Weekly keys 16th till 23rd of Nov – Changing the world with space holding kings

trollI have to first apologize in front of my English speaking followers for not even updating what was going on with my blog and why I had the break. There were many reasons for that. I also travelled to Turkey and took a break from blogging which I have not done for 2 years. But now I am back on track with my blogging.

Here I am. I am at Oslo airport and sitting in the restaurant and preparing for my next leap to the American continent. This time it will be totally different. I am leaping consciously and with my new targets. Bigger than ever before and we will see what happens.

Today’s blog will be dedicated to the women, as I will mention what happened during my Wantra woman course as well preparing my next sharing about my trip to Turkey and my new transit zone.

Everything moves so fast, that I feel I am running after my own train. Hopefully my next weeks will help to fix my debts in my to do list and balance and unite the energies and the speed. I have a whole week ahead of me in New York, one of my favourite cities in the world. Excitement is tickling between my bones…

welcome to estoniaI arrived to Estonia in July and partly against my will, as I felt that the energies were so against me going there and I had many uncomfortable feelings. My first weeks passed with struggle as there was also not much of a warm summer happening, it was rainy most of the time and cool for me, who I am spoiled with the warmth of the tropics.

I wanted to update myself what is going on in the Estonian tantra landscape and I participated in several events aimed at women. Sadly I had to admit both times, that there was a room, but the events were done technically and mechanically. There was no holding space happening.

tantraqueenAfter so many years cooperating with many big tantra masters I am finally realising that I have actually managed to integrate so much of it with my consciousness and experiences as well the knowledge, even when I do not have a paper about it. 

One of my strongest sides as a trainer is to ‘hold space’. Many ask, Crystal Ra what do you mean by that?

Before I even think about the event I am about to create, I also think where is that right physical space for it what would match with the purpose of the event and what is needed for the creation of this room, and what changes need to be made inside the physical room, so that it would support the event and make it serve its purpose. Organising tantra events for years I learned how to put together a tantra tempel only with 30 minutes and even make a garage or a storage room into a sacred room. I do not only think about the decorations, but also the energetic space, frequency and being.

The same happened with Wantrawoman event. I had several personal experiences from the tantra events this summer, where the space holding was done only for 5% if even that and during these events some women opened their wounds and they ran away during the event and the organizers did not hold any safe space for them to heal it. Imagine – these people left with their opened wounds without the knowing what to do to heal these.

One of these times I offered that woman my business card. We talked about her experience later, her wounds and trying to understand why it happened the way it did and we both healed. I imagine how many people run away from the events like that. One of the organisers commented that it is not their responsibility if someone leaves.

wantranaiseruumFor my Wantra woman event we built the room for the physical, energetic opening. That particular room I needed came to me by itself, with no effort and with very good conditions. The physical preparation for the room, with all the decorations and everything else took 4 hours. To clean it all and put away took 5 hours. The course itself was 10 hours. 8 hours from this was to prepare the women, so that they could receive their gift and presents. In that safe space everything could happen and it did and there was no problem, as the safe space was there and everything healed and very fast. I created a space, where the women could let go and relax and receive and land into their personal queendom platform and fully become who they are with everything they have and have not.

wantranaiste maailmOne of the main keys to the ‘space holding’ is to create a safe space so that people could open up in their vulnerability and become who they really are. I am now realising I have done that for years and with great success and did not even know it was a very valuable quality till people mentioned it now. It consists of being present for people, listening to what they have to say, what bothers them, what are their dreams and then beaming them with self confidence that they also can make their dreams come true. It is about reading the energies of what is going on and who needs what and where. The latter is my talent, which is also like a muscle which you need to work on continuously.

Space holding will be one of the number one qualities in the new time energies. As the new time energies work very much like the water, we need to learn how to read the people, energies and places energetically before entering into something deeper, does not matter whether it is a business, relationship or something else.

innermanwomanThe school of kings

We would need a real school of kings to Estonia. Also for the queens, but the real change will start with the conscious and space holding men. Men, who would not put pressure on the woman, wanting to only have sex with them, who would not see the woman only as a sex object, but as a beautiful and sacred being, who has the keys to the universal creation. The man is the safety platform. He is just there and taking care of the wellbeing of the woman as well the safety.

If he would do that only for 1 week with that consciousness, then the woman would start to open up and right there the whole planet would change instantly.

