Weekly keys – 14 – 21st of Sept – Together with 3 selves & without expectations following the elevating men’s footsteps!

ootustetakaireThis week I focused on how to live without expectations, how to cooperate with your three selves and how the inspiring men activate and may inspire you to take your right path in life. I talk about one of them, who inspired my life and me become who I am today and even more! In the end of the blog post I share with you some of the possibilities to meet me physically in Europe. Read my post and share in your circles;) Thank you!

How to live without expectations?

I got a comment to my last blog and a question, which I am sharing here:

‘It was a good read. But. ‘Less you expect from yourself or other people, easier it is and less expectations you have in your life. Yes, but how to live without expectations? I feel there is a contradiction here. In one way you should be able to wish, create your life and yourself, but then be without expectations? I have succeeded in that for only temporarily, as I discovered again, that I have been in the expectations about some events or people and then also it happens – I may get disappointed.’ 

2wantraPEoceanviewMy answer:

‘This is not easy. I feel that for me what has worked is that I have found my inner centre and I know what works for me and what does not. During my ‘Magician course’ or ‘KIS online course’ I explain and practise more of that.

In essence it is needed to throw out the essence of that something which will uplift your spirit to the world and then live your everyday life and soon your spirit will put together the cocktail, which works for you in a way your rational mind would never be able to. This is really cool. 

For example yesterday I went to have a walk with a new friend and what was unbelievable is that he has qualities, which I have felt that my spirit needs in my life. I am not making any 5 year plans with him, but I know that even if we meet sometimes, we can enrich each others lives just with each other’s presence. 

The biggest joy is when every day changes into celebration! This happens only when you live only following your heart and hold the hand of your courage. In Estonia so many people have so much fear and most people do not know how to live without the fear. The fear leads here. During the last days I felt that I am got more into that forceful masculine energy. This is a cultural left over here which is in the energy field.

If we have not got what we wanted, we get to the edge of the limit, where we feel that now it is my time to just go and take it. This is not right either. We have to find the golden middle path.

More you walk on your personal path, more your universe will supply with everything.

The way you have had the courage to dream – not a cheap piece of land, but an island in the middle of the ocean, or instead of the apartment you buy a house by the ocean – more you will receive. If you still feel uncomfortable seeing yourself in that picture, go and visit someone who lives there or just see videos of it and imagine yourself being in there. This way you will create more of that in your world. You deserve luxury and all of it if you choose it.

The problem is that we are not choosing all of it consciously and do not keep it long enough in our consciousness screen. 

If you do it long enough, you become a true magician on every level in your life! Then your life turns into a celebration and party – does not matter what the time is, the date is or the season!’

Working with the three selves in the new time

The higher self is your higher spirit, who knows what is best for you on that level and takes care of your spiritual health.

2VenturaboxboyMiddle self is the one, who takes care of the practical and rational worldview and self

Lower self is the one, who takes care of your little child, roof, food, clothes as well as your inner subconscious clearance.

In the new time you need to keep all of these three in action and in full power and balance them and tame them at all times and show who is the boss in the house. That is not so easy most times.

I have worked a lot recently with the middle self. I have given it too much focus and attention during the last weeks that I almost felt like burning out.

wayfToday I listened to my body and turned on my lower and higher self by taking care of them. I had a dinner with my son and then went out to watch a movie with him (We Are Your Friends – I recommend warmly). Now it is 1 am and I am full of energy again and ready to work for some more.

In the new energy you can not just chase your target, forgetting to take care of your body and wellbeing. You have to take breaks and take care of you. This is a huge change and important to everyone, especially the ones who have found their mission or even some aspects of it and find out that, it is hard to stop in the world of action and step out of it, even if just temporarily.



After some long time I found my favourite anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s video. This must have been in 2001 when I walked by Vigeland’s park in Oslo, Norway and thought, what to do with my life – as I most obviously could not continue as a babysitter forever. I found a newspaper on the ground and read an article about anthropology written by him. I did not even know what ‘anthropology’ as a word meant. When I researched more I figured that can be something, which could work for me as my new studies, as includes travelling, working with other cultures, writing and research.

