Weekly keys – 26th of Oct – 2nd of Nov – Golden middle path between happenstance and leading

1throwleavesThis week I will talk about how things happening by chance and how to lead, Tammsaare energies and stubborness of Estonians and how to prevent diseases and virus infections during the autumn season and how to improve your immune system.

Chances and leading

During my last weeks, while working with people I see that many have the problem – they have not found out how to find the middle path between the chance and leading.

Most people are in one or the other extreme. They lead completely with their head and completely in their rationality or totally in the other extreme like adventurers, who do not own anything, or care about anything or anyone. None of the extremes alone work.

In the new energy it is super important that both of these sides are going to get in balance. This is a very special art how to understand how much to guide with your mind and how much with the courage and trust so you can flow in life.

signerelaxThis works fully from the moment when your body and spirit melt together and the spirit will take over the lead step by step with consciousness and balance. It almost feels like your rational mind falls into your heart and your heart starts to lead from the higher consciousness. It is a very wonderful feeling and it is cool to see how little effort you need to create something or to go somewhere as it comes of itself.

After our Matsalu co-creation with 12 people, what we guided and created in cooperation with the chance I am completely sure, that this time it worked. It was so wonderful. We thought wow, what would happen if the whole team would be like that, who would do what I love, using the talents and skills at the maximum and would listen to the chance and let it lead. It would be a completely different world.

wantragoddessesI am super grateful for this experience. It healed so many cooperation wounds which I got over the years. It is nice to experience that these wounds can be healed and fully and completely and with ease.

Tammsaare energy and Estonian stubborness

Working with the people in the water I see how much energy they use to resist, to work against or hold onto something which does not work any more. It is sad to see that. People do not love to have the lack or be poor, but they still are holding onto their patterns and bad habits. Tammsaare, our famous writer wrote about this, but at the same time created a cultural stamp, which influenced all the Estonians to work through sweat, pain and blood mentality. It sits in our heads. When you are ready, lets dissolve it now!

It does not only mean that there is the stubborness in our necks, but also control till the tiniest detail.

Batwoman crystalControl is something what does not allow us to flow in the rhythm of our heart. Behind the control  there is the fear, as well collective consciousness and in addition the rational mind. The rational mind is not a bad thing, but the problem is that it only works on the facts and experiences it has had before. 

Most of us grow and expand through the tasting of the unknown, doing summersaults in it and creating and diving into it. When we taste it, experience it, then our body is opened, activated and very happy. This feeling will last, but not too long, as we go back to our old patterns and behaviours. 

 Home assignment

Note and observe everything what is coming from your old patterns or habits, which do not serve you any more. When you have got an overview by the end of the week, then promise me that you start to change them one at the time. 

Is it because you go to bed too late?  

Do you eat too late? 

Do you eat too many sweets? 

Do you move too little?

 Are you with wrong people? 

What would happen if you change all of these habits and do it for the next 30 days?

Kicking your immune system

This seems to be a very big topic. Right now I am going through a deep detox program with the coral club, so I can even more kick my immune system. Boosting your immune system is very important, as it is our inner protective system, which keeps everything healthy. When I receive the ecstatic meditation then it exploded inside of me which kicked out all the viruses inside of me.

Deep and intimate contact is one of the main possibilities to rise my immune system’s ability to protect me. If nothing else is possible, find yourself one teddy bear as a human, who you can go to, even if only to be held, without any sex or pushing. We all need closeness and be cared for from the heart and to be held. This is often times the best way to beat the viruses and diseases. It is our responsibility to bring that into our life and create it. 

1crystalsygissmileI am Crystal Ra Laksmi, who has learned how to find the golden middle path between creating your life by chance and to lead it. It has taken me to the bottom of the abyss in South Africa till Northern Norway and the mountaintops there, as well to the heavenly hights in Hawaii on top of Mauna Kea or then in the lava caves. This has given me the courage to explore the world and myself, but also created fear when things got stuck. Things have got stuck when I have chosen something from fear, rational mind only. When I have brought in my heart, courage and my heart consciousness, all that what I have created or done – has created something very new and deep and not only me but also to others and the universe.

I hope that my everyday work is contributing to transform this planet relaxing one person at the time.  

I am in Estonia for some more weeks, then Turkey, New York and Mexico are waiting. If you would like to have a private session on skype with me, let me know about it. Find out which one from my services on the main page.

I wish you a beautiful autumn!