But if that man is misusing that in a bad way, and will hurt the woman in that state of being, where she is landing into her vulnaribility, then that woman can leave for good and live with her wounds and get resentful, as she has not got what she needed. The change starts with men, with their thoughts and behaviour. Their maturity. This will not happen overnight, but only through experiences and consciousness integration.

If I look into it more in detail I understand it starts from the women, who have raised those men – but the problem is that most men in Estonia and other places in the world have been raised mostly alone by their mothers, who have been abandoned by their men and these women are completely resentful and this suppressed anger and resentment will be transferred to their son.

Maybe the son will get a place to live and food on the table, but the knowledge, how to hold space for the woman, how to open the doors for them, how to carry the bags, and how to listen to the woman is not given. These are very simple things, which can change deep patterns. 

In Estonia there is a very little gentleman culture and most women are all like men. They do not know what does it mean to be a real woman. To be held, but consciously and on completely on their platform. Most women have the experience that when they start to shine, when they start to get in real connection with their true power, then the men who are beside them, start to suppress them. Partly from the fear as no one has taught what to do with a woman like that (at least not in schools) secondly because of the fear of losing control, and what would happen then.

minapoosOnce I talked about this topic, I met a man, who told me – Crystal Ra – I would not tame you, I would create a platform where I could see what would happen if you would unfold truly and truthfully. Most of the times I have done this, most men have run away. I have met very few men like those who can hold space and let me truly be who I am but they will appear more and more as I am ready to be the real me. 

Holding space through your inner man

This safety space can also be held by a woman, through her inner man, but then the inner man needs to be really in place and very strong. When the woman is holding space for the other or herself, then she will get tired at one point. As in life – everything should have balance in it and conscious movement.

My experience after this Wantrawoman experience was just this – how holding space especially when done in cooperation with the physical space activates and heals the inner processes. How it would bring out and lighten the inner light inside of a woman and how all the eyes were shining after this day.

Many participants thought that one thing which could have been changed was that the event would have been at least 2 days as only one day was too short to go deeper.

I felt again how what I was given was received not only with the eyes and mouths, but also into their cellular consciousness and in the new time, this is the only way to receive and integrate new knowledge. 

In addition the specialty about this course was also that I offered a possibility for the women to pick the topics from the menue of possibilities and let them customize their own experience with me. This way everyone got what they needed. Maybe you have noticed that when you get in life what you want, it will integrate faster and everything will flow and fall into place faster.

I have never heard of a way of studying like this before and I feel this is connected to the new time ways of teaching and integration.

I am super grateful to everyone and I work through my feedback, which I will share later publicly as well. My rebirth as a woman has been possible only through the healing of my inner man and woman as well the conscious men’s support and cooperation, as well the women. Without them I would not be the woman I am today. I am so grateful to all of you, who you have contributed to me on this path.


Keep in mind and observe this week how people hold space for you and how you do it and how you offer it to the others. You do not need more than just being present and listen to someone. We all wait for love, caring and being listened to. Faster is the tempo of the society, less time we have and less we want to do it. But this is the foundation of the harmony and balance. 

Even if we think of the terrorist activities in Paris, what and how would be possible if all parties would have sat down first and held space for each other? There would not have been these dead people and the drama, what came of it. 

The main problem these days is that we are not communicating consciously and openly, we do not give others what they need and this way we create the world  of resentment and anger and hate. To change that – we have the key here – space holding. Learn this and it will change your whole life quality and your life completely. It has done it for me and can do it for you too!

CrystaldivaoldtownI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. In my life I have not been held space much or valued what I offer. But what a pleasure, when this is totally received and when it totally gets there. Superb! This has raised my life quality and on all levels and totally, then I know that all this is powerful and I know that doing this would change every reader’s reality.

Many of the worries and blockages of this planet come often times from the inability not communicate well and clearly between men and women as well not to exist together as well create and manage. I will give my contribution to work with this topic and hope you can do the same!

I am now spending one week in NYC and after that I spend 8 months in Mexico and one month travelling while transiting back to Europe. Stay tuned with my travels and adventures here on my blog and I appreciate if you can share it with your friends and loved ones to inspire them to live bigger and fullfill their dreams.

Thank you for staying with me and being my fan for a whole year! I encourage you to also leave comments under the blog entry.

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crystalblackgoddessEnjoy your life wherever you are! You are here to live your dream! Aloha!