). Right now I do not own much, but I am so much happier. I live a simple life where I choose and enjoy life to the fullest.

We change with time, as do our needs. We should honour that and check what can be done, so we can support these needs.

I think all the Estonians should have a compulsory stay in some warm country during winter months, if not to have a holiday there. Many jobs can now manage with online work. One should be smart.


In so many warmer countries, the living costs are much lesser than in Estonia and it would be much easier to be healthier outside as well live a healthier life. If you live quite modestly in Estonia, your living costs can be around 1000 – 1500 euros per month.

In Mexico you can have so much less (600 euros or even less if you live super simply) if you are really smart, and then you can save the rest for your new investments.


Bucerias Mexico, 2015

The time, where we were tied to the office table are over. Smarter ones have understood that this is ending. It is creating a new current where everyone is a writer, online course leader or healer. Time will tell who is who and how much would it connect with our talents or mission, if both missions are in the works – the material and the spiritual one.

One is for sure – if you do something with your heart, it will always touch people and manages to inspire them and make the energies come your way and with a natural flow in all kinds of ways with the abundance.

Earth element’s support

From this month’s number we also have number 1, which is a number of the masculine and earth element. This is one way to keep yourself in the centre while moving through these clenching cycles. It would be really good if you would give yourself enough time to rest, if you need to. Our bodies are not machines.

Number four is the number of cooperation and is echoing from the last month of April. We need to learn how to cooperate with our inner male and female energies and how to create so that it would serve you on this planet.

Wish this month would be the preparation for the new month and the flow, as this will be the month of water in June. 


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi – I have gone through some really powerful cleansing fires in my life. Sometimes when I share my stories, some people are surprised how I can still smile and how I still love to work with people and inspire them. This is in my blood. This is one of my reasons why  I am here. I can not escape from it.

Our talents are like the programs which are put into us. They are waiting to be discovered and used. Like tools in the tool box.

But you should also package it right and deliver to them who need it. Here we have the magical formula for the new time creating – when your heart and your rational mind are breathing in the same rhythm with your talents and if we could learn how to trust this cocktail, then we would find all the formulas for our new reality creation with ease!

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  1. The photos are so relaxing and beautiful to look at. I often try to feel my inner being and experience life as only my spirit and not this external body. Very difficult to do. My old concepts and belief get in the way. But for a moment, I do get a glimpse of what it must feel like to understand all, and to not be caught up in this physical world. I would love to join you in Hawaii. Too much going on in my life to even dream about such a trip. Too bad.

    I like the water gurgling idea to calm down.

    • Aloha and thank you dear Joylene for your comments and ideas. I admire your wise woman’s wisdom. Thank you so much for your support. Why not to order Hawaii trip as your reward to get your next book published? Because you deserve it;)

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