Weekly keys – 16th till 23rd of March – The bridge which leads you out of fear…

lalanchajunglewalkThis week’s keys focus on the creation during the new moon as well what part plays the fear in that and what else to notice  in order to live with more ease your own dream life already today not tomorrow? 

New Creation

In the end of the next week we have the new moon. They advise you to write down your wishes during the new moon, so these would be like the seeds and would grow. The problem is that most people do not do it. They leave their wishes hanging in the air, they do not form it into the seed form and do not put it into the soil. They will be surprised after some time as nothing manifests and wondering why?

lalanchacactusfruitHome assignment

This week’s home assignment is to write down your wishes and needs, for example for the next month, or if you know some of the wishes which may take longer, put these down as well. Put these down in the present tense.

It would be important to keep this order and edit it, but if possible not to change it completely. Because when we change it completely while it is in the works in the universal space, the universe may not catch up that fast and get confused.

As the plant can not carry a fruit before it has been a seed and grown the fruit in cooperation with all the elements, so is it with our wishes.

lalanchapoudFor your wishes to turn into a form, you need  attention to many more smaller details. One of them is elements. If we have nice wishes, but these are all very airy and have nothing earthly in them, then our spirit has difficulties to form it. The spirit may need additional guidelines, something earthly, which would then take the form imagined.

For example when you desire more safety in your life, then one way to ask for it is for example say – I live in a safe home and house. You give the essence to this thought and also a little direction. If you know more details, you can add these as well. For example if your house is made of stones or wood etc.

As we can not build a house starting with the roof and then moving to the foundation, so it is also with the wishes. Form your wishes into seeds first, put them in your mind into the soil and water them with your thought- and confidence power. After some months you can enjoy the first sprouts coming out, the greenness and soon the flowers and the fruits.

Breaks in the creation

We have many breaks in our creation. Some of these are inside of us like subconscious control buttons, which keep us back or try to keep us alive. But we also have many programs, which actually hold our creation back. I am not only talking about books or big movies, but even baking a cake kind of creation.

Recently I have met many people who had an accident or experienced something else very shocking in their lives and through that their whole life structure changed. They are much more limited and circle around on the same roundabout, going back in to the moment of the accident.

lalanchatreeoceanHere it would be wise to ask yourself – what is it I use consciously or unconsciously so that  I stop my full life potential to be expressed fully? What can I do and create and choose, so that I could live with my full potential and all that what is conscious or not, here or somewhere else, which is stopping me, this I will dissolve now and forever!

The owner of the center where I live right now, fell down the ladder 10 months ago and has been in the wheel chair, his lower part of the body been paralyzed. One of the comments he made was that he understood, how he had postponed to make his movie or writing his book. Now he has the time to do it. But it would have been wiser without the accident.

lalanchacactusMany may say that it was an accident and it was not his fault. I think that we all create everything in our lives, also accidents. Usually the spirit will give us warnings and many times before it. Which was the case with him as well. If we are stressed or in a hurry, we will not notice them. It may revenge very badly. It may of course also give another lesson. For example he has to receive other people’s help now and it is his lesson about receiving. But it would be possible without the accident as well.

So when we live in total connection with our spirit and listen to all the warnings, and live consciously, then the accidents are not possible, as we are able to prevent them. In addition it can help if you call upon your ancestor’s spirits or guardian angels or entities who are ready to help.

Most of the time we have many spirits around us, waiting to help us, but we do not give them any jobs and this is the way how they are bored as they have nothing to do. These invisible assistants can manage a lot.

For example in Utah I drove a rental car and my ex-boss forced me to turn to the left, which was not right. I was about to crash into another car. Luckily both me and the other car – we managed to stop on time without crushing into each other. It was so strange but between the cars, it was just centimeters left. I knew right away that my invisible friends were there to help me with that. I thanked them deeply.


I have been diving into this emotion to the cells during the last years. There has been times where I have run away from it, times where I have embraced it, times where I have hated it. Right now I understand that fear can become our best friend, as it lives in the shadow areas and may even inspire us to live our lives more consciously and we can learn how to tame it and use its assistance when we may need it.

lalanchawaterangelIf we track the energies, fear is connected to our mind and rationality. There is no fear in the heart. The fear moves through the mind bringing us to the past and the future. The fear does not know anything about the now or the present moment. It can present itself in the now, but it will move between the past and the future. If all the people on this planet would practice being in the moment magic, the fear would lose its power over us and would not be able to manipulate any more.

In the new time our spirit and our higher self are the ones who are facing the fear. The new time energies try to make us change ourselves and our lives with softness. If we still continue circle in the limits and have no courage to step out of our comfort zone or move out of there, then the spirit will kick our ass and so powerfully that it may feel like you are in the middle of the ocean, in the unknown suddenly. Panic and fear will not help in that case.

1wantrabebe5The bridge which will take you out of fear

What is helping us out of the fear is the bridge I call surrender. Surrendering to your life and your spirit. Is that what I want – born from my ego or from my heart? If this is from your ego, the fear will follow. When it is from your heart, you will feel courage and if you move in this energy right away, you will move where your guidance tells you. You can thank your fear every time it gives you guidance or messages. The fear is also like a person, who needs more attention and understanding. If you give it to it, your life will change so much easier and better.

Real creation

Your real creation starts when your mind and heart build a bridge between them and melt together. Then your mind is like a helper on your ship and your heart is the captain. They are cooperating and through that they create a new destination, the new harbor to move to. Where that harbor is located, your heart and spirit will know. Create quiet moments within this next week, so that you could listen to your higher self and spirit’s message and follow the guidance of your heart!

lalanchacrystalcactusI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. For years I have traveled like a gipsy and it has not only change me into a brave tiger kitten, but a lion, even though sometimes I may act like a mouse. I am now taming my fears and at the same time I am listening to them. Their message is important. I am also building a bridge between my mind and heart and create quiet minutes into my life, where I can listen what messages my heart and spirit want to deliver for me.

The difference is that my ‘phone’ is not only ringing, but I am also answering it and listening to it.

Hopefully my listening and thoughts can inspire you to live more of your dream life not tomorrow, but already now. No one else can live your unique life than you. Why not to start already today?

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