Weekly keys – 23rd – 30th of March – The bridge between the contraction and expansion

wallybeachpartyscenicpalmtreeThis week’s keys will focus on contraction and expansion and explores what can be the bridge between these two. Enjoy and share!Contraction versus expansion

During the last week myself and many others around me – close by or far away have experienced traveling between these two extremes. We can ask whether it is the planets, the new moon, or new solstice or the new eclipse which we had or the new time energies – only you know.

It may feel like I am talking about the same things over and over again. But the spirit keeps throwing it at my face and I think it is not only the important topic for me, but for others as well. I am going to explore this a bit more and hopefully it inspires you to look deeper into it as well.

Contraction in fear

I observed myself and understood that when I am acting from fear I contract. Fear of how I look to somebody, or how I behave and what consequences that may create. Fear of what I say and how I say it. Fear of choices. What if I choose this and it turns out as a disaster? Or fear what if all what I plan does not turn out at all? All this is rooted and coming from the mind. The mind is not bad, it just works a certain way, to guide us and is mostly based on what it knows from the past. So if the past has not been a walk on the roses, you better watch out!!!

blogheartHeart and spirit – the bridge to the expansion

I have to once again come back to the heart. Heart is connected to your higher self, to your spirit and knows more than the mind. It is like someone on the top of the mountain, who has a very good overview. The mind is down below and tries to calculate rationally how to get to the top. The spirit is on the top of the mountain and can see where there are less trees, where the ascension would be the easiest.

The heart can tap into the universal knowledge any time. It has wings and can fly as far as the edge of the infinity or even further. Its ways are often times not directional and most often chaotic, but from that chaos order will be created, only if we really let go and trust and surrender. It does not matter whether it is God you believe in or the mother nature or something or someone else. What matters is that we all create space to listen to the message of the heart and our spirit as this is our key and bridge to the expansion.

greenlighthawaiijumpguideExample from my life

Some years ago I had the first possibility to go to Hawaii for 3 months. My mind was telling me I am crazy, as it is so expensive there, where am I gonna live, what I am gonna eat, how I am gonna manage? Not only would I have expenses there, but also back home for couple of thousands of euros per month at the same time. My income was higher than average this time, but still there was nothing certain as I was self employed. The risk was huge, but my heart was telling me to jump and I did.

After I was done with my adventure group guidance in Hawaii in the beginning of my stay, the new opportunities started to pop up. I had several house sitting options coming up and so many at the times that I could have chosen like 3 houses to live in and one even came with the car. In the tropics I am not eating that much anyways, so I ate mostly fruits and salads and now and then a bigger meal. My main cost was the car and the petrol.

hawaiiingeFirst time in Hawaii taught me actually also how to simplify my life and expand through that as well.

After the first time doing that I still did not believe I can do it again as my mind said it all happened because of luck or good astrology. I had to do it two more times to really believe that I can manifest magic and flow like that.

The same very thing happened in a different way. The last time was the most expansive as I also stepped further in my relationships having a relationship with a man and a woman at the same time under the same roof. I swam with wild dolphins in the morning, worked during the day online, and had fun in the local community or with my partners at the time in the evenings. As we had open and honest communication and complete responsibility on all levels in my relationship, it was flowing without any problems. I stepped fully into expansion in my intellectual life, in my spiritual life, my sexual life and emotional life. I was so full of everything. I was Harmony with a big H. Then the time came to leave and we all left into different directions and countries.

Before the third trip I simplified my life so completely, that I sold basically everything I owned and closed down my office, my studio and traveled to Hawaii again. After Hawaii I continued traveling and ended up in Mexico. After that I continued and traveled through Kauai, Hawaii, Colorado, Denmark, Norway, Finland, England, Costa Rica, NYC, Chicago and Mexico. I felt very expansive and nothing could have stopped me any longer, even not my mind.

wallycrystalupstairsAvoid flying from expansion to the contraction abyss

What is interesting is that once the mind experiences something like that expansive, it gets stuck on that and attached on that and does not want to let go of the image or the picture and wants to recreate it.

Over the years you may get many of those pictures and if you do not sort these out over time, it can be overwhelming and it can take you over. You may end up in a total contraction abyss. The only way to get out of there is to start to listen to your heart and spirit again and follow their guidance.

What is the spirit?

When I say spirit, what is it I mean? For me spirit is the higher self, who thinks and acts from courage, from expansion and what else is possible mindset. Fear acts most of the time from what is not possible and from contraction.

Home assignment

If you look into your life right now make an inventory how many situations, things, people create contraction for you and how many expansion?

Contraction here means something which makes you feel small, puts you down, you feel like you are very limited to do or change anything. Sometimes other people and their critic may influence that, sometimes it can be our inner self sabotage patterns.

When you map this, you will rise your consciousness about it and this can be your first step in order to change it. Even if you have people outside of you who treat you bad, you can stop pointing at them and see what you can choose in you so that it would change the outside circumstance.

The outer reflects what is going on in the inner space. It does not matter whether it is on the emotional, physical, sexual, intellectual or spiritual level. All levels influence it.

Secondly map how many situations, activities and people and other things in your life create expansion.

wallycrystalpaddleboardExpansion here means something which makes you feel very good, almost like flying or levitating. You are in the right spot geographically – maybe under a palm tree. Or you do what you love and time flies. You have an amazing love relationship with a partner who takes you as you are. You live in a home which is very uplifting and inviting for you and so on.

After you have made an inventory of both of these extremes you can make your own plan of action, where you see how you could change it. This time ask your heart and spirit first and secondly ask what the mind has to contribute. Thereafter implement your plan!

crystalmermaiddownExpansion goal

Ultimately our goal – consciously or unconsciously should be to live at all times in the space of expansion. In the space where we are uplifted, held, loved, taken care for, activated, believe that everything is possible and more.

Because for every person expansion is something different it is also good to remember that you should not force your idea of your expansion to the other person. They may have different boundaries and different goals in life in general and for them expansion may mean something completely different than it is for you.

The most fun happens if you are able to attract into your life people who are on the same page as you and are willing to explore and expand with you, having the same space with you. You may really feel like you are flying and your feet do not touch the ground.

Mind gift

It is important in this process not to forget completely our mind. Our mind is a gift, but all we need to do is to tame and train it a bit differently. We also should guide it like an adult how to cooperate with the spirit and the lower self – the little kid inside us. Once all of our three selves start to cooperate and we are weaving it all together, the contraction happens only when it needs to or when it does, it does not effect us the way it used to before, as we take it as the universal tides – coming in and going out. We stop fighting against it. We take it as the natural part of our lives. But we definitely work on to move into our own inner expansion palace where everything is possible and even the sky is not the limit!!!

crystalplumeriaI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have been a freelance of everything in my life for the past 15 years. It has given me the freedom to explore myself, my life, people in it, cultures and the world. It is a miracle if I stay in one place more than a month. This time I have stayed in La Cruz for almost 6 months. It is a long time for a gipsy vagabond like me.

But in that space I have learned so much more about contraction and expansion. I have found my different contraction areas and spotted them down to details. I have also explored many expansion spots as well. I have learned that water is one of my expansion elements.

I have discovered that living close to the nature and the ocean expands me. I have learned that kind, generous and happy people inspire me to reach and create more. I have learned that if I stay in one place for longer than a week, I am able to set going many more projects and do so much more than I usually do.

I have learned that one of the keys to my expansion is to firstly take care of myself and secondly set boundaries when needed. Ultimately my spirit is looking for a way to expand both horizontally and vertically at the same time and it seems that it is happening as more keys are delivered to me, as I follow my heart as my own inner lighthouse.