Weekly photo blog – A year of Freedom and Liberty

crystalfreedomThis week’s photo is from NYC as well, from the Statue of Liberty and me. This was my way of celebrating my birthday this year.

Statue of Liberty’s story you can read here…

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people to the people, more  precisely from the French people to the American people and the main foundation was built from the donations from the public. Its construction is as thin as two coins put together and it is empty inside. It can move with the wind flexibly and even the storm Sandy did not manage to knock it down.


picture taken from www.boqueteguide.com

I was looking at the story and the poem connected to the statue, which I will bring forth here, so all of you can enjoy it.

She Libertas, the Roman Goddess is the statue of liberty, freedom, expansion and I decided this will be the message for the rest of my year. This will be the tone of my next year. To be honest, it has been the tone of me being in NYC. The mixed communities, people and places I have been to. How people have shared their homes, their kindness and generosity with me. The freedom of speech, the truth, the authenticity people have here about who they are and how they live, what speaks for them is mind blowing. American dream may be an illusion, but what she, the statue represents, is very real. To be true to you and walk your talk and talk your walk is happening here.

The last 2 days I have been to poly meetings here in town. I have met people who have several partners. I talked to them, listening their challenges, their desires and where they are in their lives right now. It is so inspiring and I felt so home. No one was judging me, I could be me without pretending being someone else. How relaxing and how amazing. I almost have forgotten it how it is to be like that.

In Estonia it is opening up about these topics too, but mostly the mainstream is still in the old way of looking at things and the old moral norms are very strongly rooted. I just recently saw one of the Estonian politicians claiming how gay marriages work against the national goals. So if individuals have no rights to say anything about it, and all is done by the politicians’ decisions where Estonia gets like that I do not know. The impression I have got, is that most young Estonians dream of leaving Estonia and I would do the same if I would be them. You can always return. Even though Estonia is very innovative and called as an innovation paradise of Europe, there are areas where a lot of expansion and liberation can be done and happen, especially on the social scene. Years of history has taken its burden and takes time to shift and change.

In Mexico it is a very macho culture as well a very religious culture, so sexual orientation is publicly very monogamous, even most Mexican men have many partners, usually they have them secretly. I agree with many other poly activists that if you are honest about all of your relations, everyone will feel more respected and seen, which will be much more nourishing and true to all parties.

Here I got a little introduction from the NYC Open Love community leaflet:

Poly does not mean that people are sexually very explicit and fucking in public places, which I have understood many of the people may assume. During the events there is no nudity, no sex or kink, play permitted. In the communities people learn how to communicate with intention, foster interactive dialogue, facilitate trust, develop your listening skills and give and receive support. It is very usual to be asked if you can be touched like in the cuddle parties. Interest in polyamory does not signal sexual availability or indicate sexual orientation. Respect is always required. All of the events are created and done in the safe space, where all kinds of sexual orientations are welcome, even monogamous. 

Polyamory (derived from the Greek and Latin roots for ‘many loves’) is also know as ethical or responsible non-monogamy. In a polyamorous relationship, people can have meaningful emotional and or physical relationships with multiple people simultaneously, with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

There are as many forms of polyamory as there are people who practice it, but the main hallmarks are honesty, constant communication and emotional openness. In fact, many of the lessons learned from polyamory are applicable to traditional relationships as well. While there may be some overlap, polyamory is not the same as swinging, spouse swapping, or kink play. Polyamory does not imply any particular sexual behaviour or rules; rather it encourages people to explore and define their own rules in a way that makes sense to them, and respects the needs and desires of all parties involved. ‘

So during this next year I am taking my steps to build cornerstones to my two new bases and create platforms for my new work and home spaces. In addition I am about to create the dream life with the relations I choose and nourish me on all levels – physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, energetically, spiritually etc.

I will take better care of all the areas of my life and balance out the ones which are out of balance right now. I am standing more in my power, setting more clearly my boundaries and talking out loud my needs and desires when the time is right and taking full responsibility of each one. I am also taking full care of my professional targets and making my dreams come true one by one.

I truly believe that where we spend our birthday may influence the rest of the year and set a tone for it. Where and how did you spend your last birthday and have you noticed how it influenced your coming year?