I figured out what do I need for that and came out that it was not possible to study this in Estonia at that time and it was easier for me to get in to Oslo University in Norway. As thought, so done. In 2002 I started my studies in social anthropology. I needed to do a higher level Norwegian exam, which I managed well, only 1 year after being in Norway.

Even though the family I worked for as au-pair did not pay my taxes and because of that I did not get any loan, I did not give up. Lions Club and Red Cross from Frogner Volunteer house (where I had volunteered for 1,5 years by then) backed me up with my application to the immigration office with their sponsorship letter, which I actually did not need, as I worked day and night to cover all my expenses myself, which in Oslo is quite a challenge.

SA CAPE POINTI studied for 3 years and part of it I took in Cape Town University as a study abroad student and very successfully. After that I got a surprise getting in to Tromsö University masters program, to study visual culture. Two years later I had in my pocket two higher university degrees as well two documentaries. Feeling accomplished, but tired of academic world.

In his lecture (in Norwegian) Thomas Hylland Eriksen takes up the topics which I have been working with people during my last years – how to slow down and land into yourself, how to experience silence inside of you (through my water work), how to do nothing with good consciousness (inviting friends to star watch or moon watch), how to find yourself in this super fast moving world and how to still find depth in your life and how to be fully present in all of it. Seems I am on the right track.

The difference is that I am not researching it in the academic world, but in the real world. My life is a constant field work and I do human experiments on myself at all times, so I could help more people from my experiences or mistakes.

thomassmileWhat is my point with this story? One person can inspire another one and make this person to dream again and guide it to the right path and change the world with it. I took contact with Thomas personally this week and he even added me as his friend and replied that he remembers me as I was a very active student board member.

If you do not manage to inspire yourself to live your life they way you dream about, then find someone who can inspire you to this road! We need more active inspiration!

I am grateful to Thomas till this day, as his impulse helped me to dream big, study in three high end universities and right now use all my knowledge, experiences as well skills in my everyday international work. Without it, it would have been times harder I believe!

Thomas Hylland Eriksen lives his mission to the fullest. He became a professor when he was 33 years old. He has all the elements well represented. He has managed to keep all of them in balance and change the world with it. We do not have many men like him on this planet. I am grateful for those few who are.

Home assignment

Think about who are those inspiring people in your life right now, who have influenced your life and guided you to the path you are on and who could be the new inspiration on your path?

qyeensidesmallcrystalI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have learned to take care of me during the last weeks and look into myself and get to know myself more.

– What is my pain, as well the potential, which is looking for its expression channels?

– Where is the place or places where people are ready for the expression of this and exploration with me?

– What can I do and choose to do it fully already today?

This week I finalised my connection to one bigger system, where I have been for 3,5 years. The results of it and processes I will share in my next week’s blog.

I hope that my life and my blog posts can inspire you and activate your life, the way you desire. I am not a man, but I have a very strong male aspect. I am learning to cooperate with him and flow with him.  

I hope you can do it as well! 

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I spend a bit more time in Europe, mostly in Estonia for the coming months. If you would like to come and meet me in person and book a session, you can do it here. Read about my services here!  


If you have a group of people who would love to book a weekend retreat with me in Europe while I am still here, let me know. If we can not fit it in now this autumn, lets prebook for next year’s summer in Europe. I can do a weekend retreat in tantra, Wantra (water tantra, need a private pool with the 1,20m depth, and +36C water), new time energies, Auratransformation, how to live your life on your terms and make your dreams come true, balance your body, mind and spirit etc. I need at least 10 participants, where the fee for me per participant is the minimum of 300 euros. In addition the organizer could set up a client day or two as well. If you would like to call forth a rapid change, here is your chance!

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 Enjoy the coming autumn and thank you for reading!